Limited group gets extra corona vaccine

Not all of us get an extra corona jab, as is happening in some countries now. The extra corona shot, also called a booster vaccine, is only recommended for people with a severe immune disorder. The Health Council advises the minister on this.

People with severely weakened immune systems often do not respond well to vaccination. Think of people after a transplant who take medicines against rejection of the organ. They make too few antibodies after full vaccination, so the vaccine does not work well enough for them. An extra shot boosts the effectiveness a bit. Who will receive the extra jab and when, is now being worked out by RIVM and the relevant medical specialists. This can become another tricky point. The Health Council estimates that this concerns 200,000 people, but an estimate of 700,000 people was previously made by Jaap van Dissel of the RIVM.

Maybe booster vaccine later

For now, it is not necessary for the entire population to receive an extra vaccine, according to the Health Council. The vaccines still protect well enough against severe Covid-19, even now that the delta variant of the virus is circulating. This may change. If the vaccines become less effective over time, a booster vaccine may be necessary for everyone. In that case, the oldest elderly will again be at the front of the queue, the Health Council expects.


Rich countries

The World Health Organization WHO has been advising rich countries for some time not to use a booster vaccine on a large scale. To fight the pandemic, it is better to vaccinate as many unprotected people as possible before rich countries start distributing extra vaccines to the entire population. Yet countries such as Israel, Hungary and the United States are working on this. Germany, France and Belgium want to vaccinate vulnerable people in particular. A Lancet commission reiterated this yesterday - it is better not to give booster vaccines to the general population. It should only be considered for vulnerable groups, such as people with weakened immune systems.