Peptide Synthesis Reagents & Peptides

Peptide Synthesis Reagents, Coupling Reagents for Peptide Synthesis, Custom Synthesized Peptides, Resins, Peptides and Reagents.

Peptide synthesis reagents We supply a very wide range of FMOC amino acids & Modified Amino Acids, Solvent: n-methyl pyrolidone (NMP), Dimethyl formamide (DMF), pipiridine, DMF Piperidine pre-mixes etc), Amino acid derivatives (FMOC's BOC's etc), linkers and resins (WANG, TentaGel etc) and coupling reagents in peptide synthesis. We also offer  peptide synthesis, Custom Synthesized Peptides and off the shelf peptides.
In fact almost everything you need to synthesize or purchase a peptide. All of our reagents are purified to the highest standards necessary to ensure superb yields from synthesis. Water content is minimised in our solvents and all containers are purged with nitrogen and sealed to ensure the longest possible shelf life.
cGMP standard products are available and all products can be supplied in bulk quantities, Proton NMR and Mass spec analysis of all bulk FMOCs for production is standard on all individual packs of 10 kilo's providing additional assurance to our extensive quality analysis, asssuring you that the contents are what you require to make your peptide.
If you do not see what you are looking for please ask us and we will get it for you.
AGTC Bioproducts Ltd
  • FMOC Amino Acids
  • contract peptide synthesis
  • coupling reagents for peptide synthesis
  • Solvents, Scavengers and Liquid Reagents
  • Building blocks and peptido-mimetics
  • Resins
  • Loaded Resins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Solid Phase linkers
  • Coupling and Additives
  • Biochem Tools
  • Immobilized Enzymes and Special Proteins
  • Natural products, Biochemistry Tools
  • PEG Reagents
  • Protecting Groups, Alkylating, Acylating and Related Reagents

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We also have an extensive range of stock (catalogue) peptide's We have over 400 ready made commonly used peptide's in our inventory; easily searched,  just type the sequence (or part of the sequence) into our quick search box above and it will do the rest for you. Or let us quote you to make a custom peptide for you in our state of the art laboratories Or if you prefer you can veiw and download a hard copy of our full catalog in PDF format: