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csr-shn-3213 crown etherpeg4k  chemical
71 cholera toxin subunit b cf 568 conjugate proteins-signaling-molecule
1510 zfluor 633 succinimidyl ester CAS number
10058 2 7 dichlorodihydrofluorescein diacetate h2dcf da technique-specific-products
20090 quick pcrtm cloning kit without competent cells molecular-biology
23007 trueblack lipofuscin autofluorescence quencher 20x in dmf molecular-biology
31015 fast plus evagreen master mix for qpcr with high rox 200 rxn molecular-biology
50016 fluo 3 am esterCAS number
50277 gfp his tag proteins-signaling-molecule
60501 tcf lef reporter hek293 cell line wnt signaling pathway lithium dependent for cell culture
60515 cre creb reporter luc hek293 cell line camp pka signaling pathway for cell culture
60520 myc reporter luc hct116 cell line myc signaling pathway for cell culture
60536 pd l1 tcr activator cho recombinant cell line for cell culture
71190 gitrl his tag proteins-signaling-molecule
78066 cas9 lentivirus puromycin selection expression
78081 tmprss2 vero e6 recombinant cell line for cell culture
79298 nfat reporter hek293 cell line pkc ca2 pathway  arrays-slides
79469 nf kappab reporter luc nih 3t3 cell line  arrays-slides
79509 cd27 nf kb reporter jurkat recombinant cell line for cell culture
90070 cbqca molecular-biology
131050  antibody stabilizer pbs  Assay
1068702 acrylamide bis solution 29 1 30 w v 33 c technique-specific-products
1068801 acrylamide bis solution 3751 30 w v 26 c technique-specific-products
1824301 depexCAS number
2104102 embedding medium erl 4221d 2386 87 0 technique-specific-products
2104502 glycid ether 100 for electron microscopy 90529 77 4 technique-specific-products
2830202 macerozyme r 10 from rhizopus sp lyophil 9032 75 1 proteins-signaling-molecule
3922201 bradford reagent 5x CAS number
3980301 serva dna stain g technique-specific-products
10522012 pmma beads 12 m neutravidin surface molecular-biology
111101400 geneclean spin kit molecular-biology
112450204 rnase dnase free water other
113002231 lb agar medium capsules for cell culture
116005506 fastprep 24 5g polycarbonate dome labware-accessories
116560200 fastdna spin kit for soil molecular-biology
116560600 fastdna spin kit for soil 50 ml tubes molecular-biology
116913100 lysing matrix d labware-accessories
210050201 collagenase type ii proteins-signaling-molecule
210050205 collagenase type ii proteins-signaling-molecule
210212905 lactalbumin hydrolysate solubilized proteins-signaling-molecule
210213105 lactalbumin hydrolysate enzymatic proteins-signaling-molecule
210269480 poly d lysine hydrobromide CAS number
219400690 isopropyl alcohol CAS number
219989910 cellmaxx bovine albumin low free fatty acid stem cell grade proteins-signaling-molecule
40350690500 gly1ser322gln434thr6arg19tyr21ala2331aib32 pancreatic polypeptide h old cat no h 50880500 proteins-signaling-molecule
005-000-121 normal goat serum biopsy
005-680-003 brilliant violet 480 chrompure goat igg whole molecule proteins-signaling-molecule
008-000-121 normal horse serum biopsy
0100-01 fluoromount gr technique-specific-products
01-0005 nutristem xf ff culture medium for cell culture
010-25141 4 amino 5 methoxy 2 methylbenzenesulfonic acid standard 6471 78 9  Assay
011-000-120 normal rabbit serum biopsy
013-13801 alcian blue solution ph25 75881 23 1 technique-specific-products
016-010-084 fluorescein dtaf streptavidin CAS number
017-000-121 normal donkey serum biopsy
018-08721 agar powder 9002 18 0 for cell culture
019-20611 allidochlor standard 93 71 0  Assay
02-102 endothelial cell growth supplement for cell culture
032-08721 crystal violet lactone 1552 42 7 technique-specific-products
04-0004 stemolecule chir99021 CAS number
04-0009 stemolecule purmorphamine CAS number
04-0010-05 stemolecule sb431542 in solution CAS number
04-0010-10 stemolecule sb431542 CAS number
04-0036 stemolecule wnt inhibitor iwp 4 CAS number
04-0074 stemolecule ldn 193189 CAS number
045-25971 15mol l diisobutylaluminium hydride toluene solution 1191 15 7 technique-specific-products
06-15-00050 firescript rt cdna synthesis kit molecular-biology
07-01-00001 6x dna loading dye buffer blue technique-specific-products
08-24-00001 5x hot firepol evagreen qpcr mix plus rox molecular-biology
08-24-00008 5x hot firepol evagreen qpcr mix plus rox molecular-biology
08-36-00001 5x hot firepol evagreen qpcr supermix molecular-biology
100501e1-100tests apc af750 anti human cd5 antibody hism2 antibody
100764-t08-50ug sirt3 antibody rabbit pab antigen affinity purified antibody
101013-t38-100ug traf6 antibody rabbit pab antigen affinity purified antibody
10191190-100tests af680 anti human cd19 antibody sj25c1 antibody
101993-t42-100ug nfkbib ikb beta antibody rabbit pab antigen affinity purified antibody
102702-t32-100ug klrc3 nkg2e antibody rabbit pab antigen affinity purified antibody
10300190-100tests xfd680 anti human cd30 antibody mem 268 xfd680 same structure to alexa fluortm 680 antibody
10450161-500tests af555 anti human cd45 antibody hi30 antibody
104901p0-25tests pe af700 anti mouse human cd49d antibody ps 2 antibody
104911l0-100tests pacorange anti non human primates human cd49b antibody ak7 antibody
10605-hnae-100ug human egf epidermal growth factor protein proteins-signaling-molecule
10704-mm22-100ug ifnb1 ifn beta interferon beta antibody mouse mab antibody
10974-h02hl human il6st gp130 cd130 hek293 cell lysate wb positive control lysates-extracts
109801k0-100tests pacblue anti human cd98 antibody mem 108 antibody
10k-016-1mg 2 34 dimethoxyphenyl 3 oxobutanal o 3 trifluoromethylbenzyloxime 337921 45 6 CAS number
10l-944-1mg methyl 3 benzoylamino 2 oxo 6 e 2 13 thiazol 2 ylaminoethenyl 2h pyran 5 carboxylate 341966 32 3 CAS number
10r-g109b-500ug gapdh antibody antibody
11039-r020-p-25tests n cadherin cd325 cdh2 antibody pe rabbit mab antibody
11057-cnah-20ug cynomolgus il13 protein proteins-signaling-molecule
11066-hnah-5ug human cynomolgus vegf vegfa vegf165 protein proteins-signaling-molecule
11083-hnas-1mg human r spondin 1 rspo1 protein proteins-signaling-molecule
11410-200tests amplitetm colorimetric enterokinase activity assay kit  Assay
11542-mm10-50ug cystatin s cst4 antibody mouse mab antibody
11627-5mg difmup  Assay
11685-v08h-100ug influenza a h1n3 a duck nzl 160 1976 hemagglutinin ha protein his tag proteins-signaling-molecule
11973-mm05t-h-100ug m13 bacteriophage antibody hrp mouse mab antibody
11h-025-1mg 4 hydroxy 6 3 methoxyphenyl 2 phenyl 5 pyrimidinecarbonitrile 338982 08 4 CAS number
12-370 normal rabbit igg antibody
126701f1-100tests apc ifluortm 700 anti human cd267 antibody 1a1 antibody
13128-h01h-100ug human msln mesothelin protein aa 296 580 fc tag proteins-signaling-molecule
131801c1-100tests apc anti human cd318 antibody cub1 antibody
13510-100tests amplitetm universal fluorimetric mmp activity assay kit green fluorescence  Assay
13833-hnay-1mg human interferon alpha 2 ifna2 protein proteins-signaling-molecule
141-1mg cyanine 3 monosuccinimidyl ester equivalent to cy3r nhs esterCAS number
145-09701 np 40 substitute 9016 45 9 CAS number
14654-t48-100ug pa28a psme1 antibody rabbit pab antigen affinity purified antibody
15295-100tests cell metertm intracellular nadh nadph fluorescence imaging kit deep red fluorescence  Assay
15297-h07e-100ug human psma3 proteasome 20s alpha 3 protein his tag proteins-signaling-molecule
155-02161 opd tablet o phenylenediamine 2hcl 10mg tablet 615 28 1 CAS number
15678-rp01-100ug fam3c ilei antibody rabbit pab antibody
15678-t60-50ul fam3c ilei antibody rabbit pab antigen affinity purified antibody
15682-r055-100ug perp1 mzb1 antibody rabbit mab antibody
160-25851 psfm j1 medium wako liquid for cell culture
161-23181 penicillin streptomycin amphotericin b suspension x100 antibiotic antimycotic solution CAS number
162-09115 polyethylene glycol 4000 25322 68 3 labware-accessories
163-06982 pyoktanin blue CAS number
163-28261 pth amino acids mobile phase a for gradient proteins-signaling-molecule
164-13982 v8 protease 66676 43 5 molecular-biology
16-663 magna chip protein a g magnetic beads technique-specific-products
167-17615 polypropylene glycol triol type average mw 700 25791 96 2 labware-accessories
168-11285 polyethylene glycol 20000 25322 68 3 labware-accessories
168-21011 beta propiolactone 57 57 8CAS number
16891-1mg af488 streptavidin conjugate streptavidin alexa fluortm 488 conjugate molecular-biology
17019-25nmol biotin 14 dctp 1 mm in tris buffer ph 75 molecular-biology
17-10085 magna chip a g chromatin immunoprecipitation kit technique-specific-products
17592-1ml cyber greentm equivalent to sybrr green 10000x aqueous pcr solution CAS number
1800-10 fviii def plasma w inh biopsy
190-00351 selenium dioxide 7446 08 4 CAS number
191-01665 sodium chloride 7647 14 5CAS number
197-04205 strontium chloride 10476 85 4CAS number
200-152-037 amca igg fraction monoclonal mouse anti fluorescein fitc antibody
200-20881 tbpe 80663 92 9 CAS number
200-292-037 rhodamine red x igg fraction monoclonal mouse anti fluorescein fitc antibody
200-292-156 rhodamine red x igg fraction monoclonal mouse anti digoxin antibody
204648-t02-50ul anti srrm2 antibody antibody
205-032-176 peroxidase igg fraction monoclonal mouse anti goat igg light chain specific antibody-secondary
205-08775 tetraborate ph standard solution  Assay
20653-1mg calbrytetm 520 am CAS number
20-dr83-1ml dhea 3 sulfate antibody antibody
20r-2499-50ug oct4 antibody antibody
20r-hr017-50ul histamine antibody antibody
2105-100 magnesium chloride mgcl2 CAS number
21-170 topflash tcf reporter plasmid dna-rna-vectors
21259-10mg lucigenin bis n methylacridinium nitrate CAS number
213-652-177 alexa fluor 790 igg fraction monoclonal mouse anti sheep igg light chain specific antibody-secondary
2137-set triton x 114 megapure detergent 10 solution sterile filtered 9036 19 5 CAS number
22409-100tests mycolighttm live bacteria fluorescence imaging kit  Assay
228-10696-3 recombinant hev orf2 aa 452 617 proteins-signaling-molecule
2325-50 sulfo lc spdp CAS number
2733-250 beta nicotinamide mononucleotide 1094 61 7 molecular-biology
291-35163 nmr test tube shg type phi49514965mmx7in labware-accessories
293d-mstg 293t dual msting cells for cell culture
298-34073 presepr luer lock silica gel hc n type 2l 50g 100ml 100ea technique-specific-products
306-95921 bambanker direct for cell culture
30-at45-l-100ug trypsin protein for cell culture
31046-20ml forget me not evagreen qpcr master mix high rox 2000 reactions molecular-biology
311-90075 05m edtaph 80 CAS number
313-295-045 rhodamine red x affinipure rabbit anti sheep igg h l antibody
319-03261 dna mw marker 11 molecular-biology
322-22432 trisethylacetoacetatoaluminium 15306 17 9 technique-specific-products
323-35652 trisdimethylaminophosphine 1608 26 0 CAS number
326-92302 methyl phenyl sulfoxide 1193 82 4 CAS number
327-85921 tris2266 tetramethyl 35 heptanedionatoytterb iumiii 15492 52 1 CAS number
327-88581 24 dichloro 5 fluoropyrimidine 2927 71 1 CAS number
328-58282 3 benzoylpropionic acid 2051 95 8 CAS number
356-19081 trispentafluorophenylborane 1109 15 5 CAS number
36037-08-t75 human colon primary cell culture t75 plated cells for cell culture
36045-16 human corneal epithelial primary cell culture frozen vial for cell culture
38000-1each screen questtm hek cngc amylin 3 receptor cells for cell culture
380-14401 brightase th recombinant thermolysin proteins-signaling-molecule
38102-1each screen questtm cho gqo chimera cell line for cell culture
383-02281 dispase ii 9001 92 7 proteins-signaling-molecule
395-00265 soybean casein digest broth with lecithin polysorbate 80 daigo for cell culture
40135-v08h1-100ug influenza a h1n8 a egyptian goose south africa ai1448 2007 hemagglutinin ha1 protein his tag proteins-signaling-molecule
40140-v08bl influenza a h3n1 a swine korea pz72 1 2006 hemagglutinin ha baculovirus insect cells transfected lysate positive control denatured lysates-extracts
40197-vnahc-150u influenza a h1n1 a ussr 90 77 neuraminidase na active proteins-signaling-molecule
40203-vnahc-1000u influenza a h10n8 a duck guangdong e1 2012 neuraminidase na active proteins-signaling-molecule
40324-mm03-100ul influenza a h18n11 a flat faced bat peru 033 2010 hemagglutinin ha1 antibody mouse mab antibody
40390-v08h1l influenza a h4n2 a duck hunan 8 19 2009 hemagglutinin ha1 hek293 cell lysate wb positive control lysates-extracts
40423-v08e-100ug rift valley fever virus tan dod 002 07 rvfv l protein his tag proteins-signaling-molecule
40502-v07b-100ug influenza virus b b phuket 3073 2013 neuraminidase na protein his tag proteins-signaling-molecule
40588-v07e-100ug sars cov 2 2019 ncov nucleocapsid his recombinant protein proteins-signaling-molecule
40589-v08b1-100ug sars cov 2 2019 ncov spike protein s1 s2 ecd his tag corona-related-products
40591-v05h1-100ug sars cov 2 2019 ncov spike protein s1 subunit mfc tag corona-related-products
40602-v08h-100ug human coronavirus hku1 isolate n5 hcov hku1 spike protein s1 subunit his tag corona-related-products
40684-v08h-100ug influenza a h3n1 a swine england 704563 1995 hemagglutinin ha protein his tag proteins-signaling-molecule
40687-v08hl-300ug influenza a h3n1 a swine taiwan 0408 2004 hemagglutinin ha hek293 cell lysate wb positive control lysates-extracts
41-1g 7 hydroxy 4 methylcoumarin 4 methylumbelliferone fluorescence reference standard  Assay
46014-01-t25 canis familaris dog alveolar primary cell culture t25 plated cells for cell culture
50240-r010-100ul bdnf anon2 antibody rabbit mab antibody
50267-r003-50ug clec4n clec6a dectin 2 antibody rabbit mab antibody
50321-r152-50ug tim 1 kim 1 hacvr antibody rabbit mab antibody
50597-t08-200ug ephrin a5 efna5 antibody rabbit pab antigen affinity purified antibody
50807-t16-100ug il 1r1 cd121a antibody rabbit pab antigen affinity purified antibody
55r-1335-100assays caspase 8 inhibitor drug screening kit  Assay
611-584-215 alexa fluor 594 conjugated affinipure vhh fragment alpaca anti rabbit igg h l min x bov hu ms sr prot antibody
633-23919 mouse insulin elisa kitrtu  Assay
65r-s104phrp-1mg streptavidin poly hrp40 conjugate CAS number
70r-35466-100ug borg4 antibody antibody
711-545-152 alexa fluor 488 affinipure donkey anti rabbit igg h l antibody
712-685-153 brilliant violet 480 affinipure donkey anti rat igg h l min x bovckgtgpsy hmshrshumsrbshp sr prot antibody
715-035-151 peroxidase affinipure donkey anti mouse igg h l antibody
79921-l baff r cho k1 recombinant cell line low expression for cell culture
80259-r005-50ug clec5a mdl1 mdl 1 antibody rabbit mab antibody
80301-1 ube1 uba1 flag tag molecular-biology
80-it50-25mg thyroxine bsa proteins-signaling-molecule
9248-1r miracloth substitute labware-accessories
95r-102-100gram silwet l7600 surfactant CAS number
9d-116-1mg 3 oxo 3 phenylpropanal o 26 dichlorobenzyloxime 338976 81 1 CAS number
9l-368s-1mg 6 3 bromophenyl 4 4 chlorophenyl 2 hydroxynicotinonitrile 478261 45 9 CAS number
a-003-e poly d lysine solution 10 mg ml for cell culture
a01736-100 thetm nwshpqfek tag antibody fitc mab mouse antibody
a106000-100mg ab chminaca metabolite m2 methyl ester CAS number
a112580-25mg abt 888 CAS number
a141877-25mg 4 acetamidobenzenesulfonic acid d4 major CAS number
a15298-200ul pcolce rabbit pab antibody
a15299-100ul pdcd2 rabbit pab antibody
a163853-5mg acetone 24 dinitrophenylhydrazone 13c3 CAS number
a166080-10mg 2 2 acetyl 4 bromophenoxyacetic acid 34849 51 9 CAS number
a18090-20ul ko validated tmed10 rabbit pab antibody
a189663-10mg 4 acetoxy 4 methyl 1 pentanal 110086 93 6 CAS number
a189813-100g acid blue 40 6424 85 7 CAS number
a189891-05mg cis aconitic acid 13c6 tripotassium salt CAS number
a3172-50ul fshr rabbit pab antibody
a-44500250 boc gly gly phe gly oh 187794 49 6 new catnr 40283650250 proteins-signaling-molecule
a521000-5g aldoxCAS number
a524905-10mg alexa fluor 568 nhs ester 247145 38 6CAS number
a549d-nfis a549 dual cells for cell culture
a552680-25mg allylescaline hydrochloride CAS number
a587105-1g 4 aminobenzyl alcohol 623 04 1 CAS number
a587808-1g 2 aminobenzaldehyde 529 23 7 CAS number
a595376-250mg 2 octyne 2809 67 8 CAS number
a603395-25g 2 amino 3 chlorobenzoic acid CAS number
a603612-1mg 7 amino clonazepam d4 1215070 96 4 CAS number
a611587-5mg rac 3 aminoisobutyric acid d3 hydrochloride CAS number
a614690-250mg 3 amino 1 methyl 5 methylthio 124 triazole 84827 78 1 CAS number
a617148-10mg 5 amino 4 methylpentan 2 ol 1333608 52 8CAS number
a618335-5g 4 amino 1 naphthalenesulfonic acid 84 86 6 CAS number
a620588-25mg 4 amino 3 chloro 5 methylbenzoic acid 157069 52 8 CAS number
a6267-100ul tnfrsf10a rabbit pab antibody
a631275-100mg 6 amino 1 3 trifluoromethylphenyl 1 hexanol CAS number
a631698-25mg 1 amino n propylcyclohexane 1 carboxamide 1017027 29 0 CAS number
a633695-1g ammonium nonanoate 63718 65 0 CAS number
a637425-100mg anastrozole CAS number
a66800h tru block heterophilic antibody interference active blocker molecular-biology
a672800-100mg aniracetam CAS number
a726205-5mg 5 eapb hydrochloride CAS number
a729052-10mg apoatropine d5 CAS number
a766010-100mg arbitol sulfoneCAS number
a766012-25mg arbitol sulfone d6CAS number
a790090-1mg atenolol beta d glucuronide CAS number
a794715-10mg avl 292CAS number
a795608-10mg ac veid pna colorimetric substrate 189684 54 6  Assay
a922600-25mg 4 azido l phenylalanine hydrochloride CAS number
aac03 anti acetyl lysine mouse monoclonal antibody antibody
aah-apo-1-4 human apoptosis array c1 4  arrays-slides
aah-cyt-6-8 human cytokine array c6 8  arrays-slides
aah-prtk-1-2 human rtk phosphorylation array c1 2  arrays-slides
aah-prtk-g1-8 human rtk phosphorylation array g1 8  arrays-slides
aam-cyt-2000-2 mouse cytokine array c2000 2  arrays-slides
aam-cyt-3-8 mouse cytokine array c3 8  arrays-slides
ab-101-10ml nourseothricin solution ntc or clonnat sterile ready to go stock solution 100 mg ml 96736 11 7 CAS number
ab144p anti choline acetyltransferase antibody antibody
ab152 anti tyrosine hydroxylase antibody antibody
ab1543p anti synapsin i antibody antibody
ab16661 anti parp poly adp ribose polymerase 1 antibody antibody
ab1891 anti c x x x c chemokine receptor 1 antibody extracellular loop antibody
ab3080 anti green fluorescent protein antibody antibody
ab3254 anti ha epitope tag influenza hemaglutinin antibody synthetic peptide ypydvpdya antibody
ab9610 anti olig 2 antibody antibody
abd-031 anti sp100 antibody
abn100 anti vesicular acetylcholine transporter vacht antibody-primary
af-023 minute adipose tissue fractionation kit molecular-biology
ag-20b-0014-c100 anti nlrp3 nalp3 mab cryo 2 antibody
ag-20b-0042b-c100 anti caspase 1 p20 mouse mab casper 1 biotin antibody
ag-20b-0050-c100 anti il 1alpha mouse mab bamboo 1 antibody
ag-20b-0056-c050 anti flip human mab nf6 antibody
ag-25b-0030-c050 anti polyglutamate chain polye pab in105 antibody
ag-40b-0024-c050 il 1r1 humanfc human rec proteins-signaling-molecule
ag-cn2-0031-m001 latrunculin b 76343 94 7 CAS number
ag-cn2-0071-m005 ecdysone 3604 87 3 CAS number
ag-cn2-0454-m020 vinpocetine 42971 09 5 CAS number
ag-cp3-0002-m001 z vad fmk cell permeable 187389 52 2  CAS number
ag-cp3-0006-3001 q vd oph 1135695 98 5 CAS number
ag-cp3-0006-m005 q vd oph 1135695 98 5 CAS number
ag-cr1-3644-m100 niclosamide ethanolamine 1420 04 8 CAS number
ag-cr1-3645-m005 ruxolitinib phosphate salt 1092939 17 7 CAS number
ag-cr1-3673-m001 delanzomib cep 18770 847499 27 8 CAS number
ag-cr1-3721-g005 chloroquine diphosphate 50 63 5 CAS number
ag-cr1-3722-m010 gs 441524 remdesivir metabolite 1191237 69 0 CAS number
ag-cr1-3735-m010 boceprevir 394730 60 0CAS number
ag-cr1-3737-m025 aloxistatin e 64d 88321 09 9 CAS number
ak-102p-s pbs tablets phosphate buffered saline tablets CAS number
ak-102v-s sodium orthovanadate 1000x 13721 39 6 technique-specific-products
akr-214 nih3t3 gfp cell line for cell culture
amab91129-25ul anti chat antibody
amab91461 anti itga1 antibody
amab91528-100ul anti tmem119 antibody
anc-144-020 anti cd3 human mab ucht1 antibody
anc-295-010 human igg1 isotype control antibody
anc-376-020 anti cd147 human mab um 8d6 antibody
anc-400-020 anti cd252 ox40l human mab anc10g1 antibody
ant-bl-1 blasticidin solutionCAS number
ant-fn-1 fungin CAS number
ant-gn-1 g418 solution CAS number
ant-mpt plasmocin treatment CAS number
ant-nr-1 normocinCAS number
ant-pm-1 primocinCAS number
ant-pm-2 primocinCAS number
ant-pr-1 puromycin solutionCAS number
ant-zn-1 zeocin solution CAS number
ap19 poly l ornithine for cell culture
app-002 dig 3 end oligonucleotide labeling kit with digoxigenin 11 ddutp molecular-biology
aprest71455 prest antigen tp53rk proteins-signaling-molecule
aprest78346-100ul prest antigen nufip1 proteins-signaling-molecule
aprest85047-100ul prest antigen rasd1 proteins-signaling-molecule
arg10002-100ug anti tgf beta antibody tb21 antibody
arg53688-500ul anti tgf beta pan antibody antibody
arg81185-96wells human hmgb1 elisa kit  Assay
ark-ps-198 carp cyprinus carpio koi serum khv ab free biopsy
arp41464-p050 ager antibody n terminal region arp41464_p050 antibody
as-11416-25g dpephos bis2 diphenylphosphinophenylether 166330 10 5 CAS number
as-12251-1mg 4 oxo tempo free radical 2896 70 0CAS number
as-13153-500g potassium thioacetate 10387 40 3 CAS number
as-14580-100g 4 ethylacetophenone 937 30 4 CAS number
as-17007-100mg amg 232 1352066 68 2 CAS number
as-2057-1mg 4 amino 7h pyrrolo23 dpyrimidine 1500 85 2 CAS number
as-2552-1mg 5 methoxycarbonyl 2 methylphenylboronic acid pinacol ester 882679 40 5 CAS number
as-31225-5g ethyl 3 bromobutyrate 7425 49 2 CAS number
as-36994-1g boc 2 propargyl l glycinol 763122 73 2 CAS number
as-40141-1g l methionine sulfoximine 15985 39 4 CAS number
as-40218-1g 3 chloro 5 hydroxy 2 pentanone 13045 13 1 CAS number
as-44232-5g 44 dimethyl 2 pentanone 590 50 1 CAS number
as-45628-1g t butyl4 2 amino 1 4 trifluoromethylphenylethylpiperazine carboxylate 444892 59 5 CAS number
as-47511-25g cinnamyl bromide 26146 77 0 CAS number
as-47559-1g tert butyl 1s3s 3 hydroxycyclohexylcarbamate 1422443 57 9 CAS number
as-47795-5g 3 methylstyrene 100 80 1 CAS number
as-47895-5g n heptylcyclohexane 5617 41 4 CAS number
as-48681-1g methyl 1 hydroxymethylcyclobutane 1 carboxylate 1073 86 5 CAS number
as-49098-1mg fmoc d glu otbu 109745 15 5 CAS number
as-50465-1mg 3 acetyl 1 methyl 1h pyrazole 137890 04 1 CAS number
as-51197-1g 1r4s6s rel tert butyl 6 hydroxy 2 azabicyclo221heptane 2 carboxylate 198835 05 1CAS number
as-55052-1g 1 6 bromochroman 2 ylethanone 1895167 20 0 CAS number
as-56417-1g akos b019528 54384 71 3 CAS number
as-56504-5g cyclodecanone 1502 06 3 CAS number
as-59778-500g potassium propanoate 327 62 8 CAS number
as-65048-100mg 1 6 bromo 1 benzothiophen 2 ylmethanamine 1780039 50 0 CAS number
as-65212-1g benzyl 5s 2 oxo 13 oxazolidine 5 carboxylate 112663 80 6 CAS number
asb04ct-r stemfit basic04 ct with shipping fee 500 ml 6 bottles or more for cell culture
aum-skp-c-1000 exon skipping in vivo animal studies dna-rna-vectors
aum-spl-a-250 rna splicing in vitro cellular studies dna-rna-vectors
avp015-10 well insert holder in a deep petri dish with lid 10x labware-accessories
b1129-5 apilimod mesylate 870087 36 8 corona-related-products
b118300-100mg barbigeroneCAS number
b118710-25mg barnolCAS number
b1268-5 vx 661 1152311 62 0 CAS number
b14001 protease inhibitor cocktail edta free 100x in dmso CAS number
b151071-100mg 1 benzyl 4 chloromethyl 5 methyl 1h 123 triazole 1934771 90 0 CAS number
b182628-10mg 2 cyanoethane 1 sulfonamide 97716 80 8 CAS number
b1831-set igepal ca 630 megapure detergent10 solution 9036 19 5CAS number
b21202 2x sybr green qpcr master mix molecular-biology
b21203 2x sybr green qpcr master mix molecular-biology
b2305-10 l buthionine sr sulfoximine 83730 53 4 CAS number
b23111 poly flag peptide lyophilized powder proteins-signaling-molecule
b23202 protein a g magnetic beads for ip molecular-biology
b2486-5 ezsolution abt 494 upadacitinib 1310726 60 3 CAS number
b-2608-5kg lb broth powder lennox l broth for cell culture
b284451-100mg bicyclo310hexan 2 amine 1258639 94 9 CAS number
b330240-25g betulin CAS number
b390750-10mg biotin hpdp CAS number
b399050-100mg biprofenCAS number
b405613-5mg 2 amino 3 hydroxypropyl acetate hydrochloride 1379321 13 7 CAS number
b408315-25mg 2 azidobenzonitrile 31656 77 6 CAS number
b415018-5g 4 bromo 2 chloro 1 methylbenzene CAS number
b426785-25mg 35 dibromo 4 fluoropyridine 1214384 54 9 CAS number
b603370-250mg 4 boc amino 2 fluorophenylboronic acid pinacol ester CAS number
b678450-500mg bromantane CAS number
b684628-100mg bromoiodomethane CAS number
b685330-1g 3 bromo 2 methylpropan 1 ol 40145 08 2 CAS number
b686450-500g 4 bromophenylacetic acid CAS number
b687498-1g bromophenol red 2800 80 8CAS number
b689075-2g p 2 bromovinyl anisoleCAS number
b691080-50g tert butyldimethylsilyl chloride CAS number
b692392-1mg n butylbenzenesulfonamide d9 CAS number
bam-02-100-ex taq pcr premix add only template primers molecular-biology
bb-0604-1mg 2 4 trifluoromethoxyphenoxyethanethio amide 952183 07 2 CAS number
bca2500 bca pak protein assay kit  Assay
be0032-100mg invivomab anti mouse ctla 4 cd152 antibody
be0079-1mg invivomab anti human mhc class i hla a hla b hla c antibody
be0085-100mg invivomab mouse igg2a isotype control antibody
be0089-100mg invivomab rat igg2a isotype control antibody
be0090-25mg invivomab rat igg2b isotype control antibody
be0146-25mg invivomab anti mouse pd 1 cd279 clone rmp1 14 antibody
be0183-100mg invivomab anti mouse ter 119 antibody
be0186-50mg invivomab anti mouse psgl 1 cd162 clone 4ra10 antibody
be0200-100mg invivomab anti mouse pan endothelial cell antigen meca 32 antibody
be0273-100mg invivomab anti mouse pd 1 cd279 antibody
be0297-1mg invivomab human igg1 isotype control antibody
be0301-100mg invivomab human igg2 isotype control antibody
bec-bcl-ezs24 easy western ii super mouse enhancer set technique-specific-products
bgl-liver-1-u beagle liver biopsy
bglsrm-m-10-i-m beagle serum male individual donor not filtered biopsy
bic-bcr11-00002 celleaser plant molecular-biology
biorec-001-200 immunoglobulin inhibiting reagentCAS number
bp0003-1-100mg invivoplus anti mouse cd4 clone gk15 antibody
bp0066-100mg invivoplus anti mouse thy12 cd902 clone 30h12 antibody
bp0066-5mg invivoplus anti mouse thy12 cd902 antibody
bp0146-100mg invivoplus anti mouse pd 1 cd279 clone rmp1 14 antibody
bs-0237r 14 3 3 alpha beta gamma delta epsilon antibody antibody
bs-0295p-a647 rabbit igg isotype control alexa fluorr 647 conjugated antibody
bs-0890r-hrp gfp polyclonal antibody hrp conjugated antibody
bs-10276r-a647 pik3 gamma polyclonal antibody alexa fluorr 647 conjugated antibody
bs-11126r nectin1 cd111 polyclonal antibody antibody
bs-11716r-a594 crbn polyclonal antibody alexa fluorr 594 conjugated antibody
bs-11889r-a750 meis homeobox 3 polyclonal antibody alexa fluorr 750 conjugated antibody
bs-12201r-a647 rabbit anti melk hpk38 pab alexa fluor 647 conjugated antibody-primary
bs-12654-1g 1 bromo 2 fluoroethane 762 49 2 CAS number
bs-12840-1g 4 methoxybutanoic acid 29006 02 8 CAS number
bs-13194-1g n ethyl 4 fluoroaniline 405 67 4 CAS number
bs-13503r-a350 gpbp1 vasculin polyclonal antibody alexa fluorr 350 conjugated antibody
bs-1639r-a647 faktyr577 polyclonal antibody alexa fluorr 647 conjugated antibody
bs171067-250mg sen 12333 874450 44 9 CAS number
bs-1860r-a488 crlr cgrpr1 polyclonal antibody alexa fluorr 488 conjugated antibody
bs-2806r-a350 vdcc l alpha polyclonal antibody alexa fluorr 350 conjugated antibody
bs-2806r-a750 vdcc l alpha polyclonal antibody alexa fluorr 750 conjugated antibody
bs-3643-1mg 3 piperidin 4 ylquinazoline 241h3h dione hydrochloride 1638612 81 3 CAS number
bs-3800r-a594 kappa light chain polyclonal antibody alexa fluorr 594 conjugated antibody
bs-5655-1mg 8 fluoro 2 trifluoroacetyl 1345 tetrahydrobenzob 16 naphthyridin 102h one 1325305 32 5 CAS number
bs-6359r-a750 glutamine prpp amidotransferase antibody alexa fluorr 750 conjugated antibody
bs-6461r-a488 nf atc4 polyclonal antibody alexa fluorr 488 conjugated antibody
bs-8007-1mg 1 4 butoxybenzoyl 4 3 phenyl 124 oxadiazol 5 ylmethylpiperidine 1775468 02 4 CAS number
bs-8161-1mg 3 chloro n 2 35 dimethyl 1h pyrazol 1 ylcarbonyl 3 thienyl n4 dimethylbenzenesulfonamide 1325304 09 3 CAS number
bs-8212r-biotin rabbit anti tef4 pab biotin conjugated antibody-primary
bs-8560r-a750 ell3 polyclonal antibody alexa fluorr 750 conjugated antibody
bs-8929r-a350 cyclin e polyclonal antibody alexa fluorr 350 conjugated antibody
bs-8929r-a555 cyclin e polyclonal antibody alexa fluorr 555 conjugated antibody
bsa-68100-1kg standard grade ph 70 proteins-signaling-molecule
bsm-2000m-cy7 hbcag 1h8 monoclonal antibody cy7 conjugated antibody
bsm-51364m mp2k1 8c8 monoclonal antibody antibody
bvt-0007-m005 gamma rubromycin 27267 71 6 CAS number
bvt-0252-c100 bafilomycin a1 high purity 88899 55 2 CAS number
bx-0700 medium spiny gabaergic neurons for cell culture
c050000-50mg cabergoline CAS number
c-12002 normal human epidermal keratinocytes nhek juvenile foreskin single donor for cell culture
c-12003 normal human epidermal keratinocytes nhek adult single donor for cell culture
c-12005 normal human epidermal keratinocytes nhek juvenile foreskin pooled for cell culture
c-12200 human umbilical vein endothelial cells huvec single donor for cell culture
c-12302 normal human dermal fibroblasts nhdf adult donor nhdf c adult for cell culture
c-12907 human mononuclear cells from peripheral blood hmnc pb single donor ultra pure for cell culture
c-12975 human mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow hmsc bm hmsc bm p for cell culture
c-14022 hcaec pellet for cell culture
c-14071 hob pellet for cell culture
c-1666-5mg cyclosporin h 83602 39 5 CAS number
c183707-10mg carboxymethyl gamma cyclodextrin sodium salt CAS number
c-20011 keratinocyte growth medium 2 ready to use for cell culture
c-21260 airway epithelial cell basal medium for cell culture
c215150-25mg catapolCAS number
c-22011 endothelial cell growth medium 2 ready to use for cell culture
c-22111 endothelial cell growth medium 2 kit for cell culture
c-26502 follicle dermal papilla cell growth medium kit for cell culture
c-27417 preadipocyte growth medium kit for cell culture
c-2797-500g l cystine dihydrochloride CAS number
c284821-100mg chlorotrispropan 2 yloxytitanium 20717 86 6 CAS number
c-29912 cryo sfm for cell culture
c-30021 bovine pituitary extract 26 13 mg protein ml for cell culture
c-30120 endothelial cell growth supplement heparin ecgs h for cell culture
c364583-50mg 4 4 chlorobenzyloxy 3 ethoxybenzaldehyde 299441 96 6 CAS number
c380295-1g 1 chlorotetradecane 2425 54 9 CAS number
c-39215 endothelial cell growth medium supplementmix for cell culture
c-39625 follicle dermal papilla cell growth medium supplementmix for cell culture
c-40000 hepes buffered saline solution for cell culture
c-40230 dulbeccos pbs for cell culture
c-40232 dulbeccos pbs w o ca mg  for cell culture
c-41320 cell dissociation solution acf for cell culture
c-44010 lymphocyte separation medium 1077 molecular-biology
c441905-100mg cinanserin hydrochloride 54 84 2CAS number
c441905-10mg cinanserin hydrochloride 54 84 2 CAS number
c442028-50mg cis cinnamaldehyde 57194 69 1 CAS number
c442040-250g e cinnamoyl chloride CAS number
c490000-25mg ciramadol CAS number
c621703-50mg 2 chloro 1 245 trimethylphenylpropan 1 one 571155 28 7CAS number
c633130-1g cobamamide CAS number
c640052-05mg colchicoside d3 CAS number
c640500-250mg 1 2 dipalmitoyl sn glycero 3 phosphocholine colfosceril palmitate CAS number
c685380-25mg coprine CAS number
c781430-1g cphos CAS number
c781850-100g p cresidine CAS number
c818007-5mg crotamitone d5 CAS number
c827465-1g #NAME?
c827470-10mg cryptopine CAS number
c830000-25mg 2c tfm hydrochlorideCAS number
c834600-100g cumene hydroperoxide 80 technical grade CAS number
c844500-100g curdlan CAS number
c955808-1g 3 cyano 4 isopropoxybenzoic acid CAS number
c956055-25g 2 cyano 3 ethylvaleric acid ethyl ester CAS number
c984580-10ml 13 cyclooctadiene CAS number
c987530-1g e z 2 cyano 3 methyl 2 pentenoic acid ethyl ester CAS number
c987577-50mg 2 cyano 2 propanol 111333 d6CAS number
c987720-10g n cyclohexylsulfamic acid cyclamic acid CAS number
c988460-1g 2 cyclopentyl 4 chlorophenol technical gradeCAS number
c989070-10g cyproconazole CAS number
c989167-10mg gamma cyhalothrin d5 CAS number
cac-ce-040a anti histone h33 mab antibody-primary
cac-ctb-lc3-2-ic anti lc3 mab antibody
cac-ctb-lc3-2-ic anti lc3 mab antibody-primary
cac-nm-dnd-002 anti 6 4pps antibody
cba-316 snl feeder cells for cell culture
cbj-imr-100-ex transfer apparatus semi dry and flat type labware-accessories
cbx-cbx00625 anti bcl6 mab antibody-primary
cbx-cbx00708 anti mbip antibody
cc-305 cryosleeve technique-specific-products
cc-cx10-8c00k alu shipping case for cx100 and cxr100 labware-accessories
cdx-a0023-m001 daf fm 254109 20 1 CAS number
cdx-a0023-m005 daf fm 254109 20 1 CAS number
cdx-d0419-m100 dihydrocapsiate 205687 03 2%5D CAS number
cdx-g0033-m500 glycochenodeoxycholic acid sodium salt 16564 43 5 CAS number
cdx-m0055-g001 mpts 82962 86 5%5D CAS number
cdx-p0169-m010 pyraflufen ethyl 129630 19 9 CAS number
ce-0044-1mg methyl 4 chloro 3 methoxy 5 nitrobenzenecarboxylate 63603 09 8 CAS number
cg90053-acr cynomolgus monkey bmp5 natural orf mammalian expression plasmid c ofpspark tag dna-rna-vectors
cg90122-acg cynomolgus monkey il18rap natural orf mammalian expression plasmid c gfpspark tag dna-rna-vectors
cg90653-anr cynomolgus monkey ppan natural orf mammalian expression plasmid n ofpspark tag dna-rna-vectors
chi-hf-211pdl1-c100 cd274 b7 h1 pd l1 human fc mouse rec proteins-signaling-molecule
chi-hf-220icos-c025 cd278 icos human fc human rec non lytic proteins-signaling-molecule
chi-mf-110pdl2-c100 cd273 pd l2 mousefc mouse rec proteins-signaling-molecule
chi-mf-120b7h2-c100 cd275 b7 h2 mousefc mouse rec non lytic proteins-signaling-molecule
chk-kidney-1-u chicken kidney biopsy
chk-liver-1-u chicken liver biopsy
chkrbc-als-10-m chicken red blood cells in alsevers 5ml blood 5ml alsevers solution biopsy
clk-035l 5 tco peg4 dutp 5 trans cyclooctene peg4 dutp proteins-signaling-molecule
clk-058-5 6 fam alkyne abs em 490 513 nm 6 fluorescein alkyne 478801 49 9 proteins-signaling-molecule
clk-1010-100 thpta tris1 hydroxy propyl 1h 123 triazol 4 ylmethylamine 760952 88 3 proteins-signaling-molecule
clk-a101n-25 dbco acid dibenzylcyclooctyne acid 1425485 72 8 proteins-signaling-molecule
clk-a116-100 sulfo dbco biotin conjugate sulfo dibenzylcyclooctyne biotin conjugate support-product
clk-a133-1000 dbco nhs ester dibenzylcyclooctyne nhs ester 1353016 71 3 proteins-signaling-molecule
clk-az110-1 5 6 texas red peg3 azide abs em 584 603 nm 5 6 sulforhodamine 101 peg3 azide azide fluor 585 proteins-signaling-molecule
clk-nu-004l 2 ethynyl atp 2 eatp proteins-signaling-molecule
cm015 cho cm elisa kit  Assay
cnt-07 pct epidermal keratinocyte medium defined human mouse for cell culture
cnt-accutase-100 accutase cell detachment solution for cell culture
cnt-pr cnt prime epithelial culture medium human mouse for cell culture
cpl-132 crystalgen superclear plates pregreased technique-specific-products
cs-13312-1g s 1 3 nitrophenylethanamine hydrochloride 839709 98 7 CAS number
cs-16078-100mg fmoc l hgntrt oh 1263046 43 0 CAS number
cs-ge03 ras grf gef protein human recomb cdc25 domain mbp tagged proteins-signaling-molecule
csr-aas-age-k03e collagen ages assay kit cma specific glyoxal  Assay
csr-is-f-20 immuno shot immunostaining fine technique-specific-products
csr-lts-01-ex lipotrusttm set molecular-biology
csr-okp-pmg-k01te 2 deoxyglucose 2dg uptake measurement kit antibody
csr-r-b074 ksomCAS number
csr-shn-1995 dmt peg9 otos CAS number
csr-shn-3342 boc nh nboc peg3 n3 CAS number
css-400 mib ph 40 1 m buffer system malonic acid imidazole boric acid 141 82 2 288 32 4 10043 35 3CAS number
css-506 ches 1 m any ph value useful buffer range ph 86 100 103 47 9CAS number
ctp-102 greiner viewseal other-reagent-miscellaneous
cyn-brain-m-1-i-u cynomolgus monkey brain tissue male individual donor biopsy
cyn-liver-1-i-u cynomolgus monkey liver individual tissue biopsy
d-1089-5g ndsb 195 non detergent sulphobetaines CAS number
d194900-10g davis oxaziridine CAS number
d199050-50g deae cellulose approx 70 moisture content CAS number
d210510-25mg 2e4z deca 24 dien oyl r carnitine inner salt CAS number
d212902-10mg decapreno beta carotene d10CAS number
d225000-500mg deca 2468 tetraenalCAS number
d226925-50g 1 decylamine CAS number
d229630-1mg delta89 dehydro 17beta estradiol CAS number
d230030-100g 16 dehydro pregnenolone acetate proteins-signaling-molecule
d230590-25mg 1011 dehydro misoprostol mixture of diastereomers CAS number
d230665-25mg delmadinone acetate CAS number
d230720-10mg demecarium bromideCAS number
d231725-50mg 10 demethoxy nicergoline CAS number
d242680-25mg deoxy miroestrol CAS number
d288720-10mg 25 desacetyl rifapentin CAS number
d288820-10mg n desethyl acetildenafil CAS number
d289395-50mg desacetyl 7 aca lactone CAS number
d289420-5mg deserpidine CAS number
d289715-10mg n des 2 34 difluorophenylcyclopropyl o 2 34 difluorophenylcyclopropyl ticagrelor CAS number
d290730-25mg alpha desmethyl anastrozole CAS number
d290755-500mg desmethyl amisulpride hydrobromide CAS number
d290940-100mg n desmethyl azatadine CAS number
d292225-100mg o desmethyl mebeverine alcohol CAS number
d298368-5mg 10 debc hydrochloride 925681 41 0 CAS number
d299100-25g dextran CAS number
d299250-1mg dextro mepromazine maleate CAS number
d304605-25mg 12 diacetin CAS number
d360500-250g diacetoxyiodobenzene CAS number
d360500-25g diacetoxyiodobenzene CAS number
d36107-34-6well human lung cancer stem cell diff ecm 6 well plates for cell culture
d36110-37-6well human brain cancer stem cell differentiation ecm 6 well plates for cell culture
d36117-44-t75 human kidney cancer stem cell diff ecm t75 flasks for cell culture
d415945-10g 23 diaminopyridine CAS number
d416170-5g 16 diaminohexane dihydrochloride CAS number
d416465-500mg n alpha z d 24 diaminobutyric acidCAS number
d416840-10g s n despropyl pramipexole CAS number
d416865-1mg 16 34 dianhydro beta d altropyranose CAS number
d416915-1g diazald 80 11 5 CAS number
d416990-1mg 13 dibenzyl anthrose CAS number
d417230-1g 2 diazo 4 nitrophenol fluoroborate salt CAS number
d417640-250mg 18 diazafluoren 9 one 54078 29 4 CAS number
d418030-10mg 34 dibenzyloxy 1 phenyl 2 propanone CAS number
d425508-500mg dibromoisocyanuric acid CAS number
d425755-25g 24 dibromophenol acetate CAS number
d426610-250ml dibutyl adipate CAS number
d429715-10mg n2n6 di cbz avizafone CAS number
d434220-250mg 25 dichloro 25 dimethylhexane CAS number
d448023-25mg 24 dimethylpentane 12 diamine 115947 69 8 CAS number
d448298-1g 35 difluoro 4 methoxyphenylboronic acid CAS number
d471440-25g 2 dimethylaminoethanol bitartrate technique-specific-products
d471815-10g dimethyl 1 diazo 2 oxopropylphosphonate CAS number
d476190-10mg 23 dimethyloctane 7146 60 3 CAS number
d479660-50g dimetridazole CAS number
d486600-1g nn dimethylperfluoro 1 octanesulfonamide 213181 78 3 CAS number
d487373-10mg 33 dimethylheptane 4032 86 4 CAS number
d526220-250mg disperse blue 373 technical grade 51868 46 3 CAS number
d681525-25mg dl dropropizine n oxide 152323 00 7 CAS number
dcb-423413 2d silver stain reagent ii for 10 gels  technique-specific-products
dl14035-5g lauryl maltose neopentyl glycol 1257852 96 2 CAS number
ds-12932-1mg 4 bromo 26 diisopropylaniline 80058 84 0 CAS number
ds-1552-5g bis3 aminophenylboronic acid sulfuric acid 66472 86 4 CAS number
ds-5053-1g 4 4h 124 triazol 4 ylpiperidine 690261 92 8 CAS number
ds-7747-5g methyl 5 methyl 3 oxohexanoate 30414 55 2 CAS number
e11051-05-6w mouse lung endothelial cell culture ecm 6well for cell culture
e230821-100mg 3 ethoxy 2 hydroxybenzaldehyde 492 88 6CAS number
e36074-04-t25 human hypopharyngeal normal cell culture ecm t25 flask for cell culture
e499400-25mg 2 cyano 3 34 difluorophenylprop 2 enamide 387844 19 1 CAS number
e589915-50mg 1112 epoxy trenbolone acetate CAS number
e592333-10mg 2 quinoxalin 2 ylsulfanylethane 1 sulfonyl chloride 1342703 53 0CAS number
e600100-25mg eritadenine CAS number
e678320-250mg ethiprole CAS number
e817997-25mg n ethyl n nitroso 1 propanamine d4 CAS number
e898805-25mg 2 ethylamino 4 methyl valerophenone hydrochloride CAS number
e898890-25mg 2 ethylamino 1 phenyl 1 pentanone 779974 89 9 CAS number
e900692-50mg ethyl butyrate d3 CAS number
e903765-10mg ethyl 6 chloropicolinate 21190 89 6 CAS number
e918757-25mg 2 ethyl 1 hexanol d17 202480 75 9CAS number
e937473-10mg 2 ethylcyclohexanone 4423 94 3 CAS number
e957000-10mg exemestane CAS number
e-adhec alcohol dehyrogenase ecoli proteins-signaling-molecule
eb05854 goat anti rnf13 rzf isoform 1 and 3 antibody antibody
eb09701 goat anti cd80 antibody antibody
en-103s bamhi jbspeed restriction enzyme molecular-biology
en-105s bgli molecular-biology
en-108s bsebi isoschizomers bstni bstoi bst2ui mvai neoschizomers ajni ecorii psp6i pspgi jbspeed restriction enzyme molecular-biology
en-110s bshfi isoschizomers bspani bsuri haeiii pali phoi jbspeed restriction enzyme molecular-biology
en-111s bsisi isoschizomers hapii hpaii mspi jbspeed restriction enzyme molecular-biology
en-119l kpni neoschizomers acc65i asp718i molecular-biology
en-139s sspi jbspeed restriction enzyme molecular-biology
en-146s nhei isoschizomers asunhi neoschizomers bmti jbspeed restriction enzyme molecular-biology
en-160s dpni molecular-biology
en-e2710-01 foki neoschizomers bsegibstf5i btsci jbspeed restriction enzyme molecular-biology
es-0044-1mg bretazenil 84379 13 5 CAS number
es-009-c embryomax es cell qualified fetal bovine serum for cell culture
esg1106 esgro lif for cell culture
esg1107 esgro lif for cell culture
f030 bsa elisa kit  Assay
f121400-25mg 3f alpha pvp CAS number
f140 pichia pastoris hcp elisa kit  Assay
f231100-25g felbinac CAS number
f300 mrc5 hcp elisa kit  Assay
f307500-100mg ferene CAS number
f410 e coli hcp elisa kit  Assay
f498700-10mg flutimide CAS number
f530 perc6 cell line hcp elisa kit  Assay
f590273-10mg 5 2 fluorophenyl 12 oxazole 4 carboxylic acid 887408 23 3 CAS number
f595445-5g 5 fluoro 1h indole 2 3 dione 3 hydrazone CAS number
f599725-250mg 11beta 16alpha 9 fluoro 11 17 dihydroxy 16 methyl 21 phosphonooxy pregna 1 4 diene 3 20 dione monosodium salt 1869 92 7 CAS number
f600 protein a mix n go elisa kit  Assay
f610 protein a mix n go elisa kit for unnatural protein a constructs  Assay
f640 pichia pastoris hcp elisa kit 2nd generation  Assay
f763800-10mg frax 486 CAS number
f765000-5mg friedelin 559 74 0 CAS number
f836120-1g d fucose CAS number
f864110-100mg furazadrolCAS number
f960 endonucleasegtptm elisa kit  Assay
fa03468-25g 4 acetoxyindole 5585 96 6 CAS number
fa159458-500g ad mix beta 148618 32 0 CAS number
fa66542-50g 4 aminobenzaldehyde polymer 28107 09 7 CAS number
fa68034-500g arachidyl alcohol 629 96 9 CAS number
fas-am-b fast media amp lb for cell culture
fas-am-b500 fast media amp lb for cell culture
fas-s fast media base agar for cell culture
fb19016-25mg bromazine hydrochloride 1808 12 4 CAS number
fc138108-500mg copper peptideghk cu 89030 95 5 CAS number
fc31880-100g crotonyl alcohol 6117 91 5 CAS number
fe22753-25mg trans trans 1011 epoxy farnesenic 24198 95 6 CAS number
fe23014-500g ethyl 4 iodobenzoate 51934 41 9 CAS number
ff45341-25mg fucoxanthine 3351 86 8 CAS number
ff61506-10mg frovatriptan succinate bio x CAS number
fh16224-250g cetilistat 282526 98 1 CAS number
fh33607-500mg hexaflumuron 86479 06 3 CAS number
fh64161-500g m hydroxybenzonitrile 873 62 1 CAS number
fli-1724-pi-25g fmoc ile oh CAS number
fp-176-30 5 cy5 3 bbqr 650 ex 646 nm em 662 nm molecular-biology
fp-189-05 5 fluo 3 tamra ex 495 nm em 520 nm molecular-biology
fp33211-500g pyruvic aldehyde technical grade 3 78 98 8 CAS number
fp-420-20 5 atto 390 3 tamra ex 390 nm em 476 nm molecular-biology
fr65153-5000mg roxatidine acetate hcl 93793 83 0 CAS number
frl-gfp-go-af1480-20-ex anti gfp pab antibody-primary
fs-5365-25g diisopropylchlorosilane 2227 29 4CAS number
ft07890-500g triphosgene 32315 10 9 CAS number
g377370-05mg gibberellin a34 32630 92 5CAS number
g601610-10mg glycerophosphoric acid sodium salt hydate racemic CAS number
g855190-100mg d gulose CAS number
gb01 glass beads 01mm labware-accessories
gem-100-108-f dialysed foetal bovine serum for cell culture
gem-100-119-f charcoal dextran stripped foetal bovine serum for cell culture
gem-100-135-h chrysalis insect cell qualified foetal bovine serum for cell culture
gem-100-512-h gemcell human serum ab us origin male donors only biopsy
gem-100-525-h stasis stem cell qualified us foetal bovine serum for cell culture
gem-100-700-f no worries nz au origin foetal bovine serum for cell culture
gem-100-800-s tetracycline negative foetal bovine serum for cell culture
gem-400-107-1 gentamicin sulfate solution 10mg ml for cell culture
gem-400-109-h pen strep solution for cell culture
gem-400-111-p1 g418 sulfate powder for cell culture
gem-400-151-h trypsin edta solution 025 053mm for cell culture
gem-400-160-d gem21 neuroplex supplement for cell culture
gem-400-161-d gem21 neuroplex supplement without vitamin a for cell culture
gem-900-630-f sfim60 serum free insect medium for cell culture
gfh123-1000 gro beta cxlc2 proteins-signaling-molecule
gfh6-10 activin a proteins-signaling-molecule
gfh6-100 activin a proteins-signaling-molecule
gfk-pf005-05-ex ds supplement for cell culture
grp1 der blaue jonas single step cooma technique-specific-products
grp1s der blaue jonas single step cooma technique-specific-products
grp653 goat anti herpes simplex virus typ antibody
grp716 goat anti respiratory syncytial vir antibody
gs-0301-50g 35 bis4 tert butylphenyl 4 phenyl 4h 124 triazole 203799 76 2 CAS number
gs-0911-10g 1 bromo 33 dimethylbutane 1647 23 0 CAS number
gtsrm-10-p-m goat serum mixed gender pooled not filtered biopsy
gtx00534-00-100ug lilra4 antibody 17g102 low endotoxin antibody
gtx01325-pro-20ug human lactoferrin protein his tag proteins-signaling-molecule
gtx01366-pro-50ug human opg protein his tag active proteins-signaling-molecule
gtx100034-100ul alpha smooth muscle actin antibody ko kd validated antibody
gtx100118-100ul gapdh antibody antibody
gtx100118-25ul gapdh antibody antibody
gtx100808-100ul coagulation factor iii tissue factor antibody n1c3 antibody
gtx101025-100ul pten antibody ko kd orthogonal validated antibody
gtx101738-25ul hgs antibody antibody
gtx102170-25ul foxm1 antibody antibody
gtx102424-25ul tyrosine hydroxylase antibody n1c1 antibody
gtx102731-100ul il10 receptor alpha antibody orthogonal overexpression validated antibody
gtx104876-100ul pokemon antibody c3 c term antibody
gtx108414-100ul grem2 antibody c1c3 antibody
gtx108471-100ul bca1 antibody n3c3 antibody
gtx108585-pro-25ug human cytochrome c protein proteins-signaling-molecule
gtx10909-100ul cd40l cd154 antibody trap 1 antibody
gtx109242-100ul arginase 1 antibody ko kd validated antibody
gtx112369-100ul hdlbp antibody n2c1 internal antibody
gtx114330-100ul cox4 antibody ko kd validated antibody
gtx124207 tet1 antibody n3c1 ko kd overexpression validated antibody
gtx127309-100ul hif1 alpha antibody ko kd orthogonal overexpression validated antibody
gtx128508-100ul mcherry antibody antibody
gtx131536-100ul as160 tbc1d4 antibody antibody
gtx13524 anti lamp2 mab gl2a7%5D antibody
gtx135385-100ul sars cov 2 covid 19 spike rbd antibody corona-related-products
gtx14698-200ml trident femto western hrp substrate  Assay
gtx16374-20tests trident nuclear protein extraction kit molecular-biology
gtx16667-500ul ki67 antibody sp6 antibody
gtx17185-100ug human papilloma virus type 16 e2 antibody tvg 261 antibody
gtx17217-100ug pou2f3 antibody antibody
gtx21748-5slides human testis normal tissue slides  arrays-slides
gtx21975-100ug c peptide antibody 4h8 antibody
gtx221667-01-50ul easyblot anti mouse igg hrp antibody
gtx225856-01-250ul easyblot anti rabbit igg kit optimized for prot a g antibody
gtx24292-5slides human brain cerebellar peduncles normal tissue slides  arrays-slides
gtx24293-5slides human brain cerebellum normal tissue slides  arrays-slides
gtx24322-5slides human tuberculum cinereum normal tissue slides  arrays-slides
gtx25428-100ug mek3 antibody antibody
gtx25786-50ug estrogen receptor beta antibody antibody
gtx27456-pro-1mg protein a hrp molecular-biology
gtx28709-200ug human brain tonsilla cerebelli normal tissue lysate lysates-extracts
gtx30920-20ml fluoroshieldtm with dapi technique-specific-products
gtx30946-50ml tmbm for membranes  Assay
gtx30948 streptavidin molecular-biology
gtx30961-50ml np 40 25 CAS number
gtx32557-100ul desmoplakin antibody antibody
gtx35191-20tests trident mitochondria isolation kit molecular-biology
gtx35192-20tests trident endosome isolation kit orthogonal validated molecular-biology
gtx36610-500ul cytomegalovirus 65 kda matrix antibody 0891 antibody
gtx36745-500ul giardia lamblia 65 kda antibody 6241 antibody
gtx39323-250ug plvap antibody meca 32 antibody
gtx39996-200ug igf1 antibody m23 ilg1 001 antibody
gtx40151-100ug cdc2 antibody 3e11 antibody
gtx41189-200ug factor viii antibody rff viiic 10 antibody
gtx45123-100ug mip3 alpha antibody antibody
gtx50875-500ul trident prestained protein ladder high range molecular-biology
gtx53186-100ug igfbp3 antibody 11b16 antibody
gtx53487-400ul cav alpha 2 delta 2 antibody antibody
gtx628480-250ul hif1 alpha antibody gt10211 orthogonal validated antibody
gtx630560-100ul sod2 antibody gt17112 ko kd validated antibody
gtx631836-100ul beta tubulin 3 tuj1 antibody gt11710%5D antibody
gtx631995-25ul bicd2 antibody gt1824 ko kd validated antibody
gtx634797-100ul pgp95 antibody gt448 ko kd validated antibody
gtx70109-100ul atr antibody 2b5 orthogonal validated antibody
gtx70255-100ul tsg101 antibody 4a10 ko kd orthogonal validated antibody
gtx73306-50ml light green counterstain ready to use technique-specific-products
gtx74034 il1 beta antibody orthogonal validated antibody
gtx78422-100ml tetramethylbenzidine tmb substrate  Assay
gx10003 x gal staining kit  Assay
h00010221-r02-20nmol calpain 9 h pr molecular-biology
h289570-100mg hetacillin CAS number
h294855-500mg 5 hexen 2 one 109 49 9 CAS number
h-29920001 anthranilyl hiv protease substrate 133233 38 2 new catnr 40307480001 proteins-signaling-molecule
h589900-5mg homocapsaicin i CAS number
h615150-25mg homo sildenafil CAS number
h669600-500mg hordenine CAS number
h953785-10g 12 hydroxystearic acid lithium salt CAS number
h998600-100g hypromellose CAS number
hamsrm-2-p-m hamster serum mixed gender pooled not filtered biopsy
hct-0020-1mg human alpha thrombin proteins-signaling-molecule
hctd-nfis hct116 dual cells for cell culture
hcva-0110-50ug human factor va proteins-signaling-molecule
hdfp dermal fibroblasts pooled human for cell culture
he-0076-1mg 3 chloro 2 3 3 fluorophenyl 2h azirin 2 yl 5 trifluoromethylpyridine 2085690 86 2CAS number
heldf-hlc3 hela difluo hlc3 cells for cell culture
hg10325-acr human hb egf gene cdna clone full length orf clone expression ready c ofpspark tag dna-rna-vectors
hg10331-acg human gfra2 natural orf mammalian expression plasmid c gfpspark tag dna-rna-vectors
hg10799-acr human cxadr gene cdna clone full length orf clone expression ready c ofpspark tag dna-rna-vectors
hg10986-m human fgfbp3 gene cdna clone full length orf clone dna-rna-vectors
hg11226-acr human osmr il 31rb natural orf mammalian expression plasmid c ofpspark tag dna-rna-vectors
hg12518-ut human ifi44l gene orf cdna clone expression plasmid dna-rna-vectors
hg12567-anr human bcl2l13 gene orf cdna clone expression plasmid n ofpspark tag dna-rna-vectors
hg13441-acg human scg2 natural orf mammalian expression plasmid c gfpspark tag dna-rna-vectors
hg13502-ut-1unit human xcl2 gene orf cdna clone expression plasmid expression
hg17054-ut human tmf1 gene orf cdna clone expression plasmid dna-rna-vectors
hg17701-acr human dusp1 gene orf cdna clone expression plasmid c ofpspark tag dna-rna-vectors
hg18263-ut human ptgdr2 gene orf cdna clone expression plasmid dna-rna-vectors
hg18545-ch human abp1 aoc1 gene orf cdna clone expression plasmid c his tag dna-rna-vectors
hg19015-nf human peg10 gene orf cdna clone expression plasmid n flag tag dna-rna-vectors
hg20389-cm human cd320 8d6 antigen gene orf cdna clone expression plasmid c myc tag antibody
hg4k-100mg human igg4 kappa isotype control antibody
hgepp gingival epithelium progenitors pooled human for cell culture
hkb-hmil18 hek blue il 18 cells for cell culture
hkb-ifng hek blue ifn gamma cells for cell culture
hm-bonemar-1-u human tissues bone marrow biopsy
hm-bronlev human bronchial lavage biopsy
hm-clinical-20-p-m human sample ra rf mixed gender pooled biopsy
hm-clinical-oci-1-i-u human sample ovarian cancer individual biopsy
hmpledta2-1-p-m human plasma edta k2 mixed gender pooled not filtered biopsy
hmpledta3-ra human plasma k3 edta rheumatoid arthritis donors biopsy
hmplkox-nafl-hyperlipid human plasma potassium oxelate sodium flouride hyperlipidemia biopsy
hmpllihp-f-50-p-m human plasma lithium heparin female pooled not filtered biopsy
hmsrm-f-100-p-m human serum female pooled not filtered biopsy
hmsrm-strpd-20-p-m human serum mixed gender pooled medium charcoal stripped biopsy
hmwbedta2-f-20-i-m human whole blood edta k2 female individual donor not filtered biopsy
hor-243-1mg thymosin a1 proteins-signaling-molecule
hp102428 human skap1 qpcr primer pairs molecular-biology
hp102536 human des qpcr primer pairs molecular-biology
hpa001198-25ul anti btk antibody
hpa003388-100ul anti mbip antibody
hpa003819-25ul anti cpe antibody
hpa005792 pcp4 antibody rabbit pab antibody
hpa008427-100ul anti itga7 antibody
hpa013955-25ul anti gpr19 antibody
hpa014518-100ul anti p2ry12 antibody
hpa030273-25ul anti itpkb antibody
hpa031464-100ul anti fam83b antibody
hpa035240-100ul anti slc1a5 antibody
hpa035939-100ul anti poln antibody
hpa036159-100ul anti gpr155 antibody
hpa038541-100ul anti ddias antibody
hpa040256-100ul anti sltm antibody
hpa040706-25ul anti hykk antibody
hpa040774-100ul anti gif antibody
hpa041967-100ul anti rttn antibody
hpa043516-25ul anti snrnp70 antibody
hpa043590-100ul anti akt1s1 antibody
hpa050594-100ul anti mtbp antibody
hpa062743-25ul anti fntb antibody
hpd1pe-mab14 anti hpd1 pem higg4 s228p antibody
hs2001-25-100ml human immunoglobulins igg iga igm and ige depleted serum solution 100ml biopsy
htnfa-mab7 anti htnf alpha higa2 antibody
hy-10010-5mg ko 143 461054 93 3 CAS number
hy-100396-200mg sq22536 17318 31 9 CAS number
hy-100523-10mm ml385 846557 71 9CAS number
hy-100546a-5mg gsk lsd1 dihydrochloride 2102933 95 7 CAS number
hy-101371-10mm hesperin 4430 35 7CAS number
hy-101634-20mg abt 072 1132936 00 5 CAS number
hy-10182-5mg chir 99021 252917 06 9 CAS number
hy-10219-50mg rapamycin 53123 88 9CAS number
hy-10253-100mg ag1024 65678 07 1 CAS number
hy-103248-5mg toyocamycin 606 58 6 CAS number
hy-104036-100mg idh 305 1628805 46 8 CAS number
hy-10407-100mg su 5402 215543 92 3 CAS number
hy-105917-100mg endovion 265646 85 3 CAS number
hy-106783-5mg polymyxin b nonapeptide 86408 36 8 proteins-signaling-molecule
hy-107322-100mg barnidipine hydrochloride 104757 53 1 CAS number
hy-107801-10mm inosine pranobex 36703 88 5 CAS number
hy-11062-100mg icilin 36945 98 9 CAS number
hy-111556-100mg bsj 03 123 2361493 16 3 CAS number
hy-111613-50mg pinaverium bromide 53251 94 8 CAS number
hy-112588-100mg dbet6 1950634 92 0 CAS number
hy-117287-5mg bms 986165 1609392 27 9 CAS number
hy-118861a-10mm enclomiphene citrate 7599 79 3CAS number
hy-119726-5mg fosmanogepix 2091769 17 2 CAS number
hy-12219-1mg msi 1436 186139 09 3CAS number
hy-122826-100mg zxh 3 26 2243076 67 5CAS number
hy-123032-10mm sorivudine 77181 69 2 CAS number
hy-125817-50mg bi 3406 2230836 55 0 CAS number
hy-125840-5mg pt2977 1672668 24 4 CAS number
hy-128553-100mg antineoplaston a10 91531 30 5 CAS number
hy-12861-5mg cb 5083 1542705 92 9 CAS number
hy-13013-25mg e sis3 521984 48 5 CAS number
hy-130705a-10mg tachysterol 3 17592 07 3 CAS number
hy-130819-10mm tos peg4 thp 86259 89 4CAS number
hy-131447-50mg ky19382 2226664 93 1 CAS number
hy-13235-100mg i bet151 1300031 49 5 CAS number
hy-13328-10mg sapanisertib 1224844 38 5 CAS number
hy-13512-100mg camostat mesylate 59721 29 8 corona-related-products
hy-135899-100mg sirt7 inhibitor 97491 1807758 81 1 CAS number
hy-13631d-10mg dxd 1599440 33 1 CAS number
hy-13650-5mg indisulam 165668 41 7 CAS number
hy-13671-50mg lw6 934593 90 5 CAS number
hy-13773-5mg motolimod 926927 61 9%5D CAS number
hy-138170-25mg alc 0315 2036272 55 4CAS number
hy-138300-100mg alc 0159 1849616 42 7CAS number
hy-13861-25mg gw7647 265129 71 3 CAS number
hy-13992-5mg ap20187 195514 80 8 CAS number
hy-14196-50mg toloxatone 29218 27 7 CAS number
hy-14299a-100mg indacaterol maleate 753498 25 8 CAS number
hy-14768-50mg favipiravir 259793 96 9 corona-related-products
hy-14771a-10mg imeglimin hydrochloride 775351 61 6 CAS number
hy-15371-50mg forskolin 66575 29 9 CAS number
hy-15527-5mg emapunil 226954 04 7 CAS number
hy-15734-5mg agi 6780 1432660 47 3 CAS number
hy-15823-10mg cay10566 944808 88 2 CAS number
hy-15859-5mg atglistatin 1469924 27 3%5D CAS number
hy-16926-10mm ck 666 442633 00 3 CAS number
hy-16988a-50mg sr9011 hydrochloride CAS number
hy-16989-10mg sr9009 1379686 30 2 CAS number
hy-16989-5mg sr9009 1379686 30 2%5D CAS number
hy-17031-1g sbe beta cd 182410 00 0 CAS number
hy-17456-5mg noopept 157115 85 0%5DCAS number
hy-17502-200mg simvastatin 79902 63 9 CAS number
hy-19620-100mg branaplam 1562338 42 4 CAS number
hy-19706-1mg ars 853 1629268 00 3 CAS number
hy-19720a-10mg emixustat hydrochloride 1141934 97 5 CAS number
hy-19733-10mg lumateperone tosylate 1187020 80 9 CAS number
hy-50855-50mg silmitasertib 1009820 21 6 CAS number
hy-77036-1g furagin 1672 88 4 CAS number
hy-79494-500mg glyoxalic acid 298 12 4 CAS number
hy-b0012-50mg pamidronic acid 40391 99 9 CAS number
hy-b0317a-10mm amlodipine maleate 88150 47 4 CAS number
hy-b0576-10mm sulfacetamide sodium 127 56 0 CAS number
hy-b1042-1g oxolamine citrate 1949 20 8 CAS number
hy-b1984-250mg pp ddd 72 54 8 CAS number
hy-k0206-1ml anti c myc magnetic beads antibody
hy-k0207-2ml anti flag magnetic beads molecular-biology
hy-k0301-30ml cell counting kit 8 CAS number
hy-n2042-10mg cimigenol 3 o alpha l arabinoside 161207 05 2 CAS number
hy-n2282-1mg zingiberen newsaponin 91653 50 8 CAS number
hy-n4112-10mg l fucitol 13074 06 1 CAS number
hy-p0267-1mg melanotan mt ii 121062 08 6 CAS number
hy-p1568a-10mg flagelin 22 tfa proteins-signaling-molecule
hy-p1587-10mg irbp 1 20 human 298202 25 2 CAS number
hy-p7456-10ug acvr2b his hek293 expressed human proteins-signaling-molecule
hy-p9907-5mg trastuzumab 180288 69 1 CAS number
hy-w015175-10mm p toluenesulfonic acid monohydrate 6192 52 5 CAS number
hy-w050026s-5mg phenylacetylglutamine d5 1331909 01 3 CAS number
i-11400025 z gly gly arg amc hcl 102601 58 1 proteins-signaling-molecule
i140005-500mg r ibuprofen CAS number
i175060-25mg l idose 0145m solution CAS number
i232500-250mg idra 21 CAS number
i533758-10mg indium antimonide 1312 41 0 CAS number
i666070-1g myo inositol hexanicotinate CAS number
i693898-250mg 1 iodobutane d9 CAS number
i775450-100g iron saccharate CAS number
i789200-1g isocaffeine CAS number
i809043-1g 2 isocyanatoethyl methacrylate 30674 80 7 CAS number
i816610-500mg isoflupredone acetate CAS number
i819615-25g isohexanol CAS number
i821832-10mg isopentanol d7 CAS number
i822350-10mg isoprinosine CAS number
i822350-5mg isoprinosineCAS number
i822815-250mg alpha isopropylbenzylamine hydrochloride CAS number
i822815-500mg alpha isopropylbenzylamine hydrochlorideCAS number
i867000-500mg 12 o isopropylene 34 o di o benzyl beta d fructofuranose 2 dibenzyl phosphate CAS number
iax-100-009b-c250 lps from s abortus equi s form biotin tlrpure sterile solutionCAS number
iax-100-009b-c500 lps from s abortus equi s form biotin tlrpure sterile solution CAS number
i-azcas azcl casein  Assay
i-azrhi azcl rhamnogalacturonan i  Assay
i-azwaxf azcl arabinoxylan wheat fine  Assay
ib00101-32 human pparg reporter assay system  Assay
ib00201 human gr reporter assay system  Assay
ip0065-50ml invivopure ph 65 dilution buffer CAS number
ip0070-50ml invivopure ph 70 dilution bufferCAS number
isk-gn-004-ex genomonetm neo ex hvj e 4 vials transfection reagents molecular-biology
it-002-039m3-05mg anti spike ntd covid 19 wuhan antibody
j211502-1mg jwh 250 d11 1346598 78 4 CAS number
jai-cbc-800 uibc colorimetric assay kit bathophenanthroline method  Assay
jai-cfe-005 iron colorimetric assay kit ferrozine method CAS number
jai-cmg-035 magnesium colorimetric assay kit xylidyl blue i methodCAS number
jai-czn-001 zinc colorimetric assay kit 5 br paps method CAS number
jai-kog-hs10e 8 ohdg check elisa kit high sensitivity  Assay
jai-mdt-020p anti dityrosine dt mab 1c3 antibody
jktd-isnf jurkat dual cells for cell culture
k07 karyotype service from live human cells bsl2  Assay
k1326-250 toxout endofree plasmid mini kit molecular-biology
k1329-10 toxout endofree ezfilter plasmid midi kit molecular-biology
k270-50 fractionprep cell fractionation kit molecular-biology
k280-50 mitochondrial dna isolation kit molecular-biology
k655100-100g kollisolv peg 300 CAS number
k-achdf available carbohydrates dietary  Assay
k-amiar ammonia rapid  Assay
k-asptm aspartame  Assay
k-dlate d l lactic acid  Assay
k-gluc d glucose gopod format  Assay
kkn-clf-01 atelocollagen membrane for cell culture
k-lmal-58a l malic acid  Assay
koj-12250210 human plasma pool heparin biopsy
koj-cos-005 cosmedium 005 for hybridoma cell culture for cell culture
kou-cm-6 atelocollagen permeable membrane for 6 well culture plate for cell culture
kou-cs-35 collagen sponge for 35mm culture dish for cell culture
kou-csm-25 atelocollagen sponge mighty 25pcs for cell culture
kyd-008-05-ex-x3 mhtf for cell culture
kyo-01213 35 ehrlich bonito extract lysates-extracts
kyo-08921 guaiacol detection kit  Assay
l00239 protein l resin molecular-biology
l00338 toxinerasertm endotoxin removal kit molecular-biology
l00350 toxinsensortm chromogenic lal endotoxin assay kit  Assay
l00351 toxinsensortm gel clot endotoxin assay kit  Assay
l00353 streptavidin resin molecular-biology
l00432-5 anti dykddddk g1 affinity resin molecular-biology
l00436 his tag elisa detection kit  Assay
l173950-25mg lanicemine CAS number
l-2594-1kg luria agar powder millers lb agar for cell culture
l-2601-1kg luria broth powder millers lb broth for cell culture
l-2602-5kg luria broth granulated millers lb broth for cell culture
l394500-1mg lewis a trisaccharide methyl glycoside CAS number
l397680-25mg liberineCAS number
l474415-1mg lumiprobe sulfo cy 5 nhs ester 1448789 45 4 molecular-biology
l55010-1each medfuture variable volume single channel pipette 1 5 ml labware-accessories
ln10000 d luciferin na salt  Assay
ln111-02 biolaminin 111 for cell culture
ln211-02 biolaminin 211 for cell culture
ln521-02 biolaminin 521 for cell culture
ls-a1441 anti ackr4 ccrl1 ccr11 antibody cytoplasmic domain ihc plus antibody
ls-a3845 anti ccr8 antibody n terminus ihc plus antibody
ls-a8398 anti helo1 elovl5 antibody internal ihc plus antibody
ls-b11314 anti myof myoferlin antibody aa700 750 ihc plus antibody
ls-b12798-200ul anti ema muc1 antibody aa1176 1205 ihc plus antibody
ls-b12933 anti myh14 antibody aa654 668 ihc plus antibody
ls-b1353 anti fcmr faim3 antibody c terminus ihc plus antibody
ls-b14427-50ul anti rapgef2 antibody aa975 1025 ihc plus antibody
ls-b14464-50ul anti anapc7 apc7 antibody aa515 565 ihc plus antibody
ls-b16038-50ul man2a1 mannosidase ii antibody aa865 1144 ihc plus antibody
ls-b1624 anti tdp2 ttrap antibody aa11 28 ihc plus antibody
ls-b2054 anti mecp2 antibody aa11 25 ihc plus ls b2054 antibody
ls-b2276 anti baz2b antibody aa2156 2168 ihc plus antibody
ls-b2751 anti cops2 trip15 alien antibody aa439 451 ihc plus antibody
ls-b3846 anti usp9x fam antibody aa2479 2492 ihc plus antibody
ls-b3932 anti foxo3 foxo3a antibody aa661 673 ihc plus antibody
ls-b3939 anti ptch1 patched 1 antibody aa1431 1442 ihc plus antibody
ls-b4631 anti bcas1 nabc1 antibody c terminus ihc plus antibody
ls-b6081 anti ep300 p300 antibody clone 1d2 ihc plus antibody
ls-b6374 anti amy1a salivary amylase antibody clone 2d4 ihc plus antibody
ls-b6499 anti tlr1 antibody aa400 450 ihc plus antibody
ls-b7414 anti igf1 antibody ihc plus antibody
ls-b8004 anti ager rage antibody aa350 400 ihc plus antibody
ls-b8311 anti satb1 antibody aa668 681 ihc plus antibody
ls-b8577 anti lonp2 lonp antibody aa780 829 ihc plus antibody
ls-b8720 anti nos3 enos antibody aa1181 1194 ihc plus ls b8720 antibody
ls-b8780 anti epha3 eph receptor a3 antibody aa115 144 ihc plus antibody
ls-b8962 anti rora ror alpha antibody thr216 ihc plus antibody
ls-b9182 dcxr antibody c terminus ihc plus antibody-primary
ls-b9209 anti pk2 prok2 antibody aa69 83 ihc plus antibody
ls-b9254 anti aqp1 aquaporin 1 antibody aa101 150 ihc plus ls b9254 antibody
ls-b9936 anti stx4 syntaxin 4 antibody aa1 297 ihc plus antibody
ls-c100404 anti lrp5 antibody aa1538 1567 antibody
ls-c100444 anti mmp14 antibody aa145 174 antibody
ls-c100596 anti csnk1a1 ck1 alpha antibody aa309 337 antibody
ls-c100610 anti lars leucyl trna synthetase antibody aa1118 1145 antibody
ls-c100882 anti leftyb lefty1 antibody aa283 314 antibody
ls-c101285 anti pfk2 pfkfb3 antibody aa454 484 antibody
ls-c108894 anti hip1r antibody aa1049 1062 antibody
ls-c108915 anti schnurri 2 hivep2 antibody aa2432 2444 ls c108915 antibody
ls-c109564-100ul akt2 antibody c terminus antibody
ls-c117535-100ul anti p66 shc antibody aa393 442 antibody
ls-c117557-50ul anti map3k8 tpl2 antibody aa256 305 antibody
ls-c117658-50ul anti irf3 antibody aa351 400 antibody
ls-c117723-100ul anti tuberin tsc2 antibody aa905 954 antibody
ls-c117834-50ul anti casr calcium sensing receptor antibody aa854 903 antibody
ls-c117920-50ul anti pdgfrb pdgfr beta antibody aa991 1040 antibody
ls-c117978-50ul anti mad1l1 mad1 antibody aa394 443 antibody
ls-c118099 egfr antibody aa836 885 antibody
ls-c118105-50ul anti nos3 enos antibody aa1144 1193 antibody
ls-c118350-100ul anti brca1 antibody aa1423 1472 antibody
ls-c118359-100ul anti gab2 antibody aa589 638 antibody
ls-c118448-50ul anti fgfr3 antibody aa131 180 antibody
ls-c118542-50ul anti cdkn2b p15 ink4b antibody aa89 138 antibody
ls-c118604-50ul anti hat1 antibody aa331 380 antibody
ls-c118840 hmg2 hmgb2 antibody aa131 180 antibody
ls-c119046-50ul anti chd4 antibody aa571 620 antibody
ls-c119100-50ul anti mlk4 kiaa1804 antibody aa631 680 antibody
ls-c119305-50ul anti zc3h7b antibody aa851 900 antibody
ls-c119890-50ul anti gba3 cbg antibody aa291 340 antibody
ls-c119948-50ul anti ef1g eef1g antibody aa101 150 antibody
ls-c120110-100ul anti myh4 antibody aa1677 1726 antibody
ls-c120208-50ul anti pprc1 antibody aa1609 1658 antibody
ls-c120797-50ul anti or56b1 antibody aa161 210 antibody
ls-c120844-50ul anti or2h3 or2h2 antibody aa241 290 antibody
ls-c124013 anti m13 antibody clone e1 antibody
ls-c126706 anti aldh1a1 aldh1 antibody aa2 501 antibody
ls-c129590 anti hsp70 heat shock protein 70 antibody aa529 615 antibody
ls-c135604-100ul arr3 cone arrestin antibody c terminus antibody
ls-c135620-100ul fscn2 retinal fascin antibody aa235 284 antibody
ls-c135781-100ul sh3bp5 sab antibody aa215 264 antibody
ls-c137148 anti camk1 camki antibody c terminus antibody
ls-c137375 anti hav polyprotein antibody aa1141 1370 clone bu 33 antibody
ls-c139789 anti papd5 antibody aa497 510 antibody
ls-c142845 anti sptbn2 antibody aa2300 2390 biotin antibody
ls-c143267 anti kcna2 kv12 antibody aa50 100 dy650 antibody
ls-c146407-100ul rbm25 snu71 antibody aa285 334 antibody
ls-c147914 anti nfkbia ikb alpha ikba antibody aa130 143 antibody
ls-c148428 anti fmn2 formin 2 antibody aa168 186 antibody
ls-c149576-05mg csf2 gm csf antibody clone mp1 22e9 antibody
ls-c153862 anti rps6ka1 rsk1 antibody c terminus antibody
ls-c154776 anti pde4b antibody aa724 736 antibody
ls-c154790 anti syt7 synaptotagmin 7 antibody aa340 349 antibody
ls-c155057 anti cd34 antibody aa318 328 antibody
ls-c155417 anti tubb4b tubulin beta 4b antibody internal antibody
ls-c156112 anti smyd5 antibody aa343 371 antibody
LS-C156122 aclp aebp1 rabbit anti human pab aa341 372 antibody-primary
ls-c156337 anti angptl7 cdt6 antibody aa315 346 antibody
ls-c156382 anti ap1m1 antibody aa199 227 antibody
ls-c157497 anti znf708 antibody aa66 94 antibody
ls-c157504 anti znf747 antibody aa156 182 antibody
ls-c157518 anti znf883 antibody aa155 181 antibody
ls-c15826 anti lipe hsl antibody antibody
ls-c158406 anti nol4 antibody aa494 522 antibody
ls-c158735-01ml prl prolactin antibody aa188 216 antibody
ls-c158740 anti inafm1 prr24 antibody aa102 128 antibody
ls-c158860 anti arkadia rnf111 antibody aa209 237 antibody
ls-c159483 anti dok5 antibody aa21 49 antibody
ls-c159933 anti itfg1 tip antibody aa579 606 antibody
ls-c160022 anti krt33b keratin 33b krtha3b antibody aa64 91 antibody
ls-c160301 anti ttc39b antibody aa625 654 antibody
ls-c160328 anti tuba4a tuba1 antibody aa417 446 antibody
ls-c161425 anti sparcl1 hevin antibody aa208 236 antibody
ls-c161521 anti ssr4 antibody aa98 126 antibody
ls-c161807 anti prss41 antibody aa106 133 antibody
ls-c162362 anti rab1b antibody aa166 194 antibody
ls-c162462 anti rasl11b antibody aa37 66 antibody
ls-c163204 anti or4m1 antibody aa277 306 antibody
ls-c163276 anti osbpl1a orp1 antibody aa736 763 antibody
ls-c163842 anti poll dna polymerase lambda antibody aa549 575 antibody
ls-c164359 anti dapk1 dap kinase antibody aa385 412 antibody
ls-c164366 anti dyrk2 antibody aa521 549 antibody
ls-c165088 anti htra2 omi antibody aa73 102 antibody
ls-c165319 anti itgae cd103 antibody aa1146 1173 antibody
ls-c165387 anti cemip kiaa1199 antibody aa1292 1321 antibody
ls-c166019 anti fam65b diff48 antibody aa829 856 antibody
ls-c166677 anti grin2a nmdar2a nr2a antibody aa1057 1084 antibody
ls-c166752 gzmm granzyme m antibody aa91 121 antibody-primary
ls-c167241 anti cyp4f3 antibody aa77 109 antibody
ls-c167514 anti ovca1 dph1 antibody aa384 412 antibody
ls-c167757 anti engase antibody aa326 354 antibody
ls-c167765 anti enpep aminopeptidase a antibody aa899 930 antibody
ls-c168377 anti ccdc33 antibody aa873 901 antibody
ls-c168598 anti cdc73 parafibromin antibody aa132 161 antibody
ls-c168628 anti cdkn2c p18 ink4c antibody aa113 139 antibody
ls-c168872 anti cndp1 antibody aa415 443 antibody
ls-c169018 anti sfrp5 antibody aa219 248 antibody
ls-c169019 sfrs1 sf2 antibody aa165 194 antibody-primary
ls-c171000 anti gh growth hormone antibody clone gh 15 sepharose antibody
ls-c17116 anti cdkn1b p27 kip1 antibody aa83 204 antibody
ls-c172978 anti fgf21 antibody clone 2e2 antibody
ls-c173926 anti serpine2 nexin antibody clone 6f3 antibody
ls-c174092 anti mafb antibody clone 3f6 antibody
ls-c177920 anti limk1 limk antibody phospho thr508 antibody
ls-c179046 anti pld4 phospholipase d4 antibody aa135 423 antibody
ls-c179260 anti slc2a2 glut2 antibody antibody
ls-c181031 anti nip3 bnip3 antibody dy488 antibody
ls-c184850 anti nalp1 nlrp1 antibody aa1 323 antibody
ls-c185756 anti phex pex antibody aa1 355 antibody
ls-c186038 anti slc25a13 citrin antibody aa248 535 antibody
ls-c186251 anti exoc7 antibody aa493 735 antibody
ls-c189648 anti gja1 cx43 connexin 43 antibody aa366 382 antibody
ls-c189819 anti nalp3 nlrp3 antibody aa4 223 clone 1d4b antibody
ls-c190249 anti diablo smac antibody aa220 antibody
ls-c191875 anti clgn calmegin antibody aa249 405 clone 1c8b6 antibody
ls-c194663 anti complement c3 antibody clone 10a1 antibody
ls-c196451 anti cd79b cd79 beta antibody clone hm79 12 fitc antibody
ls-c197946 anti polr2h rpb8 antibody clone 3g6 1a4 antibody
ls-c199615 stat5b antibody phospho ser731 antibody
ls-c200182 bcor antibody aa1208 1257 antibody
ls-c200188-100ul anti kiaa1811 brsk1 antibody aa339 388 antibody
ls-c200412 or6a2 antibody aa48 97 antibody
ls-c202722 anti rat igg iga igm secondary antibody hrp antibody
ls-c203726-01ml ctnnb1 beta catenin antibody aa646 673 clone 516ct433 antibody
ls-c203766 anti znf865 antibody aa1015 1042 antibody
ls-c206795 anti cdkn1b p27 kip1 antibody phospho ser10 pe antibody
ls-c206942 anti ntrk1 trka antibody tyr791 biotin antibody
ls-c207171 anti krt222 keratin 222 antibody aa222 250 fitc antibody
ls-c207368 anti nt5dc2 antibody aa289 317 pe antibody
ls-c207547 anti pusl1 antibody aa206 235 azide free hrp antibody
ls-c208842 anti dux4 antibody aa376 404 pe antibody
ls-c209534 anti vcan versican antibody aa362 585 clone s351 23 antibody
ls-c210694-50ug anti lgb beta lactoglobulin antibody biotin antibody
ls-c212419 anti apg5 atg5 antibody clone 22ct11144 biotin antibody
ls-c212790 anti arhgap22 rhogap2 antibody aa603 633 ap antibody
ls-c212864 anti atp8a2 antibody aa293 322 fitc antibody
ls-c213372 anti col17a1 collagen xvii antibody aa490 520 apc antibody
ls-c214130 anti fancc antibody aa527 555 fitc antibody
ls-c214244 anti fgl2 antibody aa338 367 apc antibody
ls-c214397 anti fut3 cd174 antibody aa288 315 azide free hrp antibody
ls-c214837 anti gpr171 antibody aa286 314 azide free hrp antibody
ls-c215019 anti gtpbp1 gp1 antibody aa578 608 apc antibody
ls-c215807 anti aff1 af4 antibody aa1180 1210 azide free hrp antibody
ls-c215845 anti mpo myeloperoxidase antibody aa548 575 apc antibody
ls-c215949 anti nek9 antibody aa503 530 fitc antibody
ls-c216219 anti or10j5 antibody aa243 270 azide free hrp antibody
ls-c216377 anti or4m1 antibody aa277 306 pe antibody
ls-c216733 anti phactr4 antibody aa536 565 biotin antibody
ls-c217783 anti stk32a antibody aa347 374 fitc antibody
ls-c217970 anti tlr4 antibody aa669 698 fitc antibody
ls-c218743 anti camk2a camkii alpha antibody c terminus pe antibody
ls-c220589 anti uri1 nnx3 antibody c terminus azide free hrp antibody
ls-c220590 anti uri1 nnx3 antibody c terminus fitc antibody
ls-c221513 anti bag6 g3 scythe antibody aa1072 1099 ap antibody
ls-c222347 anti eftud2 antibody aa257 284 pe antibody
ls-c222597 anti gbe1 antibody aa527 556 apc antibody
ls-c222636 anti gnb4 antibody aa109 138 azide free hrp antibody
ls-c223287 anti enl mllt1 antibody aa530 559 ap antibody
ls-c224211 anti sycp2 scp 2 antibody aa1345 1372 biotin antibody
ls-c224281 tdrd7 antibody aa807 835 alk phosphatase conjugated antibody-primary
ls-c224501 anti ttbk1 antibody aa667 695 apc antibody
ls-c224750 anti znf317 antibody aa173 199 ap antibody
ls-c226963 anti phax antibody aa297 326 pe antibody
ls-c227304 anti camk2 camkii antibody phospho thr286 thr287 clone 22b1 atto 390 antibody
ls-c227536 anti dnmt dnmt1 antibody aa637 650 clone 60b12201 fitc antibody
ls-c228795 anti lrp4 antibody aa26 350 clone s207 27 percp antibody
ls-c229136 anti gfap antibody aa411 422 clone s206a 8 percp antibody
ls-c230426 anti ppp3ca ccn1 calcineurin a antibody aa364 283 biotin antibody
ls-c232337 anti abhd8 antibody aa410 439 pe antibody
ls-c233017 anti atxn2l antibody aa1021 1048 apc antibody
ls-c233389 anti casz1 antibody aa1574 1601 apc antibody
ls-c235066 anti ervwe1 herv synctyin antibody aa492 521 fitc antibody
ls-c235254 anti shfm3 fbxw4 antibody aa341 370 apc antibody
ls-c235771 anti gnaq antibody aa51 78 apc antibody
ls-c236129 anti kbtbd13 antibody aa416 446 pe antibody
ls-c238713 anti pbxip1 hpip antibody aa472 501 ap antibody
ls-c238800 anti pcdhb13 antibody aa273 300 fitc antibody
ls-c24 anti taok2 tao2 antibody phospho ser181 antibody
ls-c240266 anti rrbp1 hes antibody aa1326 1355 apc antibody
ls-c240834 anti slamf6 ntba antibody aa276 305 ap antibody
ls-c241283-200ul anti ssx6 antibody aa62 91 biotin antibody
ls-c242097 anti trb3 trib3 antibody aa305 334 apc antibody
ls-c242477 anti usp1 antibody aa661 690 apc antibody
ls-c244741 anti ihh antibody c terminus ap antibody
ls-c245910 anti stk31 antibody c terminus fitc antibody
ls-c246883 anti helo1 elovl5 antibody aa240 269 apc antibody
ls-c246925 anti fbxo16 antibody aa244 272 fitc antibody
ls-c247264 anti xab2 antibody aa450 479 azide free hrp antibody
ls-c247674 anti kremen1 kremen 1 antibody c terminus azide free hrp antibody
ls-c248272 anti sclip stmn3 antibody aa148 177 azide free hrp antibody
ls-c249865 anti dpcr1 antibody aa165 191 azide free hrp antibody
ls-c251091 anti akap8l antibody aa485 512 ap antibody
ls-c251899 anti ass1 ass antibody aa281 310 apc antibody
ls-c252208 anti b4galnt1 gm2 gd2 synthase antibody aa296 323 biotin antibody
ls-c253586 anti ccdc137 antibody aa260 289 azide free hrp antibody
ls-c253629 anti ccdc158 antibody aa875 903 azide free hrp antibody
ls-c254654 anti ces2 esterase antibody aa340 369 pe antibody
ls-c255032 anti clip4 rsnl2 antibody aa333 361 fitc antibody
ls-c255753 anti cx3cr1 antibody aa39 69 pe antibody
ls-c256145 anti dmgdh antibody aa836 864 ap antibody
ls-c256249 anti dnmt3l antibody aa355 381 pe antibody
ls-c256384 anti dync1li2 antibody aa152 180 biotin antibody
ls-c256577 anti eif3a antibody aa1218 1247 pe antibody
ls-c256838 anti esr2 er beta antibody aa499 527 ap antibody
ls-c257766 anti mgat4d antibody aa345 372 fitc antibody
ls-c258008 anti gprasp1 gasp 1 antibody aa1149 1176 pe antibody
ls-c258379 anti hdgfrp2 antibody aa51 79 azide free hrp antibody
ls-c258577 anti hjurp antibody aa558 588 ap antibody
ls-c259167 anti dcc antibody aa643 670 pe antibody
ls-c259954 anti cpt1b antibody aa744 770 ap antibody
ls-c260474 anti itga5 integrin alpha 5 cd49e antibody aa803 832 biotin antibody
ls-c260596 anti jag1 jagged 1 antibody aa1129 1158 fitc antibody
ls-c260903 kcnd3 kv43 antibody aa12 41 azide free hrp conjugated antibody-primary
ls-c260995 anti kctd15 antibody aa255 283 ap antibody
ls-c261040 anti kdr vegfr2 flk1 antibody aa919 949 pe antibody
ls-c261049 anti keap1 antibody aa429 457 fitc antibody
ls-c261449 anti klhdc7b antibody aa442 471 apc antibody
ls-c261645 anti lace1 antibody aa68 96 azide free hrp antibody
ls-c262567 anti map3k13 lzk antibody c terminus azide free hrp antibody
ls-c262683 anti mark1 mark antibody aa641 671 pe antibody
ls-c262948 anti mef2a mef2 antibody aa453 479 fitc antibody
ls-c263775 myb c myb antibody aa418 448 fitc antibody-primary
ls-c263932 anti naaa asahl antibody aa330 359 azide free hrp antibody
ls-c264013 anti nat5 naa20 antibody aa127 155 fitc antibody
ls-c264599 anti npbwr1 gpr7 antibody aa221 250 biotin antibody
ls-c266885 anti ppm1h antibody aa235 263 azide free hrp antibody
ls-c267981 anti rbp2 crbpii antibody aa56 84 azide free hrp antibody
ls-c268520 anti rps11 ribosomal protein 11 antibody aa80 108 biotin antibody
ls-c268810 scarb1 sr bi antibody aa72 101 apc conjugated antibody-primary
ls-c269420 anti siglec14 antibody aa59 89 biotin antibody
ls-c272858 anti ubash3a clip4 antibody aa312 340 fitc antibody
ls-c276658 dclk dclk1 antibody n terminus apc conjugated antibody-primary
ls-c282527 anti scp2 scpx antibody internal fitc antibody
ls-c284663 anti poli antibody aa673 701 apc antibody
ls-c285067 anti rnf144a rnf144 antibody aa155 184 azide free hrp antibody
ls-c285966 anti nbn nibrin antibody aa704 754 antibody
ls-c286545 anti cpsf160 cpsf1 antibody aa1392 1442 antibody
ls-c287409 anti taok1 tao1 antibody aa400 450 antibody
ls-c287948 anti spen sharp antibody aa3375 3425 antibody
ls-c287984 anti uri1 nnx3 antibody aa350 400 antibody
ls-c288002 anti cdc20 antibody aa449 499 ls c288002 antibody
ls-c288212 anti znf830 ccdc16 antibody aa150 200 antibody
ls-c288354 anti wdr62 antibody aa900 950 antibody
ls-c288358 anti wdr77 mep50 antibody aa292 342 antibody
ls-c289347 anti arntl bmal1 antibody aa575 625 antibody
ls-c289737 anti zranb3 antibody aa1029 1079 antibody
ls-c289954 anti znf462 antibody aa2456 2506 antibody
ls-c291218-100ul anti prkdc dna pkcs antibody aa2575 2624 antibody
ls-c291305 ccp110 antibody aa850 900 antibody
ls-c291307-50ul anti rp49 cng1 antibody aa401 450 antibody
ls-c291373 rgs12 antibody aa141 190 antibody
ls-c291425-100ul anti zscan22 antibody aa321 370 antibody
ls-c292211-100ul anti zbtb40 antibody aa1113 1162 antibody
ls-c292457-100ul ifnar1 ifnar antibody aa28 227 antibody
ls-c292632 anti ndufab1 acp antibody aa5 129 antibody
ls-c293330 anti chd3 antibody aa1613 1820 antibody
ls-c294341 anti gas6 antibody aa59 221 antibody
ls-c296936 anti vnn1 antibody aa36 223 antibody
ls-c297454-200ul nos3 enos antibody aa888 1001 biotin antibody
ls-c297832-200ul flg filaggrin antibody aa3905 4031 biotin antibody
ls-c299132-200ul npm1 npm nucleophosmin antibody aa212 292 biotin antibody
ls-c299586-200ul f8 fviii factor viii antibody aa2253 2346 biotin antibody
ls-c300053-200ul il5ra cd125 antibody aa42 182 biotin antibody
ls-c300146-1ml properdin cfp antibody aa54 217 biotin antibody
ls-c300634-200ul nos1 nnos antibody aa1199 1399 biotin antibody
ls-c300782-1ml tnfrsf1a tnfr1 antibody aa239 433 biotin antibody
ls-c301003-1ml dlat pdc e2 antibody aa368 626 biotin antibody
ls-c301003-200ul dlat pdc e2 antibody aa368 626 biotin antibody
ls-c301201-200ul reprimo rprm antibody aa1 109 biotin antibody
ls-c301660-1ml igfbp3 antibody aa137 274 fitc antibody
ls-c301865-1ml ppia cyclophilin a antibody aa2 164 fitc antibody
ls-c302804 anti comp thbs5 antibody aa317 455 fitc antibody
ls-c302897 anti hmgiy hmga1 antibody aa1 107 fitc antibody
ls-c304231-1ml pappa papp a antibody aa999 1272 fitc antibody
ls-c304781-200ul pkn2 antibody aa323 464 fitc antibody
ls-c305395-200ul mb myoglobin antibody aa1 154 fitc antibody
ls-c305703-1ml glutathione antibody biotin antibody
ls-c307632 anti gadd45gip1 crif1 antibody ls c307632 antibody
ls-c308792 anti lonp1 lon antibody aa661 761 ls c308792 antibody
ls-c309183 anti loxl4 loxc antibody aa657 756 antibody
ls-c309403 anti aldh2 antibody antibody
ls-c31016 anti kctd18 antibody aa145 194 antibody
ls-c312805 anti mcm4 antibody aa815 829 antibody
ls-c313149 anti eif2ak1 antibody aa466 483 antibody
ls-c313845 anti serpinb7 megsin antibody aa157 202 antibody
ls-c314179-1ml prkcg pkc gamma antibody aa351 614 antibody
ls-c31599 anti ola1 antibody aa159 208 antibody
ls-c316840-50ug anti defb1 bd 1 antibody hrp antibody
ls-c318746-50ug anti gdf5 gdf 5 antibody fitc antibody
ls-c319012-50ug anti ifne interferon epsilon antibody fitc antibody
ls-c320912 anti dner bet antibody aa708 736 antibody
ls-c322949 anti mef2d antibody aa250 279 antibody
ls-c323140 anti stk4 antibody aa393 422 antibody
ls-c326054-200ul anti tm4sf6 tspan6 antibody aa176 205 antibody
ls-c326446 anti znf851 zbtb44 antibody aa424 453 antibody
ls-c328201 anti egln2 phd1 antibody internal antibody
ls-c330704 anti tgm transglutaminase antibody internal antibody
ls-c330903-50ul tgfb1 tgf beta 1 antibody antibody
ls-c331019-100ul nedd8 antibody antibody
ls-c334743 anti acss2 acas2 antibody antibody
ls-c336191-01mg park2 parkin 2 antibody antibody
ls-c336477 anti numb antibody aa1 365 clone 2e8 antibody
ls-c338162 anti mmp13 antibody aa104 471 clone 2d11 antibody
ls-c338560 anti dot1l dot1 antibody aa1 434 clone 1f6 antibody
ls-c340124 anti hairless hr antibody aa946 1189 clone 1d9 antibody
ls-c340400 anti zfp42 rex 1 antibody aa1 235 clone 9e8 antibody
ls-c342935 anti avp adh vasopressin antibody biotin antibody
ls-c344068 anti hoxa10 antibody aa57 340 antibody
ls-c348848 anti arrdc3 antibody aa3 186 antibody
ls-c350347-05mg ly6c antibody clone hk14 biotin antibody
ls-c350438-05mg itga2 cd49b antibody clone dx5 fitc antibody
ls-c351373-05mg human igg1 hinge region antibody clone 4e3 biotin antibody
ls-c36561 anti ly6g gr1 antibody clone rb6 8c5 fitc antibody
ls-c368733-200ul cd225 ifitm1 antibody n terminus antibody
ls-c372788 anti nr3c1 glucocorticoid receptor antibody aa564 733 antibody
ls-c372939 anti aspn asporin antibody aa16 373 antibody
ls-c373263 anti slc12a1 nkcc2 antibody aa814 1099 antibody
ls-c373447-1ml aim1 antibody aa1502 1719 antibody
ls-c373582 anti myom2 myomesin 2 antibody aa1130 1434 antibody
ls-c374010 anti il 1b il 1 beta antibody aa1 266 antibody
ls-c374187 anti il13ra1 il13r alpha 1 antibody aa201 360 antibody
ls-c374193-100ug anti taf2 antibody aa918 1199 antibody
ls-c374532 anti invs inversin antibody aa1 237 antibody
ls-c380920-100ul anti ret antibody phospho tyr1015 antibody
ls-c381065 anti c ebp alpha cebpa antibody phospho thr230 antibody
ls-c381987 anti hak alpk2 antibody aa1710 1790 antibody
ls-c382545-50ul cd22 antibody 750 830 aa antibody
ls-c382844 anti c kit cd117 antibody aa660 740 antibody
ls-c383414 anti erbb3 her3 antibody aa1140 1220 antibody
ls-c383444 anti er alpha estrogen receptor antibody aa470 550 antibody
ls-c383733 anti gpcr6 gpr101 antibody aa220 300 antibody
ls-c384468 anti mc4r melanocortin 4 receptor antibody aa250 330 antibody
ls-c384603 anti mok rage antibody aa100 180 antibody
ls-c384750 anti atp1a2 antibody aa940 1020 antibody
ls-c384903-100ul anti nktr antibody aa760 840 antibody
ls-c384958-100ul anti nfe2l3 antibody aa460 540 antibody
ls-c385652-100ul anti taok1 tao1 antibody aa400 480 antibody
ls-c386022 anti serpina11 antibody aa160 240 antibody
ls-c386156 anti supt16h factp140 antibody aa910 990 antibody
ls-c386963 anti mdm2 antibody aa381 430 antibody
ls-c387055-100ul anti vgf antibody aa441 490 antibody
ls-c387326 anti coxiv cox4 antibody clone 6c8 antibody
ls-c387464 anti ebfp blue fluorescent protein enhanced antibody clone mix antibody
ls-c388141 anti ctsg cathepsin g antibody aa76 255 antibody
ls-c389521-100ug anti cdk1 cdc2 antibody clone poh 1 azide free antibody
ls-c391590-7ml tag 72 antibody clone b723 cc49 ready to use antibody
ls-c392478-100ug anti cd79a cd79 alpha antibody aa202 216 clone spm549 azide free antibody
ls-c396366-50ug klhl2 mav antibody fitc antibody
ls-c400522-20ul anti il17rc antibody antibody
ls-c407780 anti baff antibody aa134 285 antibody
ls-c407835 anti ervwe1 herv synctyin antibody aa406 435 antibody
ls-c407919 anti gnaq antibody aa102 138 antibody
ls-c407931 anti loxl1 antibody aa397 425 antibody
ls-c408008-100ug anti rasa1 antibody aa1018 1047 antibody
ls-c408009 anti rbbp4 rbap48 antibody aa395 425 antibody
ls-c417932-1ml ren renin 1 antibody aa275 389 fitc antibody
ls-c418077-1ml fgf13 antibody aa108 227 fitc antibody
ls-c418154-1ml ace cd143 antibody aa1160 1306 fitc antibody
ls-c418389-200ul gfap antibody aa1 430 fitc antibody
ls-c418393-200ul il1a il 1 alpha antibody aa94 262 fitc antibody
ls-c419656-1ml hspd1 hsp60 antibody aa172 343 fitc antibody
ls-c421188-200ul cdk2 antibody aa94 198 biotin antibody
ls-c425677-100ul anti stat6 antibody aa614 663 biotin antibody
ls-c426813-100ul anti foxe2 foxe1 antibody aa254 303 hrp antibody
ls-c427047-100ul anti axin2 axin 2 antibody c terminus fitc antibody
ls-c427671-100ul anti id4 antibody aa71 120 biotin antibody
ls-c428068-100ul anti pou2f3 pla 1 antibody n terminus fitc antibody
ls-c430350-100ul anti kif13b gakin antibody aa107 156 hrp antibody
ls-c432075-100ul anti cacnb4 antibody aa361 410 hrp antibody
ls-c432217-100ul anti k13 kcng antibody n terminus biotin antibody
ls-c432232-100ul anti kcnn2 antibody aa443 492 biotin antibody
ls-c433705-100ul anti znf830 ccdc16 antibody aa72 121 fitc antibody
ls-c433735-100ul anti ctcfl boris antibody aa36 85 biotin antibody
ls-c434182-100ul anti ddx20 gemin3 antibody aa651 700 fitc antibody
ls-c435092-100ul anti esr2 er beta antibody aa38 87 fitc antibody
ls-c435737-100ul anti tfdp2 dp2 antibody aa301 350 fitc antibody
ls-c435874-100ul anti gpc3 glypican 3 antibody aa324 373 fitc antibody
ls-c439789-100ul anti insig1 antibody aa71 120 biotin antibody
ls-c439830-100ul anti homer1 homer 1 antibody aa281 330 hrp antibody
ls-c440937-100ul anti hnrnpul1 antibody c terminus biotin antibody
ls-c445362-100ul anti sp1 antibody aa501 550 hrp antibody
ls-c446905-100ul anti dnajc25 antibody aa215 264 biotin antibody
ls-c448366-100ul anti map4k1 hpk1 antibody aa218 267 biotin ls c448366 antibody
ls-c452536-100ul anti visa mavs antibody aa146 195 biotin antibody
ls-c453248-100ul anti kirrel2 filtrin antibody aa451 500 biotin antibody
ls-c454045-100ul anti znf708 antibody aa370 419 biotin antibody
ls-c455884-100ul anti klhl2 mav antibody aa179 228 fitc antibody
ls-c457108-100ul anti rpesp c8orf84 antibody aa191 240 fitc antibody
ls-c457963-100ul anti hspa4l apg 1 antibody aa539 588 hrp antibody
ls-c459413-100ul anti pnma3 antibody aa359 408 biotin antibody
ls-c459446-100ul anti lig3 dna ligase iii antibody aa930 979 hrp antibody
ls-c461446-100ul anti spata6l antibody aa229 278 hrp antibody
ls-c461633-100ul anti tbc1d25 antibody aa479 528 hrp antibody
ls-c463204-100ul anti pidd1 antibody aa143 192 hrp antibody
ls-c463404-100ul anti pdxp pyridoxal phosphatase antibody aa179 228 fitc antibody
ls-c464282-100ul anti med7 crsp9 antibody aa143 192 hrp antibody
ls-c466863-100ul anti mage12 magea12 antibody aa69 118 hrp antibody
ls-c46852 anti pdk4 antibody n terminus antibody
ls-c469495-100ul anti cdk20 ccrk antibody n terminus biotin antibody
ls-c473014-100ul anti lilra3 cd85e antibody aa362 411 fitc antibody
ls-c473336-100ul anti fmnl2 antibody aa976 1025 biotin antibody
ls-c473703-100ul anti dgkd antibody aa1066 1115 hrp antibody
ls-c474357-100ul anti qsox2 antibody aa542 591 hrp antibody
ls-c474513-100ul anti lilra5 antibody aa60 109 biotin antibody
ls-c477706-100ul anti kiaa1522 antibody aa1028 1077 biotin antibody
ls-c478373-100ul anti p2ry4 p2y4 antibody aa290 339 hrp antibody
ls-c478795-100ul anti smcr8 antibody aa841 890 biotin antibody
ls-c481258-100ul anti ccne2 cyclin e2 antibody aa35 84 fitc antibody
ls-c48193 anti pka protein kinase a antibody antibody
ls-c503323-100ul anti cdc20 antibody ap antibody
ls-c504144-100ul anti folr1 folate receptor alpha antibody ap antibody
ls-c515716-100ul anti itga3 cd49c antibody apc antibody
ls-c518099-100ul anti map2k1 mkk1 mek1 antibody apc antibody
ls-c521182-100ul anti cd164 antibody biotin antibody
ls-c52214 mouse anti human ige secondary antibody clone 4f4 antibody
ls-c522589-100ul anti il2rg cd132 antibody biotin antibody
ls-c529963-100ul anti tnni3 cardiac troponin i antibody biotin antibody
ls-c531179-100ul anti cbx5 hp1 alpha antibody fitc antibody
ls-c533168-100ul anti ms4a2 fceri antibody fitc antibody
ls-c539718-100ul anti serpina7 tbg antibody fitc antibody
ls-c542692-100ul anti il13ra2 il13r alpha 2 antibody hrp antibody
ls-c54455 anti adrb1 antibody aa202 214 antibody
ls-c54590 anti b1r bdkrb1 antibody aa322 333 antibody
ls-c54734 anti rnf19a dorfin antibody aa795 807 antibody
ls-c54767 anti elmo1 elmo 1 antibody aa714 727 antibody
ls-c54853 anti foxc2 antibody aa489 501 antibody
ls-c54915 anti gli2 antibody aa416 429 antibody
ls-c54997 anti ier5 antibody aa222 237 antibody
ls-c55049 anti lama3 laminin alpha 3 antibody aa1462 1474 antibody
ls-c55065 anti lpin2 lipin 2 antibody aa881 896 antibody
ls-c55357 anti rad9a rad9 antibody aa377 390 antibody
ls-c571 anti pmaip1 noxa antibody clone 114c3071 antibody
ls-c611 anti htr1b 5 ht1b receptor antibody aa8 26 antibody
ls-c61715 anti c14orf169 no66 antibody aa463 473 antibody
ls-c62674-200ug dpp4 cd26 antibody clone ox 61 pe corona-related-products
ls-c6445 anti dbh dopamine beta hydroxylase antibody aa596 612 antibody
ls-c650320-100ul anti hfh 4 foxj1 antibody pe antibody
ls-c656833-100ul anti plasmodium vivax msp 1 antibody pe antibody
ls-c657420-100ul anti eat2 sh2d1b antibody pe antibody
ls-c658327-100ug anti scad acads antibody antibody
ls-c663560-500ul ccl2 mcp1 antibody clone c12 corona-related-products
ls-c668006-50ul cdh4 r cadherin antibody antibody
ls-c668421-50ul agmat antibody antibody
ls-c679450-100ug sfrp2 antibody fitc antibody
ls-c680962-100ug gltscr2 antibody hrp antibody
ls-c682233-100ug prdm16 antibody antibody
ls-c684004-200ul ccl4 mip 1 beta antibody aa24 92 biotin antibody
ls-c685015-1ml lf ltf lactoferrin antibody aa337 449 biotin antibody
ls-c685289-1ml procollagen i n terminal propeptide antibody aa253 471 biotin antibody
ls-c686126-1ml slc6a3 dopamine transporter antibody aa562 620 biotin antibody
ls-c686975-1ml apc antibody aa2636 2845 biotin antibody
ls-c687444-1ml reln reelin antibody aa2398 2608 biotin antibody
ls-c688004-200ul abcd4 antibody biotin antibody
ls-c690016-500ul il1r1 antibody aa119 217 fitc corona-related-products
ls-c690154-1ml casp4 caspase 4 antibody aa944 1148 fitc antibody
ls-c690259-200ul tgfbi antibody aa423 632 fitc antibody
ls-c690649-1ml myo1a antibody aa783 1043 fitc antibody
ls-c690976-1ml tp1 tep1 antibody aa2368 2627 fitc antibody
ls-c691612-1ml pparg ppar gamma antibody aa349 488 fitc antibody
ls-c691729-200ul l1cam antibody aa218 423 fitc antibody
ls-c692300-1ml atf1 antibody aa3 213 fitc antibody
ls-c694091-1ml vnn1 antibody aa389 497 fitc antibody
ls-c694250-1ml hspg2 perlecan antibody aa4149 4391 fitc antibody
ls-c697011-200ul bmp4 antibody aa227 408 cy3 antibody
ls-c698007-200ul sptan1 alpha fodrin antibody aa1573 1742 cy3 antibody
ls-c698273-1ml ahsp edrf antibody aa1 102 cy3 antibody
ls-c702209-200ul zyxin antibody aa384 572 cy3 antibody
ls-c702304-200ul aup1 antibody aa201 410 cy3 antibody
ls-c702487-1ml c ebp delta cebpd antibody aa51 252 cy3 antibody
ls-c702817-1ml pcnt pericentrin antibody cy3 antibody
ls-c702915-500ul tro trophonin antibody aa444 642 cy3 antibody
ls-c703881-200ul crebbp creb binding protein antibody aa2215 2441 cy3 antibody
ls-c704733-1ml vdac1 porin antibody aa2 283 cy3 antibody
ls-c705425-1ml dlk1 pref 1 antibody aa177 326 cy3 antibody
ls-c705711-1ml tbx21 t bet antibody aa167 423 cy3 antibody
ls-c708480-200ul vwa1 warp antibody aa135 366 hrp antibody
ls-c709078-1ml cspg4 ng2 antibody aa1705 1942 hrp antibody
ls-c709645-1ml ifnar1 ifnar antibody aa28 227 hrp antibody
ls-c710385-200ul jag1 jagged 1 antibody aa826 1084 hrp antibody
ls-c710782-200ul e fabp fabp5 antibody aa1 132 hrp antibody
ls-c713340-500ul cul9 cullin 9 antibody aa1144 1322 hrp antibody
ls-c714479-500ul isg15 antibody aa2 157 hrp corona-related-products
ls-c724608-500ul ace2 ace 2 antibody aa392 739 pe corona-related-products
ls-c726054-200ul sost sclerostin antibody aa25 213 pe antibody
ls-c726584-1ml hsp70l1 hspa14 antibody aa1 509 pe antibody
ls-c726654-200ul ptprz1 phosphacan antibody pe antibody
ls-c736588-1ml atp2a2 serca2 antibody aa315 756 apc cy7 antibody
ls-c737879-200ul angpt1 angiopoietin 1 antibody aa266 497 apc antibody
ls-c738101-1ml beta n acetylglucosaminidase antibody aa19 222 apc antibody
ls-c738574-200ul rbp2 crbpii antibody aa1 134 apc antibody
ls-c738599-1ml tgfbr1 alk5 antibody aa162 403 apc antibody
ls-c738702-200ul krt15 ck15 cytokeratin 15 antibody aa274 399 apc antibody
ls-c738793-1ml il 1b il 1 beta antibody aa118 269 apc antibody
ls-c738919-1ml muc5b antibody aa5366 5444 apc antibody
ls-c738997-200ul muc5ac antibody aa2040 2149 apc antibody
ls-c739197-1ml ren renin 1 antibody aa265 386 apc antibody
ls-c739207-1ml hbm antibody aa13 141 apc antibody
ls-c739346-200ul muc3a antibody aa2176 2280 apc antibody
ls-c739379-1ml il12rb2 antibody aa559 647 apc antibody
ls-c739511-200ul mga mad5 antibody aa2450 2733 apc antibody
ls-c739676-200ul gusb beta glucuronidase antibody aa451 648 apc antibody
ls-c739754-1ml hspe1 hsp10 chaperonin 10 antibody aa2 102 apc antibody
ls-c739902-200ul itgam cd11b antibody aa598 700 apc antibody
ls-c739909-1ml krt10 ck10 cytokeratin 10 antibody aa317 455 apc antibody
ls-c740058-1ml slc44a1 cd92 antibody aa74 183 apc antibody
ls-c740167-200ul pros1 protein s antibody aa301 476 apc antibody
ls-c740173-1ml adamts1 antibody aa854 967 apc antibody
ls-c740292-1ml duox2 antibody aa1229 1517 apc antibody
ls-c740328-1ml itga9 integrin alpha 9 antibody aa788 1030 apc antibody
ls-c740367-1ml col4a2 collagen iv alpha2 antibody aa1487 1703 apc antibody
ls-c740418-1ml vav1 vav antibody aa565 795 apc antibody
ls-c740425-1ml drpla atrophin 1 antibody apc antibody
ls-c740635-200ul lim2 antibody aa45 135 apc antibody
ls-c740682-200ul matk antibody aa1 173 apc antibody
ls-c740683-1ml dmpk dm antibody aa1 201 apc antibody
ls-c740695-200ul ncf1 p47phox p47 phox antibody aa1 390 apc antibody
ls-c740794-1ml svil supervillin antibody aa1385 1525 apc antibody
ls-c740934-1ml ucn3 spc antibody aa24 164 apc antibody
ls-c741035-200ul myh7 antibody aa1268 1516 apc antibody
ls-c741192-200ul pla2g12a antibody apc antibody
ls-c741302-200ul plod plod1 antibody aa636 727 apc antibody
ls-c741417-200ul dgkg antibody aa451 698 apc antibody
ls-c741443-200ul eif2ak3 perk antibody aa973 1114 apc antibody
ls-c741454-1ml epb42 antibody aa475 686 apc antibody
ls-c741606-1ml atp1a1 antibody aa339 772 apc antibody
ls-c741667-1ml mdm2 antibody aa1 321 apc antibody
ls-c746859-200ul ef1g eef1g antibody antibody
ls-c755542-100ul pnpla2 atgl antibody clone at18e6 antibody
ls-c757684-200ul slc7a8 lat2 antibody c terminus antibody
ls-c759906-100ug atxn1 sca1 antibody clone s65 37 antibody
ls-c764948-60ul btrcp beta trcp antibody antibody
ls-c766238-200ul eed antibody antibody
ls-c766891-200ul gmf beta gmfb antibody antibody
ls-c770539-60ul serpinb11 epipin antibody antibody
ls-c771399-20ul trb3 trib3 antibody antibody
ls-c772877-120ul tnfrsf12a tweak receptor antibody antibody
ls-c77695 anti vr1 trpv1 antibody aa608 621 antibody
ls-c779568-100ug ogt o glcnac antibody antibody
ls-c77985 anti ctse cathepsin e antibody c terminus antibody
ls-c780482-100ug kir2dl2 cd158b antibody antibody
ls-c781040-100ug kcnk16 talk 1 antibody antibody
ls-c783048-100ug nfkbia ikb alpha ikba antibody antibody
ls-c785556-100ug nudt6 antibody clone oti6h3 carrier free antibody
ls-c787511-100ug pik3cg pi3k gamma antibody clone oti4b9 carrier free antibody
ls-c794174-100ul cd22 antibody aa707 847 clone oti1e6 antibody
ls-c795552-100ul mlc3f myl1 antibody aa2 150 clone oti4e3 antibody
ls-c798096-100ug postn periostin antibody aa538 781 clone oti2f7 carrier free antibody
ls-c807982-200ul csf3r cd114 antibody antibody
ls-c80944 anti galnt6 antibody aa61 110 antibody
ls-c810714-50ug cd40 antibody clone fgk45 fgk45 cy55 percp antibody
ls-c810846-25ug ly6c ly6g antibody clone rb6 8c5 pe cy5 antibody
ls-c811768-50tests cd32a antibody clone iv 3 pe antibody
ls-c812265-50tests cd24 antibody clone m1 69 af647 antibody
ls-c814571-1mg d dimer igg antibody antibody antibody
ls-c814784-200ul coxiv cox4 antibody preservative free antibody
ls-c815322-50ul gpc3 glypican 3 antibody preservative free antibody
ls-c816682-200ul mettl7b antibody antibody
ls-c819388-25tests selplg psgl 1 cd162 antibody clone 001 apc antibody
ls-c820398-200ul adgre5 cd97 antibody preservative free antibody
ls-c821561-100ul ugt8 antibody antibody
ls-c822197-100ug calm1 calmodulin antibody phospho thr79 ser81 antibody
ls-c824828-100ug dgkb dgk beta antibody antibody
ls-c829130-100ul sars cov 2 nucleoprotein antibody aa1 419 clone 1a6 corona-related-products
ls-c829846-100ug sars cov 2 orf1ab polyprotein antibody aa 1214 1228 corona-related-products
ls-c829847-100ug sars cov 2 orf1ab polyprotein antibody aa 1510 1524 corona-related-products
ls-c83378 anti stat1 antibody aa712 750 antibody
ls-c87376 anti tmem142a orai1 antibody aa203 215 antibody
ls-c94498 trpv4 antibody cytoplasmic domain antibody-primary
ls-c98055 anti pgk1 phosphoglycerate kinase 1 antibody aa117 145 antibody
ls-c98503 anti cpt1b antibody aa606 637 antibody
ls-c98932 anti pkd3 prkd3 antibody aa860 890 antibody
ls-c99352 anti srsf5 sfrs5 antibody aa70 97 antibody
ls-e16855 swap70 antibody blocking peptide proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-e579-500ug tifab antibody blocking peptide proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-f35992-1x96wells human pibf1 pibf elisa kit sandwich elisa  Assay
ls-f36504-1x96wells human alkaline phosphatase elisa kit sandwich elisa  Assay
ls-f43121-1plate monkey krt13 ck13 cytokeratin 13 elisa kit custom elisa  Assay
ls-f45615-1plate guinea pig mia cd rap elisa kit custom elisa  Assay
ls-f65240-1plate mouse hfh 4 foxj1 elisa kit custom  Assay
ls-f65711-1plate human rragb ragb elisa kit custom  Assay
ls-f72412-1500wells devkit duoplus ferret tnf alpha elisa development kit corona-related-products
ls-g102182-100ug ccne2 cyclin e2 protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g103894-100ug ldhd lactate dehydrogenase d protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g11219-200ug pig tf transferrin protein native proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g11503-200ug bovine ccl8 mcp2 protein recombinant his gst aa1 99 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g11641-200ug mouse c kit cd117 protein recombinant his aa343 527 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g11683-200ug human adipor1 adiponectin receptor 1 protein recombinant his gst aa1 136 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g11684-200ug human vegfd protein recombinant his aa93 201 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g11713-200ug human olfm4 olfactomedin 4 protein recombinant his aa407 510 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g11752-200ug mouse lamb1 laminin beta 1 protein recombinant his gst aa1053 1258 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g11797-10ug bovine tgfb2 tgf beta2 recombinant his t7 protein proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g11808-200ug mouse tcf20 protein recombinant his aa1656 1792 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g11823-200ug human ifn beta interferon beta protein recombinant his t7 aa22 187 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g11993-200ug human apoh apolipoprotein h recombinant his aa22 345 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g12015-200ug rat map1l map1a protein recombinant his t7 aa2110 2367 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g12108-200ug bovine rbp1 crbp protein recombinant his aa1 135 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g12119-200ug human muc17 protein recombinant his aa3773 3998 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g12143-10ug human zif268 egr1 recombinant his t7 protein proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g12245-200ug mouse krt5 ck5 cytokeratin 5 protein recombinant his aa163 471 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g12411-100ug human plaa recombinant his protein proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g12460-50ug human pex2 paf 1 recombinant his protein proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g1249-500ug human nde1 nude recombinant his protein proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g12686-200ug mouse hpse heparanase protein recombinant his aa280 412 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g12745-100ug human muc5ac recombinant his s protein proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g12765-200ug pig lipc hepatic lipase protein recombinant his gst aa103 356 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g13002-10ug human masp2 masp 2 recombinant his protein proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g13085-100ug human cp ceruloplasmin recombinant his protein proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g13134-10ug human ptprn ia 2 recombinant his protein proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g13166-10ug rat rara rar alpha recombinant his t7 protein proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g13166-50ug rat rara rar alpha recombinant his t7 protein proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g13167-100ug human ptprh sap 1 protein recombinant his t7 aa844 1096 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g13204-200ug human lrp1 cd91 protein recombinant his aa4441 4544 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g132714-10ug human camk1 camki protein recombinant proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g133100-1mg human slc25a12 aralar protein recombinant his n terminal proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g133405-10ug human seln sepn1 protein recombinant his t7 n terminus proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g133492-1mg mouse nr1h2 lxr beta protein recombinant his t7 n terminus proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g13473-10ug human cntn1 gp135 contactin 1 recombinant his t7 protein proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g136325-500ug human gdf11 gdf 11 protein recombinant proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g137135-20ug human ubtf ubf protein recombinant 6his sumo n terminus proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g137152-10ug zebrafish tnfb protein recombinant 6his n terminus proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g137294-100ug naja kaouthia alpha cobratoxin naja siamensis protein recombinant 10his gst n terminus myc c terminus full length proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g13744-200ug human lilra2 cd85h ilt1 protein recombinant his t7 aa217 438 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g137534-10ug human il 1b il 1 beta protein recombinant proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g137597-20ug human tnfrsf14 cd270 hvem protein recombinant proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g137835-10ug human ccl23 mip3 protein recombinant proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g138289-100ug human acox1 acox protein recombinant hisn terminus met1 leu660 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g138303-20ug human layilin layn protein recombinant fc c terminus met1 glu220 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g138740-50ug human sell l selectin cd62l protein recombinant 6his c terminus trp39 asn332 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g13924-200ug mouse dmd dystrophin protein recombinant his aa3059 3314 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g13933-200ug human tnfrsf1a tnfr1 protein recombinant his t7 aa248 428 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g139828-50ug human camk1 camki protein recombinant hisc terminus met1 leu370 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g139898-10ug crab eating macaque vsir gi24 vista protein recombinant hisc terminus phe33 ala194 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g140173-50ug human lipf gl gastric lipase protein recombinant 6his c terminus leu20 lys398 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g140768-50ug mouse creg creg1 protein recombinant fc c terminus met1 gln220 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g140773-20ug mouse klrc1 nkg2a cd159a protein recombinant hisn terminus ala94 ile244 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g140774-50ug mouse sirpb1 cd172b protein recombinant hisc terminus met1 lys363 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g140873-5mg human pycard asc tms1 protein recombinant his aa1 195 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g140896-5mg human asprosin protein recombinant his aa2732 2871 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g140937-05mg human parm1 protein recombinant his aa125 224 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g140948-10mg mouse dsp desmoplakin protein recombinant his aa1808 2058 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g140991-1mg human mpo myeloperoxidase protein recombinant his aa591 745 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g141041-05mg human tnnt2 ctnt protein recombinant his aa10 179 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g141139-05mg human tsh receptor tshr protein recombinant his aa290 413 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g14227-100ug human pfkp recombinant his t7 protein proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g14467-200ug human btk protein recombinant his gst aa396 659 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g145408-50ug mouse timd4 tim4 tim 4 protein recombinant proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g145473-10ug mouse chil3 chi3l3 protein recombinant proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g14730-200ug mouse itga9 integrin alpha 9 protein recombinant his gst aa788 1030 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g14784-200ug human grem1 gremlin 1 protein recombinant his s aa26 184 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g14825-200ug dog hla dra protein recombinant his aa25 216 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g14924-10ug human ect2 recombinant his protein proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g14959-1mg human furin protein recombinant his gst aa587 748 corona-related-products
ls-g15100-200ug human mtnr1a melatonin receptor 1a protein recombinant his s aa296 350 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g15106-10ug mouse ctsb cathepsin b recombinant his protein corona-related-products
ls-g15174-200ug human col14a1 collagen xiv protein recombinant his gst aa1280 1461 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g15287-200ug rat myh8 protein recombinant his aa40 240 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g15417-200ug human crebbp creb binding protein recombinant his aa2141 2442 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g15430-200ug human npepps protein recombinant his aa584 793 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g15455-200ug human slc12a3 tsc protein recombinant his aa867 1024 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g15462-1mg rat wfdc5 prg5 protein recombinant his t7 aa1 123 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g15516-200ug human naaa asahl protein recombinant his aa112 359 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g15782-200ug human kdm4c jmjd2c protein recombinant his aa685 871 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g15993-200ug bovine ddo d aspartate oxidase protein recombinant his aa161 272 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g16075-200ug mouse gkn3 gastrokine 3 protein recombinant his aa38 177 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g16103-10ug human notch3 protein recombinant his gst aa2053 2318 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g16313-200ug human adam20 protein recombinant his aa367 615 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g16393-200ug human col8a2 collagen viii protein recombinant his aa537 703 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g1950-500ug human rnls renalase recombinant his protein proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g20485-20ug human apoa4 protein recombinant his sumo aa21 396 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g20534-1000ug human btn3a2 recombinant his sumo protein aa30 248 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g21085-100ug rat prss1 trypsin protein recombinant his sumo aa24 246 for cell culture
ls-g21480-1000ug human hpv52 e7 recombinant his sumo protein full length proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g21484-1000ug e coli coda cytosine deaminase recombinant his sumo protein full length proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g21521-1000ug bacillus thuringiensis crystal protein cry1ac recombinant gst protein aa972 1178 technique-specific-products
ls-g21856-1000ug human suclg2 recombinant his sumo protein aa49 423 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g22170-1000ug human rps10 ribosomal protein s10 recombinant gst protein aa4 165 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g22314-1000ug human egf recombinant gst protein aa977 1023 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g22411-1000ug e coli rpsh ribosomal protein s8 recombinant his protein full length proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g23025-1000ug rat minpp1 recombinant his protein aa31 481 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g23992-200ug human col1a1 collagen i alpha 1 protein recombinant his aa1218 1440 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g23997-200ug human gsn gelsolin protein recombinant his t7 aa434 782 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g24072-200ug human nampt visfatin protein recombinant his aa1 491 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g24154-200ug mouse complement c4a protein recombinant his t7 aa126 366 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g24288-200ug rat alox15b 15 lox 2 protein recombinant his t7 aa349 633 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g24402-200ug human tsc22d1 tsc22 protein recombinant his t7 aa803 1070 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g24413-200ug human slc25a20 cact protein recombinant his gst aa1 301 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g24436-200ug human bcam cd239 protein recombinant his t7 aa32 257 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g24472-200ug mouse ptgfrn protein recombinant his t7 aa22 263 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g24652-200ug human col5a2 collagen v alpha 2 protein recombinant his gst s aa82 308 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g24825-200ug human cpeb1 cpeb protein recombinant his t7 aa311 561 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g24979-200ug mouse umps oprt protein recombinant his t7 aa311 481 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g25215-200ug human lrp2 megalin protein recombinant his t7 aa4035 4184 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g25334-200ug human abcc2 mrp2 protein recombinant his aa1300 1534 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g25395-200ug rat nr1d2 protein recombinant his gst aa249 578 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g25396-200ug human rarb rar beta protein recombinant his t7 aa205 451 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g25441-200ug human api5 protein recombinant his aa2 360 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g25514-200ug mouse il22ra1 il22r protein recombinant his t7 aa258 552 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g25575-200ug human capns1 capn4 protein recombinant his gst aa1 268 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g25598-200ug human dtnb dystrobrevin beta protein recombinant his t7 aa1 249 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g25609-200ug human adap2 centa2 protein recombinant his t7 aa49 361 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g25646-200ug human polg protein recombinant his s aa1041 1239 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g25770-200ug rat trem2 trem 2 protein recombinant his gst aa1 211 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g25892-200ug rat pnpla6 nte protein recombinant his aa965 1137 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g25973-10ug human uggt1 uggt recombinant his t7 protein proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g25992-200ug human cnn2 protein recombinant his t7 aa1 269 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g26009-200ug human b4galnt2 protein recombinant his s aa324 566 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g26132-10ug human keap1 recombinant his s protein proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g26189-200ug human zfhx4 protein recombinant his s aa1 189 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g26250-200ug mouse etk bmx protein recombinant his t7 aa209 446 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g27153-10ug human shh sonic hedgehog recombinant protein proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g48535-1mg e coli cxcl10 ip 10 protein val22 pro98 corona-related-products
ls-g49384-10ug human prss2 trypsin 2 protein met1 asn246 for cell culture
ls-g5308-1mg mouse tf transferrin protein native proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g55947-200ug human epo erythropoietin protein aa28 193 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g56408-20ug human mlc3f myl1 protein recombinant gst n terminus aa1 150 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g57312-20ug brucella abortus vjbr protein recombinant 6his n terminus aa1 259 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g57476-100ug dog trypsin protein recombinant 6his sumon terminus full length for cell culture
ls-g59228-10ug wheat germ mfap1 protein recombinant gstn terminus aa341 438 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g59989-10ug wheat germ rps15 ribosomal protein s15 protein recombinant gstn terminus aa77 145 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g63852-25ug wheat germ rnf169 protein recombinant gstn terminus aa643 742 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g64254-100ug human ct83 cxorf61 protein recombinant 6hisn terminus full length proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g64366-1mg porphyromonas gingivalis gingipain r2 protein recombinant 6his sumon terminus aa230 473 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g70800-20ug human a2m alpha 2 macroglobulin protein recombinant myc ddk proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g74844-20ug human pou4f1 brn3a protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g74992-20ug human ca5a carbonic anhydrase va protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g75047-20ug human ctsb cathepsin b protein over expression lysate myc ddk corona-related-products
ls-g75300-20ug human masp1 masp protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g75469-20ug human alad protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g75803-20ug human epor epo receptor protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g76292-20ug human aes groucho protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g77804-20ug human slc15a1 pept1 protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g78276-20ug human psmb4 protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g80177-20ug human tp53i11 pig11 protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g82272-20ug human mcat protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g82994-20ug human c9orf95 nrk1 protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g83609-20ug human rragb ragb protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g85155-20ug human wdr26 protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g85281-20ug human lrrtm1 protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g85471-20ug human mdk midkine protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g85523-20ug human rnf24 protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g87655-20ug human tmem175 mgc4618 protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g88442-20ug human cpne7 protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g88642-20ug human ikbkg nemo ikk gamma protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g89120-20ug human eif1ax protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g89229-20ug human bbox1 bbox protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g89240-20ug human neurl1 neurl protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g89784-20ug human sap30bp htrg protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g89854-20ug human pilrb protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g91145-20ug human mospd1 protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g92055-20ug human tmem7 rtp3 protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g92455-20ug human ssh1 protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g93081-20ug human pank1 pank protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g93188-20ug human myadm myeloid marker bm 1 protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g93250-20ug human lyplal1 protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g94637-20ug human sez6 sez 6 protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-g96885-50ug nova1 protein his n terminal met2 gly507 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g97040-200ug il22 protein his n terminal ala34 ile179 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g97220-50ug human camk1 camki protein recombinant leu2 leu370 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g97282-100ug human cd74 clip protein recombinant his gln73 met232 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g97394-100ug human dipeptidylpeptidase 10 dpp10 protein recombinant his leu56 glu796 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g97864-100ug human scg3 secretogranin 3 protein recombinant his met1 leu468 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g98538-10ug human cd38 protein recombinant his ddk val43 ile300 proteins-signaling-molecule
ls-g98921-100ug ednrb endothelin b receptor protein over expression lysate myc ddk lysates-extracts
ls-k378-100assays hrv 3c protease inhibitor screening kit colorimetric  Assay
lsm0101a dulbeccos modified eagles medium high glucose w o sodium pyruvate w o l glutamine for cell culture
lsm0542b sodium pyruvate 100 mm for cell culture
ls-n160144-1each dog snrpn expression ready orf clone gfp n terminus dna-rna-vectors
ltv-100 293ltv cell line for cell culture
m00097 biotin protein l molecular-biology
m00138 tris mops sds running buffer powder technique-specific-products
m00559 cho k1 ga15 amy3 stable cell line for cell culture
m00677 mes sds running buffer powder technique-specific-products
m07-500 neumo for cell culture
m1007-12 mouse anti human lambda light chain monoclonal antibody hrp conjugated m1007 12 antibody
m1248-250 optiprep density gradient medium for cell culture
m1501-1 alpha tubulin monoclonal antibody m1501 1 antibody
m158005-5g malonic acid CAS number
m159700-250mg maltobionic acid dicyclohexylammonium salt CAS number
m199515-1mg mdap 1CAS number
m199800-10mg mdv 3100 CAS number
m222580-10mg 5 methyl 3 hexanol 623 55 2 CAS number
m226012-25mg methasterone d3 CAS number
m-25750001 dabcyl lys hcov sars replicase polyprotein 1ab 3235 3246 glu edans 730985 86 1 new catnr 40456640001 corona-related-products
m258785-25g methacycline hydrochloride CAS number
m-26050001 dansyl gly cys val leu ser oh 143744 88 1 new catnr 40376320001 proteins-signaling-molecule
m265590-250mg 2 methyl heptadecane CAS number
m288595-10mg methyl 2 amino 2 ethylbutanoate hydrochloride 92398 54 4 CAS number
m294945-10g methylcellulose CAS number
m304220-10mg 6 methylene progesterone acetate proteins-signaling-molecule
m305420-1g 5 methyl 2 furanmethanol CAS number
m311957-1g s 2 methylhexanol d3 CAS number
m311983-50mg 2 methyl hippuric acid d7 CAS number
m328175-1000g methyl trans cinnamate CAS number
m330111-50g methyl oleate 99 112 62 9 CAS number
m330975-50mg methyl triphenylmethyl ether CAS number
m336188-10mg n methylbutan 2 amine 7713 69 1 CAS number
m340700-25mg mexedroneCAS number
m345000-100mg minoxidil CAS number
m46015-02s canis familaris dog alveolar type i primary cell culture for cell culture
m488003-50mg molsidomine d5 CAS number
m5-l18sp-a2ld dt microloops ld medium aperture assortment 5 each of 100 150 200 and 300 microm aperture loops spine length technique-specific-products
m745800-10mg moxonidine CAS number
m917783-250mg 4 methylpentanoyl chloride 38136 29 7 CAS number
mab1273 anti mitochondria antibody surface of intact mitochondria clone 113 1 antibody
mab1281 anti nuclei antibody clone 235 1 antibody
mab345 anti o4 antibody clone 81 mab345 antibody
mab3560 anti 8 oxoguanine antibody clone 48315 antibody
mab374 anti glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase antibody clone 6c5 antibody
mab377 anti neun antibody clone a60 antibody
mab377 anti neun antibody clone a60 antibody-primary
mab377x anti neun antibody clone a60 alexa fluor 488 conjugated antibody
mab5256 anti neurofilament 200 kda antibody clone ne14 antibody-primary
mabc291 anti psma antibody clone 3 a12 antibody-primary
mb01015 5x sample buffer technique-specific-products
mbg-pmw20-1001-cos mebiol gel for cell culture
mbs151534-01mg tet2 antibody antibody
mbs154676-01mg sars cov 2 covid 19 nsp14 exon antibody antibody
mbs170249-1sample saliva single male human donor biopsy
mbs177433-01mg anti fhit antibody antibody
mbs178425-01mg anti catalase antibody antibody
mbs190012-01mg alpha 1 antitrypsin monoclonal antibody antibody
mbs2027113-01ml polyclonal antibody to apolipoprotein a1 binding protein apoa1bp antibody
mbs2028090-01ml polyclonal antibody to hemoglobin alpha 1 hba1 antibody
mbs2037538-01ml pe linked polyclonal antibody to macrophage derived chemokine mdc antibody
mbs2038802-1ml apc cy7 linked monoclonal antibody to vascular endothelial growth factor c vegfc antibody
mbs2049799-01ml apc linked polyclonal antibody to neutrophil specific antigen 1 nb1 antibody
mbs244524-005mg rabbit polyclonal to human aplnr apelin receptor apj antibody
mbs2504936-24wells mouse beta manase beta mannosidase elisa kit  Assay
mbs2532433-48wells human tsp 2 thrombospondin 2 clia kit  Assay
mbs2540490-50assays ca2 atpase assay kit colorimetric method tissue and ordinary cells  Assay
mbs2548471-100assays malondialdehyde mda assay kit  Assay
mbs2559160-20tests anti human cd303 monoclonal antibody pe conjugated antibody
mbs343096-001mg myoglobin western blot control  Assay
mbs343147-1each vascular cell adhesion molecule 1 vcam 1 western blot control  Assay
mbs537716-1mg nse protein proteins-signaling-molecule
mbs569354-1mg usutu virus usuv ns1 antibody antibody
mbs6006340-02ml tptea nt tpte putative tyrosine protein phosphatase tpte cancer testis antigen 44 transmembrane phosphatase with tensin homology tumor antigen bj hcc 5 antibody
mbs6008551-005mg afamin alpha albumin alpha alb afm alb2 alba antibody
mbs615047-01ml tuj 1 neuron specific class iii beta tubulin antibody
mbs628606-01mg dr3 ed wsl 1 apo 3 tramp lard1 5 death receptor3 antibody
mbs644368-005mg nrgn id neurogranin ng rc3 antibody
mbs644890-01mg hook1 protein hook homolog 1 h hook1 hhk1 mgc10642 antibody
mbs645863-02ml rt25 ct mrps25 rpms25 28s ribosomal protein s25 mitochondrial antibody
mbs646213-02ml clu nt clu apoj cli kub1 clus antibody
mbs650348-001mg fibroblast growth factor basic recombinant human fgf2 bfgf fgfb hbgf 2 hbgh 2 heparin binding growth factor 2 precursor prostatropin proteins-signaling-molecule
mbs652881-500g lb broth miller animal free powder millers lb broth luria bertani broth for cell culture
mbs652892-100g drop out mix synthetic minus leucine histidine tryptophan adenine w o yeast nitrogen base powder for cell culture
mbs652952-100g middlebrook 7h10 oadc oleic albumin dextrose catalase growth supplement for cell culture
mbs653686-1ml zymolyase 20t concentrate 50mg ml 01m sorbitol lyticase yeast lytic enzyme proteins-signaling-molecule
mbs653964-50mg collagenase type i sterile filtered c histolyticum proteins-signaling-molecule
mbs657782-100g rna torula yeast dna-rna-vectors
mbs668040-0025mg ikkb monoclonal antibody antibody
mbs704516-limit1-24wells rat high density lipoprotein hdl elisa kit  Assay
mbs707271-limit1-24wells goat corticosterone cort elisa kit  Assay
mbs7220542-48wells rabbit a kinase anchor protein 9 akap9 elisa kit  Assay
mbs7228621-48wells rat adp atp translocase 1 slc25a4 elisa kit  Assay
mbs728692-48wells rat 25 hydroxy vitamin d elisa kit  Assay
mbs740121-48wells rat testosterone free elisa kit  Assay
mbs763769-48wells mouse myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein elisa kit  Assay
mbs766023-48wells mouse corticoliberin elisa kit  Assay
mbs841508-100assays urea colorimetric assay kit  Assay
mbs845845-50mg emeramide bdth2 CAS number
mbs846537-1preparation plasmid ezfilter mega10 kit molecular-biology
mbs9128794-005ml phospho aurka t288 polyclonal antibody antibody
mbs9129894-005ml sema4d polyclonal antibody antibody
mbs9133735-005ml gemin8 polyclonal antibody antibody
mbs9139631-0005mg recombinant human leptin protein proteins-signaling-molecule
mbs9141656-1000units antarctic phosphatase molecular-biology
mbs9213385-008ml rtp2 antibody center antibody
mbs9231779-01ml beta actin antibody antibody
mbs9232085-01ml snrpc antibody c term antibody
mbs9318075-48wells pig sex determining region y protein sry elisa kit  Assay
mbs9338212-1each chicken n myc proto oncogene protein mycn elisa kit  Assay
mbs9353511-1each chicken 17 alpha methyltestosterone 17amt elisa kit  Assay
mbs9355952-48wells mouse cytokein 18 ck18 elisa kit  Assay
mbs9356039-1each donkey heat shock protein 25 hsp25 elisa kit  Assay
mbs9359218-1each cat keratin type i cuticular ha2 krt32 elisa kit  Assay
mbs9360426-48wells hamster phorbol 12 myristate 13 acetate induced protein 1 pmaip1 elisa kit  Assay
mbs9404244-005ml top2a ab 1343 antibody antibody
mbs9405408-01ml ngfr antibody antibody
mbs9406261-01ml lypd1 antibody antibody
mbs9414671-01ml prpp synthetase associated protein 1 antibody antibody
mbs9423386-002mg recombinant dermatophagoides pteronyssinus peptidase 1 derp1 proteins-signaling-molecule
mbs9430548-01ml galp antibody antibody
mbs9503658-005mg sf1 antibody antibody
mbs967747-1each recombinant mouse d 2 dopamine receptor drd2 proteins-signaling-molecule
mg50005-ny mouse cd166 alcam gene cdna clone full length orf clone expression ready n ha tagged dna-rna-vectors
mg50017-ch mouse b7 h4 gene cdna clone full length orf clone expression ready c his tagged dna-rna-vectors
mg50064-ny mouse ogn gene cdna clone full length orf clone expression ready n ha tagged dna-rna-vectors
mg50487-cf mouse scf gene cdna clone full length orf clone expression ready c flag tagged dna-rna-vectors
mg50518-nh mouse serpina3n gene cdna clone full length orf clone expression ready n his tagged dna-rna-vectors
mg50703-acr mouse bmp 5 natural orf mammalian expression plasmid c ofpspark tag dna-rna-vectors
mg50717-nh mouse cd24a gene cdna clone full length orf clone expression ready n his tagged dna-rna-vectors
mg50792-cm mouse il2rb cd122 gene cdna clone full length orf clone expression ready c myc tagged dna-rna-vectors
mg51147-acgln-1unit mouse ephrin b3 efnb3 gene lentiviral orf cdna expression plasmid c gfpspark tag expression
mg51158-nf mouse r cadherin cdh4 gene orf cdna clone expression plasmid n flag tag dna-rna-vectors
mg57780-acg mouse f4 80 gene orf cdna clone expression plasmid c gfpspark tag dna-rna-vectors
mg58248-nm mouse tapbp tapasin gene orf cdna clone expression plasmid n myc tag dna-rna-vectors
mg5a0139-acgln-1unit mouse scgb3a1 pnsp 2 gene lentiviral orf cdna expression plasmid c gfpspark tag expression
mk10316-2mg kifunensine 109944 15 2 CAS number
ml-105l pen strep for cell culture
mr-051-f embryomax m2 medium 1x liquid w phenol red and hyaluronidase media-cell-culture-additiv
mrna11-20 gfp mrna green fluorescent protein encoding mrna 20ug dna-rna-vectors
mrna12-100 luc mrna firefly luciferase encoding mrna 100ug dna-rna-vectors
mrna12-20 luc mrna firefly luciferase encoding mrna 20ug dna-rna-vectors
mrna13-100 m cherry mrna mcherry fluorescent protein coding mrna 100ug dna-rna-vectors
mrna32-100 cre mrna cre recombinase encoding mrna 100ug dna-rna-vectors
msepledta2-c57-m-10-p-m mouse c57bl 6 plasma edta k2 male pooled not filtered biopsy
msesrm-c57-5-p-m mouse c57bl 6 serum mixed gender pooled not filtered biopsy
msewbedta3-cd1-10-p-m mouse cd 1 whole blood edta k3 mixed gender pooled not filtered biopsy
mt00681-1kg 346 tri o acetyl d glucal 2873 29 2 CAS number
mx00148-250g l xylose 609 06 3 CAS number
n201700-5mg naepa 24435 25 4 CAS number
n385013-5mg ncs 382 520505 01 5 CAS number
n457002-1mg nifedipine d6 CAS number
n515295-50g 3 nitrophthalic acid CAS number
n661110-5mg n norbimatoprostCAS number
n825500-10mg rac norphenylephrine hydrochloride phenylephrine impurity a 4779 94 6 CAS number
n901185-5g nickelii bromide 13462 88 9 CAS number
nd08527-250mg 2 deoxy a cytidine 4449 40 5 CAS number
ng01208-5g guanosine 5 triphosphate disodium salt 56001 37 7 molecular-biology
nm50200 neuromag 200 magnetic transfection reagent molecular-biology
nph-nfs005 fastkit slim peanut molecular-biology
ns-01241-100mg ethyl 3 propylaminopropanoate 3186 43 4 CAS number
ns-04721-1g 5 chloro 2 pyridin 4 ylquinoline 4 carboxylic acid 1144500 08 2 CAS number
nu-1008l dutp solution 100 mm sodium salt solution 102814 08 4 molecular-biology
nu-1014s ntp bundle 4 x 100 mm atp ctp gtp utp molecular-biology
nu-1017s ddgtp molecular-biology
nu-1019s ddntp bundle molecular-biology
nu-1031l 5 bromo dump 5br dump 51432 32 7 molecular-biology
nu-1136s gppnh2 gmppn molecular-biology
nu-1139s pseudo utp psi utp 1175 34 4 molecular-biology
nu-1168l s ethyl coa molecular-biology
nu158553-10mg uridine 5 oxyacetic acid 28144 25 4 molecular-biology
nu-803-bio16-l biotin 16 dutp biotin 16 5 aminoallyl dutp molecular-biology
nu-855s m273 ogp3g arca cap analog solution 400806 46 4 acid 400806 60 2 trisodium salt molecular-biology
o239695-250g octadecyl 3 3 5 di tert butyl 4 hydroxyphenyl propionate CAS number
o703505-250mg r ostarineCAS number
o-gala2 digalacturonic acid proteins-signaling-molecule
okk-3056-1g poly l lysine hydrobromide 25988 63 0  Assay
oksa11282 fam flica caspase 2 kit  Assay
oksb00003 sba clonotyping system hrp kit oksb00003 molecular-biology
om00042-500g maltodextrin dextrose equivalent 4 9050 36 6 CAS number
ooef01088-100ug recombinant coronavirus covid 19 sars cov 2 np antigen ooef01088 corona-related-products
oopa00226 trypsin porcine oopa00226 for cell culture
oosa09565 mouse seroblock fcr accessory reagent CAS number
oosa11236 quantum r pe mesf medium level accessory reagent for cell culture
opca30069 prm1 recombinant protein eastern jerboa marsupial proteins-signaling-molecule
opca330826 purd recombinant protein zymomonas mobilis proteins-signaling-molecule
opca55857 yybb recombinant protein bacillus subtilis proteins-signaling-molecule
orb101584-200ug ighv igh antibody pab antibody
orb105249-20mg bovine albumin 9048 46 8 proteins-signaling-molecule
orb134489-1g lactulose enulose 4618 18 2 149252 91 5 CAS number
orb156636-cf405m-100ug dpp10 antibody cf405m antibody
orb216699-5mg melanotan 1 peptide proteins-signaling-molecule
orb224609-100ul phf1 antibody pab antibody
orb226318-100ul atxn2l antibody pab antibody
orb234892-cf405m-100ul lphn2 antibody cf405m antibody
orb246817-500ug yeast botd protein proteins-signaling-molecule
orb320542-100mg olomoucine 101622 51 9 CAS number
orb321738-5mg substance p 33507 63 0 proteins-signaling-molecule
orb322090-1mg raf265 927880 90 8 CAS number
orb336747-50ul sufu antibody pab antibody
orb349389-50ul gls antibody antibody
orb350579-100ug map2k6 antibody hrp antibody
orb350940-50ug botb antibody antibody
orb351693-100ug trbc1 antibody antibody
orb358727-20ug human rplp1 protein proteins-signaling-molecule
orb363678-100mg cwhm 12 1564286 55 0 CAS number
orb364561-10mg dok 5 263 275 proteins-signaling-molecule
orb364563-1mg dtrp gamma msh proteins-signaling-molecule
orb372436-5mg il 1a 223 250 proteins-signaling-molecule
orb418779-1mg bacterial esxb protein proteins-signaling-molecule
orb425817-25ug human gopc protein proteins-signaling-molecule
orb471222-100ug hgs antibody hrp antibody
orb486384-100ug tle5 amino terminal enhancer of split antibody pe antibody
orb487160-100ug igip antibody pe antibody
orb496297-100ug enacg antibody pe antibody
orb507413-100mg dlin mc3 dmaCAS number
orb511021-96well costar 96 well eia ria stripwell plate  Assay
orb523764-cf488a-100ul aspn antibody cf488a antibody
orb525708-100mg thymogenoglufanide 38101 59  CAS number
orb526180-100ug pgam2 antibody antibody
orb532327-05mg udp galnaz CAS number
orb53240-50ug pbpd antibody hrp antibody
orb532726-5to9nmol 5i hex 3i bhq 1 CAS number
orb532729-5to9nmol 5i rox 3i bhq 2 CAS number
orb532931-500ul fluorescent 50 bp dna ladder molecular-biology
orb533094-25ul biotin 11 ddatp molecular-biology
orb533772-1piece magnetic cryo wand labware-accessories
orb545647-500assays cell counting kit 8 assay kit  Assay
orb561265-100ul soluble complement receptor 1 antibody antibody
orb573149-250mg solriamfetol hydrochloride 178429 62 4 CAS number
orb597749-10ug sat1 proteins-signaling-molecule
orb604546-1mg virus enterobacteria phage t6 beta glucosyl hmc alpha glucosyl transferase protein proteins-signaling-molecule
orb604556-1mg animal conus vexillum alpha conotoxin vxxxc protein labware-accessories
orb607970-100ug ck8 ck18 antibody antibody
orb610734-100mg ipi 549 1693758 51 8 CAS number
orb614293-100ul pkct phospho tyr90 antibody antibody
orb620058-100ul rest antibody antibody
orb621094-100ul gamma tubulin antibody antibody
orb622327-100ul gcn2 antibody antibody
orb623893-100ug rbpj antibody antibody
orb630306-100ug psmc4 antibody antibody
orb63292-100ml pentaerythritol propoxylate 17 8 po oh 9051 49 4 CAS number
orb634661-5each prostein control slide  arrays-slides
orb634738-1ml somatostatin antibody antibody
orb635608-05mg feline saa protein proteins-signaling-molecule
orb640252-500ml hbss 10x for cell culture
orb642342-100ul atp5h d146 antibody antibody
orb650601-100ul sirt2 antibody antibody
orb653800-100mg poly a carrier rna dna-rna-vectors
orb653800-1g poly a carrier rna dna-rna-vectors
orb653819-15reactions highyield t7 cap 1 ag 3 ome mrna synthesis kit utp molecular-biology
orb6790-cf594-100ug akt3 phospho ser472 antibody cf594 antibody
orb79792-50ml crp free serum biopsy
orb8191-100ug plant doda protein proteins-signaling-molecule
orb82182-50g bsa standard powder protein proteins-signaling-molecule
orb86095-05mg bsa protein proteins-signaling-molecule
orb93603-100ml insulin transferrin selenium ethanolamine protein for cell culture
os04397-100mg 3 sialyllactose sodium salt 128596 80 5 CAS number
o-ver verbascose CAS number
p100852-p050 mef2c antibody middle region p100852_p050 antibody
p1017-50mg octreotide acetate 79517 01 4 CAS number
p1530-50-50ug human cellexp tm sars cov 2 spike protein rbd recombinant corona-related-products
p1538-50-50ug recombinant sars cov 2 nucleoprotein 1 430 his tag corona-related-products
p216605-10mg pca 4248 123875 01 4 CAS number
p223518-100mg penicillin g benzathine salt with 02 polysorbate 80 1538 09 6CAS number
p286700-25mg perfluorotridecanoic acid CAS number
p295315-10g phenol red sodium salt 34487 61 1 CAS number
p296970-10g phenibut hydrochloride CAS number
p306600-1mg 1 2 phenylacetyl l prolylglycine ethyl ester CAS number
p336050-5g 3 phenylpropanal CAS number
p437650-10g pidotimodCAS number
p637013-1mg pmx 53 219639 75 5 CAS number
p688070-10g epsilon poly l lysine hydrochloride for cell culture
p688115-100mg polyquaternium 6 CAS number
p688115-5g polyquaternium 6 CAS number
p688120-500mg polyquaternium 7 CAS number
p688125-1g polyquaternium 10 CAS number
p688350-100g polyethylene glycol 2000 25322 68 3 CAS number
p689370-5g polyquaternium 39CAS number
p689390-5g polytrifluorovinyl chloride CAS number
p689430-25g polysorbate 60 CAS number
p695012-25mg potassium azide 15n CAS number
p756700-5mg promestriene CAS number
p835122-25mg propyl chloroformate d7 1228182 42 0 CAS number
p839075-100mg s propiomazine 1306742 41 5 CAS number
p839165-1g ps tsnhnh2 CAS number
p841770-10mg pyrazolam CAS number
p841772-1mg pyrazolam d4CAS number
p991248-5mg pyrethrum extract technical grade 8003 34 7 lysates-extracts
p991670-250g pyridinium tribromide 90 CAS number
p997620-250mg pyrolanCAS number
p998872-1mg pyruvaldehyde 13c3 2 aqueous solution 1353867 77 2 CAS number
p-chitn colloidal chitin borohydride proteins-signaling-molecule
pci-3696-pi-5mg cyclo arg gly asp d phe lyspeg peg proteins-signaling-molecule
pcr-217l klentaq molecular-biology
pcr-258l pcr grade water molecular-biology
pcr-351 rox reference dye  Assay
pcr-526s script rt qpcr sybrmaster ung rt real time pcr mix with sybrr green fluorescent dna stain and ung molecular-biology
pdrive-mtrp pdrive mtrp dna-rna-vectors
pg60100 polymag neo 100 magnetic transfection reagent molecular-biology
pg61000 polymag neo 1000 magnetic transfection reagent molecular-biology
pi10250 pro deliverin 250 transfection reagent r phycoerythrin molecular-biology
pig-synov-10-p-m pig yorkshire synovial fluid mixed gender pooled not filtered biopsy
pka-077-50ug recombinant human ethanolamine kinase 2 molecular-biology
pka-244-2ug recombinant human vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 3 molecular-biology
pka-254-20ug recombinant human tyr 3 trp 5 monooxygenase activation protein tau molecular-biology
pka-263-1mg recombinant human pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase isozyme 1 molecular-biology
pmc-ak20-cos alkaline phosphatase staining kit  Assay
pmc-ak45-cos gelatin zymography kit atto type for cell culture
pmc-oscmm-cos osteoclast culture medium for mouse for cell culture
pn31000 polymag 1000 magnetic transfection reagent molecular-biology
pp-102 jbs error prone kit random mutagenesis by error prone pcr molecular-biology
pp-229 magrack 6 labware-accessories
pr-109 rab6a proteins-signaling-molecule
pr-ba112l-l fsme tbe virus antigen strain moscow b 4 native proteins-signaling-molecule
pr-ba116-l brucella abortus antigen s99 weybridge fermentation proteins-signaling-molecule
pr-ba117-s candida albicans antigen wild strain native solid medium proteins-signaling-molecule
pr-ba139-l campylobacter jejuni antigen native blood agar proteins-signaling-molecule
ps-10579-1mg 3 bromo 5 fluoro 2 nitrophenol 1807155 63 0 CAS number
qah-caa-2000-4 human cytokine array q2000 4  arrays-slides
r020050-50mg rad 140 CAS number
r144580-1g resazurin sodium salt technique-specific-products
r701010-10mg rti 55 hydrochloride 141899 24 3 CAS number
r701102-1mg rti 111 d3CAS number
rabpledta2-nzw-m-2-p-m rabbit new zealand white plasma edta k2 male pooled not filtered biopsy
ratpledta2-sd-10-p-m rat sprague dawley plasma edta k2 mixed gender pooled not filtered biopsy
ratscsf-sd-15-p-m rat sprague dawley cerebrospinal fluid mixed gender pooled not filtered biopsy
rawl-koif16 raw lucia isg ko ifi16 cells for cell culture
raw-sp raw blue cells for cell culture
rco-1260-pi-1g clear ox molecular-biology
rd-ftmt-hu-48tests human ferritin mitochondrial ftmt elisa kit corona-related-products
rd-il2rb-hu-48tests human interleukin 2 receptor beta il2rb elisa kit corona-related-products
rd-lfa3-hu-96tests human lymphocyte function associated antigen 3 lfa3 elisa kit  Assay
rep-lps2 hek blue lps detection kit 2  Assay
rev-31-1027-02-c050 anti iga2 human rabbit monoclonal rm125 biotin antibody
rev-31-1135-00-r100 anti ar n terminal human rabbit monoclonal rm254 antibody
rl40100 viromag rl 100 magnetic transduction reagent molecular-biology
rm01818-1strip casp3 knockout 293t cell line homozygous for cell culture
rm01886-1strip mtor knockout hela cell line heterozygous for cell culture
rm01953-1strip cdh1 knockout hela cell line homozygous for cell culture
ros0300 ros detection assay kit 300 assays  Assay
rp00986-5ug recombinant human flrg protein proteins-signaling-molecule
rtv-013 pmxs ires gfp retroviral vector dna-rna-vectors
rtv-021 pmys ires gfp retroviral vector dna-rna-vectors
rv-101 platinum e retroviral packaging cell line ecotropic expression
s-014-b enzyme free cell dissociation solution pbs based 1x liquid for cell culture
s0573-100mg n hydroxysulfosuccinimide sodium other
s1034-5mg nvp aew541 475489 16 8 CAS number
s1096-50mg quisinostat jnj 26481585 2hcl 875320 31 3  chemical
s1106-5mg osu 03012 ar 12 742112 33 0 CAS number
s1181-10mg enmd 2076 934353 76 1 CAS number
s1181-5mg enmd 2076 cas no 934353 76 1  chemical
s1209-10mm fluorouracil 5 fluoracil 5 fu 51 21 8 CAS number
s135000-25mg saquinavir mesylate CAS number
s154705-5mg sbi 0206965 CAS number
s1590-10mg tws119 601514 19 6 CAS number
s199963-05mg scillaren a 124 99 2 CAS number
s200035-5mg scopine methiodide CAS number
s210002-10mg sdb 005 d11 CAS number
s245-set stemboost reprogramming cocktail slcd for cell culture
s2704-10mm ly2109761 other
s2736-25mg tg101348 sar302503 936091 26 8 CAS number
s-2831-14gcapsules sob broth capsules for cell culture
s2882-10mg ikk 16 ikk inhibitor vii 873225 46 8 CAS number
s465015-1g silver nitrate 7761 88 8 CAS number
s5003-100mg tacrolimus fk506 104987 11 3 CAS number
s565-906-50 camostat mesilate CAS number
s681720-1g s phos CAS number
s682373-25g spiramycin 8025 81 8 CAS number
s687600-1mg #NAME?
s698992-500mg sucrose octasulfate tea salt CAS number
s7025-50mg embelin 550 24 3 CAS number
s7100 apoptag peroxidase in situ apoptosis detection kit  Assay
s7120-1mg 3 deazaneplanocin a dznep 120964 45 6 CAS number
s7150 oxyblot protein oxidation detection kit  Assay
s7158-5mg ly2835219 cas no 1231930 82 7  chemical
s7179-100mg baf312 siponimod 1230487 00 9 CAS number
s7351-25mg jsh 23 749886 87 1 CAS number
s7552-5mg cfi 400945 1338806 73 7 CAS number
s7605-100mg filgotinib glpg0634 1206161 97 8 CAS number
s7705 trapeze 1x chaps lysis buffer  buffer
s7855-5mg brilanestrant gdc 0810 arn 810 1365888 06 7 CAS number
s7975-5mg favipiravir t 705 259793 96 9 corona-related-products
s9663-25mg ifsp1 other
sb-004 minute bacterial total protein extraction kit molecular-biology
sbb-ps0010-m002 suc leu leu val tyr amc suc llvy amc 94367 21 2 proteins-signaling-molecule
sc-101595 sbp tag sb19 c4 antibody
sc-108071 puromycin dihydrochloride 58 58 2 CAS number
sc-120 egfr 528 antibody
sc-126 p53 do 1 antibody
sc-136157 collagen i rat tail proteins-signaling-molecule
sc-145163-pr fgam synthase m pr molecular-biology
sc-1647af405 erk 2 d 2 alexa fluor 405 antibody
sc-17764 tom20 f 10 antibody
sc-2003 protein a g plus agarose molecular-biology
sc-200908 hoechst 33342 trihydrochloride 23491 52 3 technique-specific-products
sc-201550a bafilomycin a1 88899 55 2 CAS number
sc-202391 benzonase nuclease 9025 65 4 proteins-signaling-molecule
sc-2025 normal mouse igg proteins-signaling-molecule
sc-203231a r 848 144875 48 9 CAS number
sc-203273 sodium bisulfite mixture of nahso3 and na2s2o5 7631 90 5CAS number
sc-203371 resorcinol 108 46 3 CAS number
sc-204231 ras rac transformation blocker sch 51344 171927 40 5 molecular-biology
sc-204445 ultracruz tissue culture plates 24 well individually wrapped 100 case labware-accessories
sc-204463 ultracruz elisa plate high binding 96 well flat bottom 5 pk 40 case labware-accessories
sc-207589 dl lysine acetylsalicylate 62952 06 1 CAS number
sc-208677 mtsl 81213 52 7CAS number
sc-209391a 27 dichlorofluorescein diacetate 2044 85 1 technique-specific-products
sc-213839 2 methyl 2 butanol 75 85 4 CAS number
sc-2142 knrk pma nuclear extract lysates-extracts
sc-214744 citrate dextrose solution acd 8013 89 6 CAS number
sc-214990 ethyl eosin 6359 05 3 technique-specific-products
sc-215041 fluorescein 5 maleimide 75350 46 8 CAS number
sc-215337 methyl behenate 929 77 1 CAS number
sc-215954b tetraglycol 31692 85 0 CAS number
sc-216075b znaf 2f 443302 09 8 CAS number
sc-21712 na k atpase alpha1 c4646 antibody
sc-21788 flt 3 flk 2 bv10 antibody
sc-219968 rhodamine b isothiocyanate 36877 69 7CAS number
sc-221129 8 dy547 cgmp  chemical
sc-221863 lumula CAS number
sc-223559a 33 diamino n methyldipropylamine 105 83 9 CAS number
sc-228415 lithium azide solution 19597 69 4 CAS number
sc-228415a lithium azide solution 19597 69 4 CAS number
sc-2325 blotto non fat dry milk technique-specific-products
sc-2333 tbs blotto a technique-specific-products
sc-239807 diphenylsilanediol 947 42 2 CAS number
sc-24003a bisindolylmaleimide i gf 109203x 133052 90 1  chemical
sc-2406 mouse thymus extract lysates-extracts
sc-24948 ripa lysis buffer systemCAS number
sc-24949 running buffer 10x technique-specific-products
sc-251071 strontium lanthanum aluminate 12251 73 9 technique-specific-products
sc-253199a nonanoyl chloride 764 85 2 CAS number
sc-253749 triethylammonium bicarbonate buffer 15715 58 9 CAS number
sc-255258a magnesium bromide ethyl etherate 29858 07 9CAS number
sc-258198a terbiumiii nitrate pentahydrate 57584 27 7CAS number
sc-261141 335 trimethylheptane 7154 80 5  chemical
sc-269363 magnesium silicate monohydrate talc 14807 96 6 technique-specific-products
sc-271062af680 choriogonadotropin beta b 4 alexa fluor 680 antibody
sc-271123 mao a g 10 antibody
sc-271192 dedd h 4 antibody
sc-271443 arginase ii c 8 antibody
sc-271462af594 rnf8 b 2 alexa fluor 594 antibody
sc-271463pe taf9a b g 1 pe antibody
sc-271728pe glurs g 1 pe antibody
sc-271826 ilers d 9 antibody
sc-272458 silver arsenate 13510 44 6 CAS number
sc-272614 tiniv isopropoxide isopropanol adduct 132951 93 0  chemical
sc-272626 trans 12 dichlorocyclopentane 14376 81 9 CAS number
sc-274484 2 chloro 2 methylpentane 4325 48 8 CAS number
sc-280633 c 390 77769 31 4 CAS number
sc-281300 23 dichloro 4 fluoroacetanilide 96980 64 2 CAS number
sc-281692 paraformaldehyde solution 4 in pbs 30525 89 4 technique-specific-products
sc-282849 2 acetamido 2 deoxy 3 o b d galactopyranosyl d glucopyranose 489 52 1 CAS number
sc-285394 d threose 95 43 2 CAS number
sc-286689 poly l lysine solution 25988 63 0 for cell culture
sc-286962 2x laemmli sample buffer technique-specific-products
sc-29113 tween 20 CAS number
sc-295018 glycine buffer solution 100 mm ph 2 25 CAS number
sc-29528 sirna transfection reagent molecular-biology
sc-295893 nalpha z nomega 22578 pentamethylchroman 6 sulfonyl l arginine cyclohexylammonium salt 112160 33 5 CAS number
sc-296258 rbc lysis buffer 10x CAS number
sc-300859 l lactic acid solution 1m 79 33 4 CAS number
sc-301530 phalloidin tetramethylrhodamine b isothiocyanate CAS number
sc-305200 2 3 methoxyphenylquinoline 4 carboxylic acid CAS number
sc-311514 r 2 bromooctane 5978 55 2 CAS number
sc-312005 3 2 methoxyethylaminopropanamide CAS number
sc-338019 methyl indazolyl 3 carboxylate 43120 28 1 CAS number
sc-338601 sulfachloropyridazine sodiumspdz n 6 chloro 3 pyridazine 4 aminobenzenesulfonainino sodium monohydrate 23282 55 5 CAS number
sc-3535 lps CAS number
sc-35370-pr fhl 4 m pr molecular-biology
sc-357399a polyethylene low density 500 micron 9002 88 4 labware-accessories
sc-358687 juniper berries fluid extract lysates-extracts
sc-358730 exactacruz serological pipet rack labware-accessories
sc-358798 bcip nbt solution technique-specific-products
sc-358801 dimethyl sulfoxide dmso cell culture reagent 67 68 5 for cell culture
sc-358883 fluorogold  chemical
sc-36247-pr pkc theta m pr molecular-biology
sc-363796 phalloidin cruzfluor 633 conjugate CAS number
sc-363797 phalloidin cruzfluor 647 conjugate CAS number
sc-364484a dovitinib dilactic acid 852433 84 2 CAS number
sc-365062 gapdh g 9 antibody
sc-365713 med8 a 3 antibody
sc-36845-v wt1 shrna m lentiviral particles dna-rna-vectors
sc-3715a tris base CAS number
sc-3724 ultracruz nitrocellulose pure transfer membrane 045 um 30 cm x 3 m roll technique-specific-products
sc-374318 urod g 7 antibody
sc-376891 grk 4 d 11 antibody
sc-377034af790 pr set7 d 11 alexa fluor 790 antibody
sc-390070p pisd h 2 p proteins-signaling-molecule
sc-390278af790 rds e 5 alexa fluor 790 antibody
sc-390792 pdx 1 b 11 antibody-primary
sc-391060a 25 trypsin edta solution 10x for cell culture
sc-391121 benzonase nuclease lyophilized powder 9025 65 4 proteins-signaling-molecule
sc-391691 pladienolide b 445493 23 2 CAS number
sc-394274a sodium citrate tribasic dihydrate molecular biology grade 6132 04 3 CAS number
sc-394498 nn diethyl 3 nitro benzeneethanamine 932405 32 8  chemical
sc-395251 ultracruz cell lifter double end flat blade narrow blade sterile 100 case proteins-signaling-molecule
sc-396136 np cgg chicken gamma globulin ratio 40 proteins-signaling-molecule
sc-396250 dl methylephedrine hydrochloride 18760 80 0 CAS number
sc-396480a np hgg human gamma globulin proteins-signaling-molecule
sc-40 c myc 9e10 antibody
sc-40085-pr ltk h pr molecular-biology
sc-401096-ko-2 14 3 3 sigma crispr cas9 ko plasmid h2 genome-editing-and-engineering
sc-401205-ko-2 trpc6 crispr cas9 ko plasmid h2 genome-editing-and-engineering
sc-401454 rpa 70 kda subunit crispr cas9 ko plasmid h genome-editing-and-engineering
sc-405436-act igrp crispr activation plasmid h genome-editing-and-engineering
sc-406157 lbh crispr cas9 ko plasmid h genome-editing-and-engineering
sc-407036 emp 3 crispr cas9 ko plasmid h genome-editing-and-engineering
sc-408150-hdr nrebp hdr plasmid h dna-rna-vectors
sc-408528 g3pp crispr cas9 ko plasmid h genome-editing-and-engineering
sc-411615-hdr popx1 hdr plasmid h vector-plasmid
sc-412047 gpr171 crispr cas9 ko plasmid h genome-editing-and-engineering
sc-412961-act beta snap crispr activation plasmid h genome-editing-and-engineering
sc-418af488 rho a 26c4 alexa fluor 488 antibody
sc-422243-lac pipk i alpha lentiviral activation particles m genome-editing-and-engineering
sc-429705-lac rictor lentiviral activation particles m vector-plasmid
sc-431881-nic pth2 receptor double nickase plasmid m genome-editing-and-engineering
sc-435557-hdr histone cluster 1 h3h hdr plasmid m genome-editing-and-engineering
sc-435569-hdr histone cluster 1 h2ac hdr plasmid m genome-editing-and-engineering
sc-436119-hdr mlk1 hdr plasmid m genome-editing-and-engineering
sc-45135 normal rat serum biopsy
sc-471254 isothipendyl hydrochloride1225 60 1 CAS number
sc-47694 c myc 9e11 antibody
sc-479109a rink amide mbha resin with norleucine molecular-biology
sc-482875 pmsf solution329 98 6 CAS number
sc-499469 cyanine 5 utp molecular-biology
sc-500773 anti ha magnetic beads molecular-biology
sc-500775a chip grade protein a g plus agarose technique-specific-products
sc-504468a tert butyl isopropyl ether 17348 59 3 CAS number
sc-506177d collagenase type ii 9001 12 1 proteins-signaling-molecule
sc-515362 polr3b g 6 antibody
sc-515609af680 ilbp e 9 alexa fluor 680 antibody
sc-516102 m iggkappa bp hrp antibody
sc-516214 ultracruz blocking reagent CAS number
sc-516253 mouse anti rabbit igg cfl 790 antibody
sc-516619 normal mouse igg1 alexa fluor 546 proteins-signaling-molecule
sc-518003 plgf h 4 antibody
sc-524568 nup50 g 4 m igglambda bp hrp bundle antibody
sc-529625 insulin rbeta c 4 m igg fc bp hrp bundle antibody
sc-53368 p mdm2 2g2 antibody
sc-53546 hif 1alpha h1alpha 67 antibody-primary
sc-53869hrp ny eso 1 e978 hrp antibody
sc-60685-pr giantin h pr molecular-biology
sc-65218 fitc f4 1 antibody
sc-7290hrp plc gamma1 e 12 hrp antibody
sc-8017 ub p4d1 antibody
sc-92929-pr polr1e h pr primer-oligonucleotide
sc-9967 e2f 2 tfe 25 antibody
sc-9996 gfp b 2 antibody
scm012 ndiff neuro 2 medium supplement 200x for cell culture
scm075 rock inhibitor y 27632 for cell culture
scr005 accutase for cell culture
scr103 collagenase type i proteins-signaling-molecule
scr508 tat cre recombinase proteins-signaling-molecule
sd1176 puc57 plasmid dna dna-rna-vectors
sf016-100 esgro 2i medium for cell culture
shprbc-als-10-p-m sheep red blood cells in alsevers 5ml whole blood 5ml alsevers pooled mixed gender not filtered biopsy
sm-005-p minute plasma membrane protein isol molecular-biology
sm103-1 tg101348 936091 26 8 CAS number
sta-323-5 oxiselect uv induced dna damage elisa kit 6 4pp quantitation  Assay
sta-330 oxiselect tbars assay kit mda quantitation  Assay
sta-333 mda bsa control proteins-signaling-molecule
sta-342 oxiselect intracellular ros assay kit green fluorescence  Assay
sta-346-5 oxiselect horac activity assay kit  Assay
sta-347-5 oxiselect in vitro ros rns assay kit green fluorescence  Assay
sta-350 oxiselect comet assay kit 3 well slides  Assay
sta-390 total cholesterol assay kit  Assay
sta-412 rhotekin rbd agarose beads technique-specific-products
sta-501 camp elisa kit chemiluminescent  Assay
sta-859 oxiselect ferric reducing antioxidant power frap assay kit  Assay
str03609-1mg 2 bromo 4 chlorophenol 695 96 5 CAS number
t006015-10mg e z tamoxifen alcohol CAS number
t204500-50g tetra n butylammonium iodide CAS number
t293778-25g tetrahydro 5 methyl 2 furanol 18545 25 0 CAS number
t337905-5mg tg101348 CAS number
t337970-100g tgshCAS number
t344485-10g 1 thioglycerol 96 27 5 CAS number
t440150-100mg tildipirosin CAS number
t715500-100mg traumatic acid CAS number
t770330-10g triisopropylsilane 6485 79 6CAS number
t772575-1g 135 tribromo 2 methoxy 4 methylbenzene CAS number
t773455-10g triethoxyoctylsilane 2943 75 1 CAS number
t777000-50g triethyl phosphonoacetate CAS number
t898505-100mg m tyramine hydrochloride 3458 98 8 CAS number
t-chz-200t chitozyme  Assay
tg65070-g rabbit eef1a1 gene cdna clone full length orf clone dna-rna-vectors
thpd-nfis thp1 dual cells for cell culture
tlrl-2006 odn 2006 odn 7909 molecular-biology
tlrl-2006-5 odn 2006 odn 7909 molecular-biology
tlrl-2395c-1 odn 2395 control molecular-biology
tlrl-bx7 bx795 CAS number
tlrl-gdqs gardiquimod proteins-signaling-molecule
tlrl-hklm hklm for cell culture
tlrl-imqs imiquimod r837 proteins-signaling-molecule
tlrl-lrna40 ssrna40 lyovec proteins-signaling-molecule
tlrl-nacga23-5 2 3 cgamp proteins-signaling-molecule
tlrl-oxp1 oxpapc CAS number
tlrl-patc polyda dt lyovecCAS number
tlrl-picw polyi c lmw proteins-signaling-molecule
tlrl-pms pam3csk4 proteins-signaling-molecule
tlrl-prslps lps rs ultrapure proteins-signaling-molecule
tlrl-r848 r848 resiquimod proteins-signaling-molecule
tlrl-r848-5 r848 resiquimod proteins-signaling-molecule
tr-1003-g polybrene infection transfection reagent molecular-biology
tsg-fss-113 feces sampling container for gut microbiota analysis without preservative solution spoon type for cell culture
tyb-dna-010 lambda hindiii digest molecular-biology
tyb-dna-017 lambda hindiii digest phix174 haeiii digest molecular-biology
tyb-nkb-501 can get signal immunostain solution a technique-specific-products
tyb-npk-102 magextractor genome  molecular-biology
tyb-qpk-101 realtime pcr master mix molecular-biology
tyb-qpk-201 sybrr green realtime pcr master mix molecular-biology
tyb-qps-201x5 thunderbirdtm sybrr qpcr mix molecular-biology
tyb-qrt-101x5 rna directtm realtime pcr master mix molecular-biology
tyb-tpl-1r t4 dna polymerase buffer molecular-biology
tyb-tth-301 rtth dna polymerase molecular-biology
u36102-29-t75 human breast cancer stem cell undiff ecm t75 flasks for cell culture
v094355-25g d valinol CAS number
v424200-5mg vinyl butyrate CAS number
v756700-100mg ve 821 CAS number
vac-alu-250 alhydrogel adjuvant 2 other
vac-phos-250 adju phos adjuvant proteins-signaling-molecule
vcl-v384wgpwt-1-ex vecell 384 well g plate wt 1 labware-accessories
vg40136-acgln-1unit influenza a h1n9 a mallard ohio 265 1987 hemagglutinin ha gene lentiviral orf cdna expression plasmid c gfpspark tagcodon optimized expression
vg40339-anr rift valley fever virus rvfv strain mp12 nss gene cdna clone full length orf clone expression ready n ofpspark tag proteins-signaling-molecule
vg40339-cf rift valley fever virus rvfv strain mp12 nss gene cdna clone full length orf clone expression ready c flag tagged proteins-signaling-molecule
vg40345-acg west nile virus wnv lineage 1 strain ny99 isolate 385 99 prm and e gene cdna clone full length orf clone expression ready c gfpspark tagged proteins-signaling-molecule
vg40390-acgln-1unit influenza a h4n2 a duck hunan 8 19 2009 hemagglutinin ha gene lentiviral orf cdna expression plasmid c gfpspark tagcodon optimized expression
vg40523-cy mers cov 3clpro orf mammalian expression plasmid c ha tag corona-related-products
vg40535-acr coxsackievirus a16 cav 16strain g 10 p1 orf mammalian expression plasmid c ofpspark rfp tag dna-rna-vectors
vpk-107 quicktiter lentivirus titer kit lentivirus associated p24 elisa  Assay
vpk-140 virabind aav purification kit molecular-biology
vti850 creatine kinase mm ck mm type i recombinant molecular-biology
w400002-1mg w 15 d4CAS number
wpem-20125 pyrostar es f multi 2ml 0125 eu ml  Assay
x500000-10mg rac xanthoanthrafil CAS number
xan-5040 oxiselect trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity teac assay kit abts  Assay
yl09900-500mg laminaran from laminaria digitata 9008 22 4 CAS number
z02799-100 prescission protease molecular-biology
z02799-250 prescission protease molecular-biology
z02918-20 tnf alpha mouse p pastoris expressed proteins-signaling-molecule
z03004-500 enterokinase his bovine molecular-biology
z701490-1mg zuclopenthixol decanoate CAS number
zrob05 zirconium oxide beads 05mm labware-accessories