2015-05-02-14.33.18.pngPhytochemicals are generally regarded as a wide ranging group of compounds produced by plants, with demonstrable potential physiological benefits to humans. Research into ancient herbal and tribal plant based medicines has revealed many thousands of compounds the vast majority of which have not been properly evaluated.

We are happy to present a selection of these compounds, where possible, grouped into common headings such as:

Terpenoids (isoprenoids), Carotenoids (tetraterpenoids),Triterpenoid, Monoterpenes and Steroids. Phenolic compounds such as Natural monophenols. Polyphenols such as Flavonoids,Isoflavonoid,Flavonolignan, Lignans, Stilbenoids, Curcuminoids and Hydrolyzable tannin. Aromatic acids such as Phenolic acids and  Hydroxycinnamic acids. Capsaicin. Phenylethanoids. Alkylresorcinols. Glucosinolates such as the precursor to isothiocyanates, aglycone derivatives,Organosulfides/Organosulfur compounds and Indoles. Betalains. Chlorophylls. Other organic acids Protease inhibitors and phytonutrients.

If the compound you are interested in is not in our catalogue, let us know and we will try and source it for you.

Most of our compound listed will be of research grade and will be accompanied by an appropriate C of A. Both Food grade and pharmaceutical grade material (where available) can also be supplied on request.