Antibiotics Disc Dispenser

With the Antibiotics Disc Dispenser, Antibiotic Discs can be applied simultaneously to a culture medium at even intervals. The antibiotic disk dispenser is suitable for Petri dishes with a diameter of 90 mm.
The base ring of the dispenser can be easily adjusted to the height of the culture medium without additional tools.

The one-handed operation of the dispenser allows rapid application of antibiotic sensitivity tests according to the plate diffusion method and thus saves a lot of time, especially if many samples are to be tested.
Directions for use

The antibiotic disc tubes are inserted into the slots of the dispenser in the desired combination until a click is heard. The loaded dispenser is placed over the Petri dish and a single antibiotic disc per tube is pressed onto the culture medium by gently pressing the plunger with one hand to the end point.