Microbiology bioproduct

In our desire to provide a more complete service to our clients, Casa Álvarez expands the product range with the distribution of products for Microbiology.


Casa Álvarez is proud distributor of products Biolife Italian-Mascia Brunelli among which include:

1. Latex tests for rapid identification of colonies, rapid tests and IVD products.
2. Serological Tests.
3. Tubes concentration of parasites.
4. Dyes for staining, lugol, chromogenic media, dehydrated culture media, reagents and supplements, etc.

We also have the fungible and equipment needed in a microbiology laboratory:

1. Portas, coverslips, Petri dishes, inoculating loops, lighters, etc.
2. shakers, microscopes, micropipettes, incubators, shakers, centrifuges, autoclaves, freezers and refrigerators.
3. Gloves, microtubes, centrifuge tubes, etc.