Histology Reagents for Fixing, Dehydrating, Clearing & Staining

Making Histology Safer and Improving Results

National Diagnostics Reagents for Histology: Fixing, Dehydrating, Clearing and Staining are built on a history of innovations to improve laboratory safety. The development and introduction of our premier, non-toxic histological clearing agent, Histo-Clear is an example of such a contribution. Histo-Clear provides the performance of xylene without the hazards.

The Safety of Histo-Clear

With no acute or chronic toxicity, Histo-Clear is composed of our proprietary, ultra-pure, orange oil terpene, a natural biodegradable material with world-wide approval as a food additive. (Not only is the performance of Histo-Clear comparable to xylene, often it is distinctly better. Histo-Clear makes tissue less brittle, facilitating the cutting of thin sections. Histo-Clear improves the vibrancy of acidophilic stains such as eosin. Furthermore, in Immunohistochemistry, particularly HRP staining, Histo-Clear will give distinctly enhanced results.)

The Hazards of Xylene

Exposure to xylene may cause systemic toxicity including adverse effects to the kidney, liver, brain, blood, spleen, fetus and central nervous system. Repeated and prolonged occupational exposure has been associated with permanent brain and nervous system damage. Xylene may cause adverse reproductive and/or developmental effects. Pregnant women may be at an increased risk from exposure. Preexisting medical conditions which may be aggravated by exposure include disorders of the skin, eye, heart, kidney, liver, blood, respiratory system, neurological and hemopoietic organs.