E. coli Recombinant

E. coli Recombinant

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  • CAMK1 | CaM kinase I | CaM-KI | CAMKI | CaM kinase I alpha | CaMKI-alpha LSBio offers production of high-quality recombinant proteins

    Human CAMK1 / CAMKI Protein (Recombinant)

    LifeSpan Biosciences

    Proteins Human CAMK1 / CAMKI Protein (Recombinant) (Met1-Leu370) - LS-G132714     Description: CAMK1 or CAMKI Protein LS-G132714 is a Recombinant Human CAMK1 / CAMKI produced in E. coli Met1-Leu370 with N-terminal His Tag. It is low in...
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