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12 x KingFisher 96 Magnetic RNA extraction kits

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Prefilled KingFisher 96 Well Magnetic Beads RNA extraction solution

Worlds number 1 solution for 96 well RNA extraction on AutoPure and KingFisher Flex

  1. FDA approved
  2. CE approved
  3. Less waste
  4. Less time
  5. Prefilled plates
  6. No pipetting needed
  7. No Ultra Pure RNAse free water Needed
  8. Proteinase K inclusive

3DMed Ready to use RNA ultra pure extraction kit with 2.0 Prefilled Buffer Plates

384 well plates applied biosystems compatible solution on demand

Can be suse for

  1. Blood
  2. Cell Cultures
  3. Other swabs
  4. Buccal swab
  5. Tissue (non-plant)

3103010059 RNA extraction Protocol

Ask your USB key with software KingFisher update by email zipt file at lieven@gentaur.com

Compatible with the Protocols for MagMAX RNA Multi-Samplingand Ultra Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit, with bead plates and the
MagMAX mirVana Total RNA Isolation Kit for human Blood extraction or from plasma and serum. You can compare 3D Medical exyraxction with the MagMAX Viral/Pathogen II (MVP II) Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit for Blood and will see the 3DMed is faster and easier than the Thermo solution.

Compare with KingFisher MagMax


MagMax amd 3DMed Workflow


MagMax Protocol compaire


 3D Medical Packaging

3D Medical compared prices to MagMax

Omicron RNA Extraction and Detection for KingFisher Flex with 3D Medical RNA extraction and sample handling solution

Compare the 3DMed RNA extraction to Magnapure and MagMax KingFisher Flex 96 well Extraction

Compare Magmapure Kingfisher MagMax and 3DMed



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Warranty Information

3D Medical guarantees reliable analyses comparable or better to MagMAX Viral/Pathogen II Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit (CE-IVD marked) or Automation-ready 96 welll RNA extraction protocols designed for KingFisher Flex magnetic particle extraction. We offer a programmed protocol with KingFisher Software specifications. We Compatibility. 3D Medical guarantees reliable analyses copared to MagMAX™ Express and MagMAX™ Express 96. 3D Medical guarantees shorter run times . Used on the operating systems of Microsoft Windows.
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