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QuantiChrom™ β-Glucosidase Assay Kit

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QuantiChrom™ β-Glucosidase Assay Kit | DBGD-100 | Bioassay Systems

For quantitative determination of β-glucosidase activity and evaluation of drug effects on its metabolism.


• High sensitivity and wide linear range. Use 20 μL sample. The detection limit is 2 U/L, linear up to 250 U/L.

• Homogeneous and simple procedure. Simple "mix-and-measure" procedure allows reliable quantitation of β-glucosidase activity within 20 minutes.

• Robust and amenable to HTS. All reagents are compatible with high-throughput liquid handling instruments.

β-GLUCOSIDASE is a glucosidase enzyme which acts upon β1->4 bonds linking two glucose or glucose-substituted molecules (i.e., the disaccharide cellobiose). β-Glucosidases are required by organisms (some fungi, bacteria, termites) for consumption of cellulose. Lysozyme is also a β-glucosidase and is present in tears to prevent bacterial infection of the eye. In humans, lower activity of a β-glucosidase isoform (lysosomal gluco-cerebrosidase) has been related to Gaucher’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Simple, direct and automation-ready procedures for measuring β-glucosidase activity are becoming popular in Research and Drug Discovery. BioAssay Systems’ QuantiChrom™ β-Glucosidase Assay Kit is designed to measure β-glucosidase activity directly in biological samples without pretreatment. The improved method utilizes p-nitrophenyl-β-D-glucopyranoside that is hydrolyzed specifically by β-glucosidase into a yellow colored product (maximal absorbance at 405nm). The rate of the reaction is directly proportional to the enzyme activity.

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