Agtc biotech database links

Agtc biotech database links

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National biotech databases

  1. 2can Bioinformatics Short and concise introductions to basic concepts in molecular and cell biology and bioinformatics. The main emphasis is placed on making it as easy as possible for the user to understand which tools and databases are available from the EBI and from sites belonging to its collaborators.
  2. Addgene A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sharing of plasmid constructs described in published literature. Addgene stores original plasmid samples submitted by scientists and distributes them for use in advancing life science research.
  3. ALFRED Allele frequency database from the Kidd Lab at Yale Univ.
  4. ANGIS Australian National Genomic Information Service provides access for biologists to a comprehensive system of bioinformatics software, databases, documentation, training and support, on a subscription basis.
  5. Anti-Cancer Maps Public database with viewing tools (NCI).
  6. ARP Antibody Resources Page
  7. ATCC American Type Culture Collection
  8. Atlas of Side-Chain and Main-Chain Hydrogen Bonding is available for biomolecular modellers (UK)
  9. AtlasInfo Bioinformatics System for AtlasTM cDNA Expression Arrays
  10. Bacterial Names with Standing in Nomenclature
  11. Base4 Bioinformatics Integrated systems solutions for biotechnology and pharmaceutical development.
  12. BCM Search Launcher Baylor Human Genome Center
  13. Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project
  14. BGEM Mousebrain Gene Expression Map database at St. Jude
  15. BIND Biomolecular Interaction Network Database
  16. BIOBASE Specialized biological databases, mainly from the field of molecular biology, including the TRANSFAC database on transcription factors, their genomic binding sites and their general binding profiles.
  17. BioCarta Proteomics marketplace and resource center.
  18. BioChipNet More than 13.000 records on companies and institutions involved in microarray technology microarray-relevant publications, comprehensive glossary, upcoming biochip-related meetings and conferences, and hyper to public databases.
  19. Bioinformatics Web Site of Dr. Andrew C.R. Martin.
  20. Bioinformatic Harvester Caches and cross-links public bioinformatic databases and prediction servers to provide fast access to protein specific bioinformatic information. Presently the following databases and servers are implemented: Uniprot/SWISSprot, ensEMBL, BLAST (NCBI), SOURCE, SMART, STRING, PSORT2, CDART, UniGene and SOSUI.
  21. Bioinformatics Club Bioinformatics resource providing access to widely used bioinformatics databases and tools.
  22. Directory of bioinformatics and molecular biology.
  23. News and information. Links to online computational tools.
  24. Biomax Informatics Bioinformatics software.
  25. BioNavigator Tools to manage and analyze the large amounts of data generated by bioscience research.
  26. Biosciences databases.
  27. BioSimGrid A distributed database for biomolecular simulations.
  28. BioTX Automation Design and construction of complex mechanical components; automated liquid handling for the life science laboratory; USGRD database of federal grants awarded.
  29. BioWisdom Ontologies and related tools focused on drug discovery. .
  30. BRENDA Comprehensive enzyme information system.
  31. California Digital Library Searchlight ... searches databases.
  32. CCP11 Project Collaborative Computational Project 11 was established to foster the broad bioinformatics community and the UK research community in particular. Its purpose is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and expertise through conferences, workshops, a newsletter and the use of the world wide web
  33. A market research portal with an extensive pharmaceutical pipeline database.
  34. Chmoogle Access to millions of public domain chemical structures and information about them; fast substructure searches.
  35. CKAAPs DB Contains the analysis of conserved amino acid positions based on protein structural alignment from CE and FSSP; provides an analysis of conserved key positions in protein structures, with implications in structural integrity, functional site or protein engineering studies.
  36. Clinical Bioinformatics Ontology "Existing medical vocabularies lack rich terms to describe findings generated by molecular diagnostic and cytogenetic techniques. Likewise, bioinformatics resources were not designed to support the needs of the clinical community. The Clinical Bioinformatics Ontology™ (CBO) was initiated to address these gaps and covers the areas of molecular genetics, molecular pathology, cytogenetics and infectious disease."
  37. CPBP The Carcinogenic Potency Database
  38. CSH Protocols Cold Spring Harbor - Methods from along with selected protocols from many of our best-selling manuals, such as Cells and Antibodies, as well as protocols from Cold Spring Harbor’s renowned on-site courses. In addition, new cutting-edge protocols submitted by and commissioned from laboratories worldwide.
  39. Database of Macromolecular Movements Includes associated tools for geometric analysis.
  40. DataEdge Information to assist in pharmaceutical development, clinical trials and related activities.
  41. DBCAT The catalog of databases.
  42. DBSubLoc Database of Protein Subcellular Localization at Institute of Bioinformatics, Tsinghua University.
  43. Deltagen Bioinformatics - Library of functional information about mammalian gene families with potential relevance to small molecule drug discovery; Gene knockout and conditional knockout programs; discover and identify the functional role of rare or novel secreted proteins.
  44. Derwent GENSEQ Information on nucleic and amino acid sequences from worldwide patents.
  45. Developmental Therapeutics Program Resources for drug development, including compound libraries, cell lines, screening, and databases.
  46. DNA Data Bank of Japan
  47. DOE U.S. Department of Energy-sponsored human genome research projects.
  48. DrugBank Bioinformatics and cheminformatics resource that combines detailed drug (i.e. chemical, pharmacological and pharmaceutical) data with comprehensive drug target (i.e. sequence, structure, pathway) information. Contains nearly 4100 drug entries including >700 FDA-approved small molecule drugs, 110 FDA-approved biotech (protein/peptide) drugs, >100 nutraceuticals and >3200 experimental drugs. More than 15,000 protein (i.e. drug target) sequences are linked to these drug entries. Each DrugCard entry contains more than 80 data fields with half of the information being devoted to drug/chemical data and the other half devoted to drug target or protein data. Users may query DrugBank in any number of ways.
  49. DSDBASE Database on disulphide bonds in proteins that provides information on native disulphides and those which are stereochemically possible between pairs of residues in a protein.
  50. EBI European Bioinformatics Institute
  51. ELM The Eukaryotic Linear Motif resource for predicting functional sites (described by linear motifs) in eukarytic proteins.
  52. Elsevier Scientific BioMedDirect Integrated group of products and services addresses the needs of the biomedical research community and corporate healthcare markets, providing comprehensive navigation and linking to full text.
  53. EMBL A service for sequence analysis, and structure prediction
  54. EMBL European Molecular Biology Laboratory centre for research and services in bioinformatics. The Institute manages databases of biological data including nucleic acid, protein sequences and macromolecular structures.
  55. eMOTIF Nucleic acid database.
  56. Environmental Mutagen Society
  57. ExPASy Molecular Biology
  58. First Genetic Trust Secure, web-based technology system for handling and analyzing medical and genetic information.
  59. FishBase Global Information System on Fishes
  60. GATC GmbH Sequencing service.
  61. GBF Research Group for Bioinformatics The focus of the GBF research group bioinformatics are regulatory genomic signals and regions, in particular those that govern transcriptional control.
  62. gdb The Genome Database
  63. GeMCRIS NIH Genetic Modification Clinical Research Information System, a comprehensive information resource and analytical tool for scientists, research participants, institutional oversight committees, sponsors, federal officials, and others with an interest in human gene transfer research.
  64. Gene and Protein Synonym Database Comprehensive database of gene and protein name synonyms. This authoritative thesaurus, published by PharmaDM, has been compiled in cooperation with SIB (the publishers of Swiss-Prot and ExPASy), OFAI, the University of Manchester, and others.
  65. Gene Ontology Project A controlled vocabulary to describe gene and gene product attributes in any organism.
  66. GeneGo Develops tools for integration and systems level analysis of high-throughput experimental data in human biology and medicinal chemistry. Includes MetaBase, a manually curated database on human biology in norm and diseases
  67. Genetics at Yahoo via Yahoo
  68. Genetics Education Center University of Kansas Medical Center
  69. Genetics Home Reference The National Library of Medicine's web site for consumer information about genetic conditions and the genes or chromosomes responsible for those conditions.
  70. Genetics Section of the WWW Virtual Library
  71. Genolist Genome Browser Useful links to genome sequence sites.
  72. Genome@home Stanford Univ. grid computing project.
  73. GenomeNet Japanese network of database and computational services for genome research and related research areas in molecular and cellular biology.
  74. Genomics and Bioinformatics Group NIH Bioinformatic program packages, microarray data analysis information, and molecular databases for genomic and proteomic research.
  75. GermOnline A cross-species community annotation knowledgebase that provides microarray data relevant for the mitotic and meiotic cell cycle as well as gametogenesis. Importantly, GermOnline also integrates knowledge about genes important for sexual reproduction that is contributed and updated by members of the scientific community in collaboration with professional curators.
  76. Globin Gene Server Data and tools for studying the function of DNA sequences, with an emphasis on those involved in the production of hemoglobin.
  77. GTOP Database Genomes TO Protein structures and functions; constructed by the Laboratory for Gene-Product Informatics at the National Institute of Genetics
  78. HCV Database Hepatitis C
  79. HGMD Human gene mutation database
  80. HGSC Human Genome Sequencing Center
  81. HGVbase Human Genome Variation database (formerly.HGBASE)
  82. H-Invitational Database H-Invitational Database (H-InvDB) is a human gene database, with integrative annotation of 41,118 full-length cDNA clones currently available from six high throughput cDNA sequencing projects. (July 2004)
  83. HIV Sequence Database
  84. Human Genome Mapping Project (HGMP) Resource Centre (UK) A rich source of information and .
  85. Human Genome Project
  86. Human Genome Variation Society Locus Specific Mutation Databases Out of date but has some good to other variation databases.
  87. Human Serum Proteome Human serum proteomic database to provide a reference resource to facilitate and direct future investigations of the vast archive of pathophysiological content in serum.
  88. HyperCLDB Detailed descriptions of cell lines from European culture collections
  89. IFPMA Clinical Trials Portal International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations clinical trials registry
  90. IMGT The international ImMunoGeneTics database, is an integrated database specialising in Immunoglobulins (Ig), T-cell receptors (TcR) and Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) molecules of all species.
  91. IncyteGenomics Genomic information-based tools to accelerate the discovery and development of new diagnostic and therapeutic products.
  92. Informatics Online "Healthcare research and analytic community designed to meet the present and future needs of healthcare researchers and market economics professionals."
  93. Inpharmatica Biopendium, a resource of protein structure and function information that enables the identification of distantly related proteins to identify high quality drugable targets and predict the structure of interacting ligands, facilitating the rational design of lead compounds.
  94. InterPro Resource for whole genome analysis.
  95. ISI A database publisher with a focus on Web-based products that offer scholarly research information in the sciences, social sciences, and arts & humanities, including BioSciences Citation Index, Chem Sciences Citation Index, and Clinical Medicine Citation Index.
  96. KEGG Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomics
  97. Leadscope Chemoinformatics software, databases created with the U.S. FDA along with prediction capabilities.
  98. Library of Protein Family Cores Taking the structural alignments of protein families and computed average core structures for each family. The core structures can be divided into residues with low spatial variation and those with high spatial variation. Amino acids with low spatial variance occupy essentially the same relative position in all family members. This library is useful for building models, threading, and exploratory analysis. It is also a useful mechanism for summarizing variability in NMR structures.
  99. Mammary Transgene Database The Molecular Biology Computational Resource, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas
  100. MDL Information Systems Discovery informatics for the life sciences and chemistry in industry and academia; a wide variety of software for discovery informatics, high throughput chemistry, biological data management, content browsing and data analysis, chemical sourcing and logistics, bioactivity databases, synthetic methodology, patents, etc.
  101. MedDRA MSSO MedDRA Maintenance and Support Services
  102. MedGene Database Harvard's database uses an automated approach to assemble disease-gene co-citation matrices from the titles, abstracts and MESH terms of over 11 million Medline records and normalizes these gene-disease relationships into rank order.
  103. MHC Haplotype Project A framework and resource for association studies of all MHC linked diseases.
  104. MICROMEDEX Knowledgebases for healthcare, safety and the environment.
  105. mips Munich Information Center for Protein Sequences.
  106. Molecular Toolbox Sidney Morris' collection of databases and utilities.
  107. Mosquito Genomics WWW Server
  108. NAPRALERT A relational database of all natural products, including ethnomedical information, pharmacological/biochemical information of extracts of organisms in vitro, in situ, in vivo, in humans (case reports, non-clinical trials) and clinical studies. Similar information is available for secondary metabolites from natural sources.
  109. NCBI National Center for Biotechnology Information (USA) Excellent to databases. BLAST NCBI GenBank
  110. NCBI Trace Archive Developed to store the raw data underlying all of the sequence generated by the genome project.
  111. NCTR National Center for Toxicological Research, US FDA, Center for Toxicoinformatics
  112. NDB Nucleic Acid Database at Rutgers
  113. NHGRI U.S. National Human Genome Research Institute (U.S.) Software available for download, including ArrayDB, ComboScreen, eSAGE, GeneMachine, G.A.S.P., perl module, SOOP, WebBlast andothers.
  114. NIH Office of Dietary Supplements Extensive dietray supplements information.
  115. NOAA Molecular Biology Server / Bioinformatics US Dept Commerce/NOAA/NMFS/NWFSC
  116. Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  117. Ontario Centre for Genomic Computing OCGC
  118. PCR .com Web guide of polymerase chain reaction technique.
  119. PDB RCSB Protein Data Bank, worldwide repository for the processing and distribution of 3-D biological macromolecular structure data.
  120. PDB Protein Data Bank - tools and resources for studying the structures of biological macromolecules and their relationships to sequence, function, and disease.
  121. PDBbind Database The public-accessible PDBbind database is designed to provide a collection of experimentally measured binding affinity data (Kd, Ki, and IC50) exclusively for the protein-ligand complexes available in the Protein Data Bank (PDB). Most of the binding affinity data (>95%) in the PDBbind database were collected from original references.
  122. Pfam Large collection of multiple sequence alignments and hidden Markov models covering many common protein domains and families.
  123. Phenomic Database A multi-organism phenotype-genotype database including human, mouse, fruit fly, C.elegans, and other model organisms. The inclusion of gene indexes (NCBI Gene) and orthologues (same gene in different organisms) from HomoloGene in this database allows the user to compare phenotypes of a gene over many organisms simultaneously.
  124. PhRMA Bioinformatics Industry information, meetings, news.
  125. pkr Protein Kinase Resource
  126. PredictProtein
  127. ProClass Database Non-redundant protein database organized according to family relationships as defined collectively by ProSite patterns and PIR superfamilies.
  128. ProDom Comprehensive set of protein domain families automatically generated from the SWISS-PROT and TrEMBL sequence databases.
  129. Profile Scan Server Motif scanning in protein sequences.
  130. PROLYSIS A Web resource for those interested in proteases and their natural or synthetic inhibitors; contains informations of general interest as well as useful to other Internet resources.
  131. PROSITE Database of protein families and domains; consists of biologically significant sites, patterns and profiles that help to reliably identify to which known protein family (if any) a new sequence belongs.
  132. Protein Information Resource (PIR) In collaboration with the Munich Information Center for Protein Sequences (MIPS) and the Japan International Protein Information Database (JIPID), produces the most comprehensive and expertly annotated protein sequence database in the public domain; contains about 2000,000 non-redundant protein sequences.
  133. ProtoNet Automatic hierarchical classification of proteins.
  134. PubChem Provides information on the biological activities of small molecules. It is a component of NIH's Molecular Libraries Roadmap Initiative
  135. PubGene Data-mining software that searches through the millions of biology-related papers published for the names of all human genes; articles are then searched for the occurrence of gene pairs.
  136. PubGene Norway Mirror for PubGene
  137. Reactome A collaboration among Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, The European Bioinformatics Institute, and The Gene Ontology Consortium to develop a curated resource of core pathways and reactions in human biology
  138. repairGenes Information about DNA repair genes and a useful resource for research on DNA repair.
  139. RNA Structure Database RNABase
  140. SBASE Online protein domain library.
  141. SciFinder A service of the American Chemical Society.
  142. SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
  143. Sigma-Aldrich Library of Rare Chemicals
  144. SIS (EVCAM) Scientific Information Service on advanced alternative methods to animal experiments in biomedical sciences; a database of the European Commission.
  145. Skeletal Muscle Gene Expression Database A centralized source of up to date information regarding the effects of changes in contractile activity on the profile of genes expressed in skeletal muscle.
  146. SNP Consortium
  147. Stanford Microarray Database SMD stores raw and normalized data from microarray experiments, as well as their corresponding image files. In addition, SMD provides interfaces for data retrieval, analysis and visualization. Data is released to the public at the researcher's discretion or upon publication.
  148. STD Sequence Databases Specialized databases that are an expansion of the human papillomavirus project funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).
  149. STN Connects scientists and engineers to the world's most complete and authoritative databases; includes AnaVist interactive analysis and visualization software that offers a variety of ways to analyze search results from scientific literature and patents as well as visualize patterns and trends in the research.
  150. STRBase Short Tandem Repeat DNA Internet Database at NIST
  151. SURFACE Database containing the results of a large-scale protein annotation and local structural comparison project; includes visulaization tools.
  152. SWICZ Swiss-Czech proteomics web server created by the Laboratory of Bioinformatics, Institute of Microbiology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, and Division of Molecular Microbiology, Biozentrum, University of Basel. The aim of this server is presentation of developmental proteomics databases of Caulobacter crescentus, Streptomyces coelicolor and Streptomyces granaticolor.
  153. TAP The Yeast TAP Project is aimed at elucidating the entire network of protein-protein interactions in a model eukaryotic organism, namely the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae,
  154. The Human Genome Wellcome Trust public information site.
  155. TIRC Toxicology Information Response Center
  156. TreeBASE A relational database of phylogenetic information.
  157. UBC Bioinformatics Center Univ. of British Columbia, Canada
  158. UMC Products WHO Drug Dictionary Enhanced, WHO Herbal Dictionary, international drug safty data, WHO-ART adverse reaction terminology, training in the use of WHO Drug Dictionaries.
  159. Virtual Genome Center
  160. Virus databases on-line Research School of Biological Sciences, The Australian National University
  161. WebMol by Dirk Walther (UCSF) A Java PDB (Brookhaven Protein Data Bank) viewer.
  162. Wiley's Scientific, Technical, and Medical Databases A range of fee-based databases, including mass spectrometry.
  163. WIT What-Is-There? A www-based system to support the curation of function assignments made to genes and the development of metabolic models.
  164. wwPDB Worldwide Protein Data Bank - consists of three member organizations that act as deposition, data processing and distribution centers for PDB data. The founding members are RCSB PDB (USA), MSD-EBI (Europe) and PDBj (Japan). The mission of the wwPDB is to maintain a single Protein Data Bank Archive of macromolecular structural data that is freely and publicly available to the global community.
  165. Zebrafish Information Network

Research institutions

  1. AAALAC Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care
  1. AAAS American Association for the Advancement of Science
  2. AAPS American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.
  3. ABHI Association of British Healthcare Industries
  4. ABPI Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
  5. ABRF Association of Biomeolecular Resource Facilities
  6. ABTOX American Board of Toxicology
  7. ACCP American College of Clinical Pharmacology
  8. ACDM Association for Clinical Data Management UK
  9. ACLAM American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine
  10. ACPE American Council on Pharmaceutical Education
  11. ACRO Association of Clinical Research Organizations
  12. ACRP Association of Clinical Research Professionals
  13. ActionBioscience An education resource of the American Institute of Biological Sciences, aiming to promote literacy. The site provides peer-reviewed articles by scientists, science educators, and science students in issues related to the seven bioscience challenges: environment, biodiversity, genomics, biotechnology, evolution, new frontiers in science, and bioscience education.
  14. ACTOX American College of Toxicology
  15. AdvaMed Advanced Medical Technology Association
  16. AGA American Genetic Association
  17. AICE American Institute of Chemical Engineers
  18. AIOPI Association of Information Officers in the Pharmaceutical Industry UK
  19. ALSSA Analytical and Life Science Systems Association
  20. AMDM Association of Medical Diagnostics Manufacturers
  21. American Chemical Society Journals and magazines publisher of Modern Drug Discover and Molecular Pharmaceutics.
  22. AMWA American Medical Writer's Association
  23. AOAC Intl. Provider and facilitator in the development, use, and harmonization of validated analytical methods and laboratory quality assurance programs and services.
  24. APSGB Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Great Britain
  25. APT International Association for Pharmaceutical Technology
  26. ARCS Association of Regulatory and Clinical Scientists (Australia)
  27. ASBMB American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  28. ASCPT American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  29. ASGT American Society of Gene Therapy
  30. ASMUSA American Society for Microbiology
  31. ATSDR Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (U.S.)
  32. Australian Academy of Sciences
  33. Australian Biotechnology Association AusBiotech
  34. Australian Institute of Marine Science Marine Bioproducts
  35. AVMA American Veterinary Medical Association
  36. BARQA British Assocation of Research Quality Assurance
  37. BBSRC Biotechnology and Biological Research Council (UK)
  38. Berkeley Structural Genomics Center
  39. BIO Biotechnology Industry Organization, the trade association for biotechnology.
  40. BIO IT Coalition "Promoting the development of bioinformatics, the convergence of bioscience and information technology through education, collaboration, professional development and partnership."
  41. BioAbility Strategic business information for the life sciences.
  42. BioIndustry Association (BIA) Encouraging and promoting the biotechnology sector of the UK economy.
  43. Biotechnology research and publications conducted by OSG.
  44. BIRA British Institute of Regulatory Affairs
  45. BMBL Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (CDC/NIH)
  46. BMC Biomedical Centre of Uppsala
  47. BMJ The British Medical Journal
  48. CAIDA Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis, provides tools and analyses promoting the engineering and maintenance of a robust, scalable global Internet infrastructure
  49. Cancer Research Institute Funds research aimed at furthering the development of immunological approaches to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer.
  50. Carolina Student Biotechnology Network A non-profit educational and career development organization based in North Carolina.
  51. CaSSS California Separation Science Society - separation science and bioanlysis.
  52. CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  53. CDISC Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium
  54. Cell Culture Center A national resource facility established by NIH to provide customized, large scale, cell culture services for basic research laboratories.
  55. Center for Advanced Training in Cell and Molecular Biology
  56. Center for Biotechnology University at Stony Brook, New York.
  57. Center for Drug Development Sciences Georgetown Univ., includes descriptions of clinical trial simulation programs.
  58. CFIA Canadian Food Inspection Agency Science Branch, Office of Biotechnology. The CFIA regulates biotechnology-derived products, including novel plants, livestock feeds, fertilizers, and veterinary biologics. Through the Agency's safety assessment process, new agricultural products are evaluated for efficacy and for safety for animals, the environment and human handling.
  59. CFIA for Post-Secondary Education This resource provides a description of the regulatory system overseen by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). This Agency, under the Government of Canada assesses the safety of novel agricultural products in Canada. It is intended for post-secondary educators to facilitate learning about the CFIA and its regulatory role in the area of biotechnology.
  60. Chemistry portal of the ACS
  61. chemsoc Chemical science network
  62. CHPA Consumer Healthcare Products Association
  63. CIIT Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology
  64. CLAS Clinical Ligand Assay Society
  65. CNTC Canadian Network of Toxicology Centers
  66. Council for Biotechnology Information
  67. CRS Controlled Release Society
  68. CSPS Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences
  69. DECHEMA Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Chemisches Apparatewesen, Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e.V.
  70. DHGP German Resource Center for Genome Research
  71. DIA Drug Information Association, organization for professional in pharmaceutical development.
  72. Directory of American Hospitals Over 6000 hospitals and thousands of senior personnel.
  73. Division of Physics in the Life Sciences European Physical Society
  74. D-Lib Forum and D-Lib Magazine Digital Libraries - The D-Lib Forum is based at the Corporation For National Research Initiatives and is sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) on behalf of the Digital Libraries Initiative.
  75. EAPB European Association of Pharma Biotechnology
  76. EC Enterprise and Industry DG F2 - Pharmaceuticals, F3 - Cosmeticsand Medical Devices, F5 - Competitiveness in the Pharmaceuticals Industry and Biotechnology
  77. EFB European Federation of Biotechnology
  78. EFMC European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry
  79. EFSPI European Federation of Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  80. EMEA European Agency for the Evaluation of Medicinal Products
  81. EMS Environmental Mutagen Society - U.S.
  82. EMWA European Medical Writers Association
  83. EPCglobal Developing industry-driven standards for the Electronic Product Code (EPC) to support the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).
  84. EPO European Patent Office >ESACT
  85. EPS European Peptide Society
  86. ERS/USDA Data Economic Research Service (USDA) databases, research topics, etc.
  87. ERSR FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research's Electronic Regulatory Submissions and Review (ERSR) web page. This page provides information about the electronic submission of regulatory information to the Center and the review of it by CDER staff. Additional guidance documents, when available in draft or final form, will be added to this page.
  88. ESACT European Society for Animal Cell Technology.
  89. ESR Enzyme Services and Consultancy. Laboratory analysis (such as analysis of enzymes and other related biochemistry) and consultancy services.
  90. EudraNet European Union Drug Regulatory Authorities Network
  91. EudraPortal
  92. EUFEPS European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences
  93. EUFEPS European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences
  94. EUROPA The European Commission and the European Union
  95. European Generic Medicines Association
  96. European National Medicines Authority
  97. Eurotox Federation of European Toxicologists and Societies of Toxicology
  98. FASEB Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
  99. FDA Food and Drug Administration
  100. FDA List of Regulatory Authorities
  101. FDA-CFSAN FDA Center for Food Safety and Nutrition
  102. FDLI Food and Drug Law Institute An excellent and broad line of books, publications and conferences covering pharamaceutical development and biotechnology, such as the Compilation of Food and Drug Laws, and Compilation of International Laws.
  103. FEMS Federation of European Microbiological Societies
  104. FIP International Pharmaceutical Federation
  105. France Agence du Medicament
  106. freepatentsonline Free PDF downloading (instead of having to page through TIFFs like at the US Patent Office), and is faster than the US Patent Office's site.
  107. Glossary Lilly clinical trials registry.
  108. GPhA Generic Pharmaceutical Association (formerly GPIA, NPA and NAPM)
  109. GSAS Harvard Biotech Club Non-profit, student organization that hosts events and provides services that allow members to explore the world of business and biotechnology.
  110. HIMA Health Industry Manufacturers Association
  111. Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology
  112. HPB/TPP Canadian Health Protection Branch, Therapeutic Products Programme. The national authority which regulates drugs, medical devices and other therapeutic products used in Canada.
  113. HUPO Human Proteome Organization
  114. I3C Interoperable Informatics Infrastructure Consortium, including chem-nformatics, genomics/expression, images, LIMS, pharmacogenomics and more.
  115. IAEMS International Association of Environmental Mutagen Societies
  116. ICCVAM The Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Validation of Alternative Methods (toxicology) (U.S.)
  117. ICGEB International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (United Nations organization)
  118. ICH The International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use brings together the regulatory authorities of Europe, Japan and the United States and experts from the pharmaceutical industry in the three regions to discuss scientific and technical aspects of product registration.
  119. ICR Institute of Clinical Research, professional organization for clinical research in Europe.
  120. IFAB Institute for Applied Biosciences e.V. at Rostock-Warnemnmde, Germany.
  121. IFPMA International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations
  122. IHK Braunschweig Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Brunswick, Germany.
  123. IICA Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture
  124. ILSI International Life Sciences Institute s a global network of scientists devoted to enhancing scientific basis for public health decision-making.
  125. IMS Health Global information for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries
  126. Inst. of Advanced Studies, Australian National University
  127. Institute of Clinical Research Institute of Clinical Research (formerly ACRPI); organisation for clinical development professionals throughout Europe.
  128. IOPI International Organization for Plant Information
  129. IPEC International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council is the world wide Trade Association of Manufacturers and users of Pharmaceutical Excipients
  130. IPEC-Americas Represents U.S. excipient producers and companies that use pharmaceutical-grade excipients in finished drug dosage forms and nutritional supplements
  131. Intellectual property news and information.
  132. IQA Institute of Quality Assurance (UK)
  133. ISCB International Society for Computational Biology
  134. ISOP International Society for Pharmacovigilance
  135. ISOQOL International Society for Quality of Life Research
  136. ISPE ISPE [Ed.: an initialism (not an acronym, at least in English) that has lost its origin] Life-science professionals.
  137. ISPE International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology [Ed. Yes, there really are two ISPEs and both are in Europe.]
  138. IUPHAR International Union of Pharmacology
  139. IUTOX International Union of Toxicology
  140. IVT Institute of Validation Technology - a professional society exclusively dedicated to advancing validation technology practices and assuring compliance with FDA regulations.
  141. Japanese pharmaceutical societies
  142. JSBi Japanese Society for Bioinformatics
  143. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Biology and Biotechnology Research Program
  144. Leiden/Amsterdam Center for Drug Research The Leiden/Amsterdam Center for Drug Research (LACDR).
  145. Marine Bioproducts Engineering Center An NSF funded partnership between University of Hawaii, Manoa, Univeristy of California, Berkeley and private industry that includes eductation, research and discovery, seperation, characterization and production of marine bioproducts.
  146. Mass. Gen'l. Hosp. Center for Molecular Imaging Research
  147. MCA Medicines Control Agency, UK
  148. MdBio Maryland bioscience companies.
  149. MDMA Medical Device Manufacturers Association
  150. MedDRA MSSO MedDRA Maintenance and Support Services
  151. MEGRA MittelEuropSische Gesellschaft fnr Regulatory Affairs
  152. Midwest Center for Structural Genomics
  153. Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Structural Genomics Consortium
  154. National Biophotonics Resource NIH Biomedical Resource dedicated to the application of photon based techniques for the study of dynamics of living systems.
  155. National Biotech Register Reference guide on research and product development activity in the Biotech Industry.
  156. National Institute of Standards and Technology
  157. National Pharmaceutical Association (UK)
  158. National Toxicology Program U.S.
  159. NBI National BioInformatics Institute
  160. NBIF National Biotechnology Information Facility (USA) Where'd it go?
  161. NCABR North Carolina Association for Biomedical Research
  162. NCHICA North Carolina Healthcare Information and Communications Alliance
  163. NCI Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer
  164. NCI BRB National Cancer Institute Biological Resources Branch (USA)
  165. New York Structural Genomics Research Consortium
  166. NICEATM The National Toxicology Program Interagency Center for the Evaluation of Alternative Toxicological Methods (U.S.)
  167. NIEHS Environmental Genome Project
  168. NIEHS Nat'l. Inst. for Environmental Health Sciences (NIH-USA) Includes Molecular Biophysics, Molecular Biology, Nat'l. Toxicology Program, NIEHS Library and other sources.
  169. NIH National Institutes of Health (USA)
  170. NIH Roadmap To identify major opportunities and gaps in biomedical research that no single institute at NIH could tackle alone but that the agency as a whole must address, to make the biggest impact on the progress of medical research.
  171. NIST Notify U.S. A free, web-based e-mail subscription service that offers U.S. entities (citizens, industries, organizations) an opportunity to review and comment on proposed foreign technical regulations that can affect their businesses and their access to international markets. This service and its associated web site is managed and operated by the National Center for Standards and Certification Information (NCSCI) an organization within the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  172. NLM National Library of Medicine (USA)
  173. North Carolina Biotechnology Center
  174. Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium
  175. NRCGEB National Research Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of IRAN
  176. NTIS National Technical Information Sericve, U.S. Department of Commerce
  177. NTP The National Toxicology Program (U.S.)
  178. NTTC National Technology Transfer Center
  179. NYBA The New York Biotechnology Association
  180. OCF Open Channel Foundation Software from academic and research institutions published in open source format.
  181. OECD Biotechnology BioTrack Online. "BioTrack Online aims, not only to help Member country governments and industries with biotechnology product notifications/assessments, but also to make the information, developed by the Expert Group on Harmonization of Regulatory Oversight in Biotechnology, accessible to all who need it."
  182. Office of Naval Research Industrial Programs
  183. Oregon Sea Grant
  184. OST U.K. Office of Science and Technology
  185. Patent Place A bit hard to say just what this is ... but it certainly is interesting.
  186. Patents Search STO Internet Patent Search System
  187. Patents US US Patent and Trademark Office
  188. PCR Polymerase Chain Reaction interactive site developed at UC Berkeley and devoted to discussion and debate about the past, present, and future of PCR technology. The site includes a digital archive of foundational articles in the field, as well as a brief introduction to the subject.
  189. PDA An International Association for Pharmaceutical Science and Technology.
  190. PDMA Product Development and Management Associarion
  191. Pharmaceutical Information Network Home Page Be sure to explore PharmInfo's home page . You will find a lot of helpful pharmacy-related information.
  192. Pharmaceutical Microbiology Forum PMF - a forum for pharmaceutical microbiologists to exchange information on microbiological issues in the pharmaceutical, personal products and medical device industries and provide an opportunity to interact with regulatory agencies internationally.
  193. PharMIG Pharmaceutical Microbiology Interest Group
  194. PhRMA Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacture of America ... excellent source of information concerning pharmaceutical development.
  195. PhRMA Genomics Genomics and bioinformatics resources and discussions.
  196. PMF Pharmaceutical Microbiology Foruma for pharmaceutical microbiologists to exchange information on microbiological issues in the pharmaceutical industry and interact with USP and regulatory agencies internationally.
  197. PMRG Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group
  198. PMSA Pharmaceutical Management Science Association
  199. POMA Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Management Association
  200. PPI Plasma Proteome Institute
  201. PQG Pharmaceutical Quality Group (UK)
  202. PQRI Product Quality Research Institute
  203. PRB and RELAB Regional Program of Biotechnology PNUD/UNESCO/ONUDI for Latin America and the Caribbean (PRB) and Latin American Net of Biological Sciencies (RELAB)
  204. PSI Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  205. RAPS Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society
  206. Royal Inst. of Technology, Dept. of Biotechnology Sweden
  207. Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain News, publications, .
  208. RTC Roundtable of Toxicology Consultants A professional association committed to providing the highest quality independent expertise in all areas of toxicology.
  209. SBP Society of Bioprocessing Professionals
  210. SCDM Society for Clinical Data Management
  211. SCT Society for Clinical Trials, a professional organization.
  212. SOCI Society of the Chemical Industry (Europe)
  213. Society for Biomolecular Screening
  214. Society for in vitro Biology
  215. Society of Toxicologic Pathology
  216. Society of Toxicology of Canada
  217. SOT Society of Toxicology
  218. Southeast Collaboratory for Structural Genomics
  219. SouthWest Research Institute
  220. SPAQA Swiss Professional Association of Quality Assurance
  221. SQA Society of Quality Assurance
  222. Stanley Foundation Research Programs Funds research focused on finding the causes of and better treatments for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
  223. Teratology Society
  224. TGA Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia) regulating medicines, medical devices, blood, tissues and chemicals.
  225. The Biotechnology Institute Mission is to engage, excite, and educate the public, particularly young people, about the promise and challenges of biotechnology.
  226. The Noble Foundation Agricultural research and consulting, grant-making, and plant biology research.
  227. Toxicology Forum
  228. TWAS Third World Academy of Sciences (Italy)
  229. UHC University HeathSystem Consortium - an idea-generating and information-disseminating enterprise.
  230. Univ. of Auckland, New Zealand Clinical Trials Research Unit, Univ. of Auckland, New Zealand
  231. USDA Biotechnology Permits Home Page
  232. WHO Headquarters, Switzerland

Scientific Biotech ressources

123genomics Genomics and bioinformatics knowledge base.
  • A genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics knowledge base.
  • 1UpHealth Health information
  • 21 CFR Part "A Web site where people can access information on the rule and actively discuss issues and concerns with industry peers and government regulators." Links to software validation sites.
  • 4Biotech A guide to biotechnology
  • abcam This on-line catalog also has quite a nice collection of .
  • Biotech Biotech/Biomedical industry information from
  • Advances In Life Science Online business news and information.
  • AdvanceTech Monitor Reports.
  • Archive Builders Assisting organizations with their plans for document management, document imaging systems and digital libraries.
  • ARP Antibody Resources Page
  • aWare aWare provides a view of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries for business intelligence by monitoring and analyzing corporate job advertising.
  • Azom An encyclopedia of materials - metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, etc.
  • Belgo Biotech Educational biotech web site with many animations and selected .
  • Bio Economic Research Associates Research and advisory firm focussing on the future of living systems and the emerging bio economy.
  • Information resource for those working in the life sciences and associated industries; editorial focus is on the technology of the life sciences; publishes daily news, information and research tools for life science professionals and students.
  • BioABACUS Database of abbreviations and acronyms in Biotechnology.
  • BioCentury Analysis, interpretation and commentary relating to biotechnology industry development, corporate strategy, and shareholder value.
  • Bioscience network.
  • Biocompare Genomics Center Source of information about the latest genomics technologies, products, events, and jobs, as well as the latest industry financial news.
  • BioData Navigator Bioscience related information
  • Bioenterprise A business formation, recruitment, and acceleration effort designed to support the growth of biotech companies with resources and networks; includes information about securing investment capital and start up funding.
  • BioExchange A bio-pharmaceutical network integrating community, a career board, e-commerce and industry-specific tools and resources.
  • BioFind World wide Biotechnology industry information, gossip and news.
  • BioInformatics Published reports and custom-designed studies for market research in the life sciences.
  • Bioinformatics Web Educational resources in bioinformatics.
  • BioLexis Online collaborative resource for business development people in the life sciences; daily email notifications on news, jobs, events, and resources.
  • Bioline Publications An electronic publishing service for bioscientists.
  • Biology Reference Encyclopedia A webified approach to a biology encyclopedia - includes advertisements.
  • Biome Free access to hand-selected and evaluated, quality Internet resources for students, lecturers, researchers and practitioners in the Health and Life Sciences.
  • BioMed Patents Patent information for biomed inventors.
  • BioMedNet Information, research tools, news, jobs.
  • BioPortfolio Information, databases, networking and promotional service for the biosciences.
  • BioRegioN A virtual company in the field of applied biotechnology; Germany.
  • Bioresearch Online Bioresearch news.
  • BioScan Profiles more than 2,000 biotechnology companies worldwide, and includes historical data, key personnel, pipelines, products on the market, financial information, agreements and more.
  • BIOSCI BIOSCI is a set of electronic communication forums - the bionet USENET newsgroups and parallel e-mail lists - used by biological scientists worldwide.
  • BioScience Worldwide from Russia.
  • BioSpace BioSpace was developed to help foster a worldwide community of shared interests within the biotech industry. - you will find to many biotech companies here.
  • BioSupplyNet Biomedical Research Products Sources. Searchable database of lab products and suppliers.
  • BioTactics Resources for marketing and business development professionals in biotechnology.
  • Biotechnology information - companies, news, jobs.
  • Biotec Award Prize for outstanding Italian research in molecular biology applied to biomedicine.
  • Biotech Career Center
  • Biotech Chronicles A history of biotechnology (courtesy of Genentech).
  • BioTech Circle Global community of the world's biotech practitioners and services providers via a content-rich portal, enabling quick and easy information dissemination and exchange; list of current biotech patents.
  • Biotech Information Center USDA National Agricultural Library (Univ. of Maryland)
  • Biotech Insider Discussions.
  • BioTech Life Sciences Resources and Reference Tools Life sciences resources and reference tools - "Our mission is to make BioTech as useful a tool to a high school student as it is to a postdoctoral fellow." [Excellent resources]
  • Biotech VIP Investment information, company profiles, etc.
  • Biotech Weblog A weblog containing news and commentaries on the science and business of Biotechnology.
  • BiotechFind Directory of international covering the fields of biotechnologies and biofinances and including a keyword-based search engine.
  • BioTechniques The Journal of Laboratory Technology for Bioresearch - Eaton Publishing.
  • Biotechnology Calendar Calendar of meetings and seminars in the science and business of biotechnology.
  • BioView Information, employment and for the Biosciences.
  • Online protocol, journal and forum center for life science researchers.
  • Bio-Web Cell and molecular biology news, books, tools and resources.
  • BioWire An Internet resource for bench biologists.
  • Biowire2k Biotechnology daily headlines.
  • BioWorld Online Worldwide biotechnology news and information.
  • Portal for biological scientists; companies, resources, jobs, discussion forums, etc.
  • BONN BioBusiness and Opportunities and Needs Network (special emphasis on Asian opportunities).
  • CAB INTERNATIONAL Scientific and technical information in agriculture, forestry, human health and natural resources.
  • cafepharma News and information for pharmaceutical sales professionals.
  • Cambridge Healthtech Institute (USA) Courses and seminars
  • Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy Info about CIELAP's Citizen's Guide to Biotechnology
  • CAS Chemical Abstracts Service
  • Cell and Molecular Biology Online Resource for cell and molecular biologists.
  • Cell Signalling Technology Drug discovery tools; signal transduction reference material; pathways.
  • CenterWatch Information on current and future clinical trials.
  • Chaos A physics textbook.
  • Chemistry & Industry International science and business magazine. Covers biotechnology topics regularly, including business, research and policy developments.
  • ChemWeb Searchable online journals and databases, jobs, books, software, etc.
  • CityLab - Boston Univ. School of Medicine CityLab provides access to state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and curriculum in biotechnology for middle and high school teachers and students.
  • Clinical Device Discussion Forum Open to all persons involved in device and diagnostics research.
  • Clinical Device Group A consulting and contracting firm for safety, efficacy and performance issues. Seminars, books and productivity tools on medical device safety, efficacy and performance.
  • CMS Business Intelligence Service Catalogue of business intelligence newsletters.
  • Colburn and Associates Market research and business information services for the biotechnology industry.
  • Combinatorial Chemistry Review Brief review of what combinatorial chemistry is.
  • Community of Science (COS) A portal site for the global R&D community; funding sources, research news, expert advice.
  • CONNECTNet Program in Technology and Entrepreneurship at the University of California, San Diego.
  • COPE Cytokines Online Pathfinder Encyclopaedia, devoted to Cytokine research and related subjects (from apoptosis to wound healing)
  • Corante Biotechnology news.
  • CORDIS Community Research and Development Information Science - a European information sciences resource site.
  • CPRMap Clinical Proteomics Research Map - Tracks proteomic news, reports, conferences, jobs, and literatures to facilitate collaborations among researchers in the clinical proteomics communities.
  • Cybertory Virtual molecular biology teaching laboratory.
  • DiscoveryLink Search across multiple databases with a single query.
  • Information and links.
  • Information about DNA patenting.
  • Dolan DNA Learning Center DNA learning materials and workshops, targeted at high-school students.
  • Doxamed Medical Device industry .
  • Drug Development Technology industry reference site including links to drug companies and products, as well as industry events, conferences, and glossaries.
  • Drug Discovery Online "Virtual community for the drug development community."
  • Free online drug information service, including drug interaction program, Pill Identification wizard and image library, as well as drug information listings presented at both professional and consumer levels.
  • EBS Edinburgh Biocomputing Systems (idiosyncratic, but useful)
  • ECA European Compliance Academy - cGMP issues.
  • EIBE European Initiative for Biotechnology Education
  • Electron Micrograph Library DNA, DNA-Protein complexes & Virus at Institute for Molecular Virology. University of Wisconsin - Madison.
  • Electronic Commerce Resource Guide EDI Standards, incl. X12
  • Electronic Theses and Dissertations Just what its name says.
  • Elsevier Science Biotech Elsevier Biotech on the Web.
  • Engineering Statistics Handbook at NIST/SEMATCH
  • euGenesis Biotechnology information.
  • eyeforpharma Online e-business information resource - news and meetings in biotechnology, genomics, and pharmaceutical development.
  • Spanish and English language pharmaceutical development news, employment and information.
  • Pharmaceutical technology transfer, licensing and regulatory affairs network - central-east and south-east Europe.
  • FDA Electronic Reading Room This index contains categories of frequently requested FDA documents.
  • Federal Bio-Technology Transfer Directory Database covering federal laboratory (e.g., NIH) inventions, licenses granted and Collaborative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) in the biomedical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical areas, 1980-present.
  • FLC Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer
  • Fundamental Physical Constants NIST
  • Galaxy Science directory
  • Galt Associates Medical informatics, pharmacovigilance and Internet data analysis.
  • Genamics SoftwareSeek, JournalSeek, GenomeSeek and BookSeek scientific resources.
  • Gene Chips All about DNA microarrays.
  • Genebrowser Genetics resources.
  • GeneForum "A nonprofit organization to educate and inform citizens about the research and enabling technologies that now fuel our understanding of the 'new genetics'."
  • GeneSage Genetics information for the consumer and health care professional.
  • GeneTalk Entelechon's discussion board for questions and comments about molecular biology in general and synthetic genes in particular.
  • GeneWatch An independent organisation concerned with the ethics and risks of genetic engineering.
  • Glossary Talking glossary (!) of genetic terms.
  • Genome@home Stanford Univ. grid computing project.
  • GenomeWeb News and information, "New media for the New Biology"
  • Genomics Web [Ed.] the most entertaining source of genomics information.
  • GRID IT Resources for microarray research.
  • Guide to Molecular Sequence Analysis
  • Health Technology Review Information, news, comparisons and ratings for Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Medical Billing Software and other healthcare technologies.
  • HealthLeaders News and views about health-related business issues.
  • A medical and health consumer information resource.
  • Information, news, comparisons and ratings for Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Medical Billing Software and other healthcare technologies.
  • High School Genome Project University of Washington Department of Molecular Biotechnology Human Genome Center
  • High Throughput Screening Research Resources Jobs, news, laboratory registry, recent literature and more, updated daily.
  • Directory of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
  • HiTIS Life science and biotech intelligence.
  • News, events, information, about biomeolecular and High Throughput Screening.
  • Human Genome Calendar Genome & Biotechnology Meetings Calendar
  • HUM-MOLGEN Internet Communication Forum in Human Molecular Genetics (including Biotechnology)
  • HUM-MOLGEN Registry of Biotechnology Companies
  • IBC Lifesciences Conferences and industry information.
  • IDRAC Database of regulatory and legal texts.
  • Immunohistochemistry Resources and discussions.
  • Industry Pharma Online information about the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Informa Group Industry information.
  • informDATA Industry information.
  • infotrieve Articles: journals, abstracts, citations: "to facilitate efficient, affordable, and innovative methods of distributing published materials to end-users, while protecting the rights of the information provider." Life Science Research Center LSRC is a web-based discovery tool designed for scientists and researchers in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Pharmaceutical and healthcare industries , news, views, jobs, directories of agencies, professional organisations and freelancers.
  • Interactiva Biotechnology Gene synthesis and The Virtual Laboratory (some excellent links here, Ed.)
  • International Scientific Products Exchange Facilitating the inter-corporate exchange of information about scientific products and services.
  • Internet Patent News "Legal resources and tools for surviving the bad patents patenting frenzy of the Internet, bioinformatics, and electronic commerce."
  • IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology
  • Keystone Symposia Conferences on molecular and cellular biology.
  • KidneyOptions Information about kidney disease and prevention as it relates to hypertension; also lists free seminars, educational materials, and nutrition information.
  • Kleinfeld, Kaplan and Becker Providing resources in regulation of food, drugs, medical devices, cosmetics and consumer products law.
  • Knight-Ridder ScienceBase
  • Knowledge Express Online database for technology transfer, emerging technologies, ongoing research, and business development.
  • Labhoo Searchable directory "A 'free to use' service that is maintained up-to-date on a daily basis through continual indexing of over 4500 industry specific websites."
  • Laboratory Network Extensive information and sources about the laboratory industry.
  • Labvelocity Online catalog for products, tools and tables, and protocols.
  • Ledbetter/Davidson International Healthcare and biotechnology investment conference calendar.
  • Luxembourg Health Home Page
  • MathWorld Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
  • MEDICAL CONSULTING Dr. Schlichtiger European CRO
  • Medical Device Forum A place for Medical Device industry professionals to share ideas, discuss current issues, or seek solutions regarding the design, manufacture, or regulation of medical devices.
  • Medical Device Link Medical Device and Diagnostic industry information.
  • Medical Device Link Medical Device and Diagnostic industry information.
  • Provides patient-focused drug information including checks on interactions, dosing and more.
  • Medicus Medical Directory for global and Japanese medical sites
  • Medlink Sweden
  • MEDSTAT Group Databases for all sectors of the healthcare industry.
  • Applying recent advances in computational linguistics and text analysis to data mine and extract information from Medline (with special emphasis on the biological literature).
  • MedVerlag World-wide Index and Directory of Medical Equipment.
  • MedWeb Directory Emory Univ.
  • Megaconverter Conversion between units of just about anything.
  • Portal for useful and interesting information about microbiology.
  • Microbial Information Network of China
  • Microbiology Network
  • MicroPatent Searching and downloading patent and trademark information.
  • Microsoft Healthcare and clinical trials portal.
  • MIT Knowledge Updates Knowledge Updates, a new MIT Professional Education Programs (PEP) initiative, offer overviews of specialized topics in breakthrough fields such as biomaterials or DNA sequencing.
  • Portal of to online bioinformatics and molecular biology tools for scientists in the biotechnology industry.
  • Molecular Biology Gateway Web resources for molecular biology, genomics, PCR, protocols, microbiology, and biochemistry.
  • Molecular Biotech Consultants Bio-business development network.
  • Molecular Station A portal for molecular biology, containing methods and protocols, bioinformatics, and news categorized by DNA, RNA, protein, and proteomics. Also discuss and ask questions about molecular research techniques in the forum.
  • M-TAG Medical Technology Assessment Group - economic and epidemiological evaluation of health care.
  • Museum of Medicines Information of real and original antique medicines manufactured by various manufacturers (including you) throughout the world during the year 1915 to 1955.
  • National Science Resources Center Rich in science resources.
  • Nature Biotechnology publications.
  • NCBI Education Molecular biology trainng courses and tutorials for researchers, teachers, and college students.
  • NetSci Network Science ... resources for those seeking advanced positions in pharmaceutical research.
  • New England Complex Systems Institute discussion forums.
  • Screening literature references to discover product candidates with new uses for licensed drugs.
  • Ovid Technologies Platform-independent access to bibliographic and live full text databases for academic, biomedical and scientific research.
  • Palm Pilot Scientific downloads
  • PCR Links Web guide to PCR Polymerized Chain Reaction techniques.
  • Pharmaceutical Online "Virtual community for the drug development industry." Marketplace/Buyer's Guide and much other information.
  • Pharmaceutical Press (UK)
  • Products, services, and news.
  • Industry reference site including links to drug companies and products, as well as industry events, conferences, and glossaries.
  • On-line community for pharma, biotech and life sciences on the internet; features pharma industry news, tenders, contracts, project updates, new drug news, an events diary, market research, discussion forums, e-commerce centres, and more.
  • Pharma-ID Pharmaceutical industry information including employment opportunities.
  • A variety of useful and interesting information on the pharmaceutical sciences.
  • pharma-lexicon Acronyms and abbreviations for pharmacy, agrochemicals, veterinary medicine, chemicals, public health, toxicology biochemistry, general medicine, general medicine, nursing, physiotherapy.
  • News, information and resources for pharmaceutical and medical licensing executives.
  • PharmaLive News and analysis of pharmaceutical business, marketing, research and development.
  • PharmaPortal Advanstar's news and information site.Publisher of Applied Clinical Trials, BioPharm, Pharmaceutical Executive, Pharmaceutical Technology, LCGC, PharmaGenomics
  • PharmaRegistrations Pharma-business-development-resource: EU-regulatory affairs, European licensing opportunities (Market Authorizations, Registrations Dossiers and Projects), drug and technology development, market research.
  • Pharmasoft Software/information services for the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory authorities and health care services.
  • Internet provider of pharmaceutical and biotech information.
  • PharmSci Online journal of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
  • PharmWeb Pharmacy information.
  • PharmWorld and news and information regarding pharmaceutical development.
  • PhysioNet Free access via the web to large collections of recorded physiologic signals and related open-source software.
  • Pick14 forums: Biotechnology Talk Biotechnology discussion forum.
  • Pictorial Periodic Table Nice presentation of the periodic table of elements.
  • Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative
  • Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Biotechnology Techniques Designed to provide useful and interesting microbiology informational resources to all interested.
  • Praxiom Research ISO 9000 quality assurance standards - requirements, guidelines, definitions, a quality system development plan, three internal quality audit programs, and much more -- all presented in ordinary, simple English.
  • Protein Lounge Systems biology - pathways, databases, tools. [A wonderful site!]
  • Protocol Book Protocols for recombinant DNA isolation, cloning and sequencing, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Oklahoma
  • Protocol Online A comprehensive collection of to cell and molecular biology, immunology protocols, methods and tips. The protocols listed are linked directed to the end pages. Most of them point to web pages hosted by research laboratories worldwide, some to commercial sites which host very useful and general technical information.
  • Prous Science Information on drug R&D, pharmacology and medicinal chemistry.
  • PRTM Directory High-Tech Gateway
  • Public Perceptions of Biotechnology Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  • PubMed PubMed is the National Library of Medicine's search service that provides access to over 10 million citations in MEDLINE, PreMEDLINE, and other related databases, with to participating online journals.
  • RauCon Pharmaceutical licensing opportunities.
  • ReCap Recombinant Capital ... biotechnology licensing information.
  • Regsource Comprehensive regulatory information on Drugs/Biologics/Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals.
  • Rogers Medical Intelligence Solutions Information on worldwide medical and clinical research.
  • RxList Searchable drug index.
  • San Diego CMS MBR Molecular Biology Resources
  • SANTEL Resource Center for Health (Luxembourg)
  • SciCentral Metadirectory for scientists and engineers.
  • Science Advisory Board Solicits opinions on technology and products.
  • Science Functional Genomics Web Site Science magazine
  • Science Magazine Poorly organized, but OUTSTANDING ! [Ed.: May not be there anymore, Feb 2004, too bad. If anyone finds the list of , let me know.]
  • ScientificWorld Find and purchase scientific articles from sciBASE; publish a scientific paper for immediate global online distribution; procure equipment, supplies or biological materials; receive information and meeting abstracts on scientific conferences and events; get news.
  • SciQuest "Internet Solutions for Science" - locate and communicate directly with vendors of scientific products and services.
  • scirus Search engine specifically for science.
  • SciTalk Science information for health and disease.
  • SciWeb Online resources for the biotechnology professional.
  • Selected Resources for Patents, Inventions, and Technology Transfer Swain Library of Stanford University
  • SelectScience On online, independent information service for laboratory scientists - purchasing information.
  • Signals Online magazine of biotechnology industry analysis.
  • SIPHS A peer support network for researchers in biological and biomedical sciences.
  • Spellex Online spellchecker for science and medicine.
  • SPI USA Consulting in the USA, Europe and China; training and regulatory consulting in biotechnology and pharmaceutical development.
  • St. Michael's Hospital Health Science Library Health resources Web .
  • Research statistics and statistical analysis directory.
  • Target Health CRO and application service provider (ASP) in the electronic data capture (EDC) industry. A most interesting, if highly idiosyncratic, collection of links.
  • The Antibody Resource Page Guide to antibody suppliers and resources.
  • The Chalfont Project Innovation Labs A repository of articles related to organizational development and leadership in the biotech and pharma industries.
  • The Life Science Executive Exchange Online community of industry executives engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of life science research instruments, products and services.
  • The Millipore Biopharmaceutical HyperFilter
  • The Molecular Biology Directory Guide to molecular biology; lists major molecular biology pages and resources.
  • The Peptide Resource Page Guide to peptide research and suppliers.
  • "An information center for Scientists, Researchers and Lab Rats alike"
  • Directory of biology related websites.
  • Thomson Delphion Patent research website.
  • TPN The PharmaNetwork Resources for manufacturers, as well as excellent .
  • USGS Internet Meta-Index
  • Virology "All the Virology on the Web" includes many and "The Big Picture Book of Viruses"
  • Vision In Business Monitors developments in telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, information technology, banking, finance, human resources and other key business areas.
  • Washington Univ. in St. Louis Electronic datacapture system MetaTrial
  • Wayne's Word Rich source of instructional materials in biology (thanks to Kevin Ahern at Genetic Engineering News for finding this).
  • WCN Biotechnology business directory
  • Wealth of the Rain Forest The Raintree companies advocates the preservation of rainforests by promoting the use and creating consumer markets for these sustainable and renewable rainforest resources and products with special emphasis on it's important medicinal plants.
  • WebMolecules Visualizations of molecular models.[Do I wish this had been around when I was taking chemistry! ed.]
  • World Journal Association Biological scientists publishing on the Web.
  • World Pharma Web Daily pharmaceutical news via the internet.

  • Genetic Databases

    Advanced Biotechnology Center (CBA) Genoa, Italy

  • Analytical Chemistry at Umea University, Sweden
  • Ankara University Biotechnology Institute
  • Arizona Research Laboratories Univ. of Arizona
  • Australian National University Research School of Biological Sciences Bioinformatics Group
  • Bioinformatics Center, Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University
  • Broad Institute Research collaboration of MIT and Harvard and affiliated hospitals, and the Whitehead Institute.
  • Cabri Common Access to Biotechnological Resources and Information: aims to meet the need of European biotechnology research and development for high quality biological resources by providing common access for the user via the Internet to the resources and information of the providers within the project.
  • CCP11 Project Collaborative Computational Project 11 was established to foster the broad bioinformatics community and the UK research community in particular. Its purpose is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and expertise through conferences, workshops, a newsletter and the use of the world wide web
  • Center for Integrated Genomics Univ. of British Columbia
  • Center for International Development (Harvard Univ.) Biotechnology policy discussions. Mailing list.
  • Centre for Photobiology and Photodynamic Therapy Developing the science of 'photodynamics' for the treatment of cancer and other diseases.
  • Chao Center for Industrial Pharmacy and Contract Manufacturing Developing drugs to treat diseases that mainly affect underprivileged populations, producing less-profitable drugs that are made in small volumes.
  • Cornell Center for Advanced Technology Biotechnology Program
  • Cornell Genomics Initiative
  • CPB Center for Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Cranfield University Biotechnology Centre An international centre of excellence in biotechnology for post-graduate education and industrially-related research.
  • CSUBIOWEB California State Univ. Biosciences Directory
  • Danish Centre for Human Genome Research
  • ETH Institute of Cell Biology
  • ExPASy Molecular Biology Server (Expert Protein Analysis System) proteomics server.
  • Flanders Interuniversity Institute for Biotechnology VIB
  • Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology Developing economically attractive and ecological solutions in the fields of biotechnology and environmental technology.
  • Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Blocks WWW server: a service for biological sequence analysis.
  • George Mason Univ. Bioinformatics and computational biology.
  • gsf (German) National Research Center for Environment and Health.
  • Harvard Univ. Single port of entry to the Harvard Biomedical Community.
  • Human Genome Center, Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo
  • HyperCLDB Detailed descriptions of cell lines from European culture collections
  • IECRN The Inventory of Clinical Research Networks is one component of the NIH roadmap activity. The goal of the roadmap activity is to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the clinical research enterprise in conducting high quality clinical studies where multiple research questions are addressed.
  • IMB Institute for Molecular Biotechnology Germany
  • Indiana University Center for Genomics and Bioinformatics
  • Industrial Research Limited of New Zealand Biocatalysis and Enzyme Technology
  • Inst. of Arable Crops Research (UK)
  • Inst. of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Foundation for Research and Technology, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
  • Inst.of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida
  • IST Istituto Nazionale per Ricerca suf Cancro
  • Jackson Laboratory Mouse genome databases; seminars and courses.
  • John Innes Centre International centre for research and training in plant and microbial science; generates and disseminates new knowledge, understanding and valuable intellectual property on selected plants and microbes including plant pathogens.
  • Johns Hopkins Univ. Bioinformatics
  • Joint Genome Institute - Department of Energy JGI brings four national laboratories, Lawrence Berkeley, Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, and Oak Ridge, and the Stanford Human Genome Center to bear on the frontiers of genome sequencing and related biology.
  • JPSL Joint ProteomicS Laboratory - Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (Melbourne Branch) - The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research - links to databases.
  • Laboratory for Computational Genomics Rockefeller Univ.
  • Laboratory for Gene-Product Informatics National Institute of Genetics, Japan
  • Laurent Vuillard Protein refolding and NDSB WWW Page
  • Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-UniversitSt Laboratory for Molecular Biology, Gene Center, Univ. of Munich
  • Lund University Department of Immunotechnology
  • MAGPIE Automated Genome Project Investigational Environment
  • Mankara Univ. Molecular genetics department
  • Midwest Research Institute An independent, not-for-profit, contract research organization with programs in national defense, health sciences, agriculture and food safety, engineering, environment, information technology, energy, biological sciences and analytical chemistry.
  • MIGAL Galilee Technological Center is an applied research institute, specializing in biotechnology, agriculture and environmental science.
  • National Center for Toxicogenomics NIEHS / NIH
  • National Institute of Genetics Japan
  • NBC National Biomanufacturing Centre England
  • Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre
  • Netherlands Proteomics Centre
  • Northwestern Univ. Medical School Basic Science departments and resources.
  • Organisms of Hawaii - Images Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk Project - a remarkably inventive way to present information.
  • Oxford Univ Centre for the Molecular Sciences
  • Pasteur Inst. Microbiology - a searchable database of urls regarding biology (a web biology notebook), containing more than 2500 urls, classified according to: Resource Type, Species or Organism, and Discipline.
  • Princeton Univ.
  • Provasoli-Guillard National Center for Culture of Marine Phytoplankton
  • PSF The Protein Structure Factory - A common initiative of the German Human Genome Project (DHGP) and structural biologists from the Berlin area aimed at the broad-scale analysis of proteins; services for structural target validation, lead discovery and lead optimization.
  • Purdue Univ. Pharmaceutical technology and education center
  • QB3 The California Institute for Quantitative Biomedical Research is a cooperative effort among UC San Francisco, UC Berkeley, and UC Santa Cruz, and private industry; promotes and enables the integration of quantitative and biomedical sciences to advance our understanding of living systems at all levels of complexity.
  • RIKEN Genomic Sciences Center / Genome Exploration Research Group
  • Sanger Institute Genome research institute with many rich links.
  • SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
  • SimBioS Stanford Center for Biomedical Computation - Physics-Based Simulation of Biological Structures
  • South African National Bioinformatics Institute
  • Stanford Biochemistry: Brown Lab Build your own microarray and scanner.
  • Stanford Brutlag Bioinformatics Group
  • Stanford Genomic Resources Departments of Genetics and Biochemistry, and other associated programs and institutes.
  • Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
  • Technical University of Braunschweig Inst. of Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Technical University of Munich Physiology Department
  • The Center For Comparative Functional Genomics Univ. of Albany (New York, USA) Facilities and technical support to promote interdisciplinary research in genomics, bioinformatics, proteomics, microarray, mouse transgenesis, cell culture, FACS, and confocalimaging.
  • The Office of Biorenewables Programs (OBP) at Iowa State University Serves as a focal point for the activities of the bioeconomy initiative.
  • The RNAi Consortium TRC - Three-year public-private consortium to create a comprehensive library of gene inhibitors to be made available to the entire scientific community; initiated 2005.
  • The Scripps Research Institute A private, non-profit research organization engaged in basic biomedical science.
  • TIGR The Institute for Genomic Research
  • Tsinghua University Institute of Bioinformatics
  • Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development Tufts University
  • Univ. College London Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Univ. of Arizona Biotechnology Computing Facility
  • Univ. of Arkansas Biotechnology Arkansas
  • Univ. of Basel Biozentrum
  • Univ. of Birmingham Animal Cell Technology Group
  • Univ. of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) Faculty interest .
  • Univ. of California, San Francisco Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology
  • Univ. of Cambridge Department of Pathology, Divisions of Cellular Molecular Pathology, Immunology, Microbiology & Parasitology, Virology and Molecular Histopathology
  • Univ. of Florida Biotechnology Program
  • Univ. of Freiburg Institute for Biology
  • Univ. of Maine Program in Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology
  • Univ. of Manchester Biostatistics and Clinical Trials
  • Univ. of Maryland Functional Genomics and Molecular Medicine
  • Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County Bioinformatics Research Center
  • Univ. of Minnesota Computational Biology Centers
  • Univ. of Minnesota Biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysics
  • Univ. of Murcia, Spain GENZ: Group of research on Enzymology
  • Univ. of Oklahoma Advanced Center for Genome Technology
  • Univ. of Texas at Austin Interdisciplinary Center for Molecular and Cellular Toxicology
  • Univ. of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Division of Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Univ. of Twente Institute for Biomedical Technology
  • Univ. of Ulm
  • Univ. of Vienna Theoretical Biochemisty Group, including the Vienna RNA Package for predicting and comparing RNA Secondary Structures
  • Univ. of Wales Aberystwtyth Quantitative Biology and Analytical Biotechnology
  • Univ. of Warwick Dept. of Biological Sciences (UK)
  • Univ. of Washington Bioengineering
  • Univ. of Washington Cytogenetics and genome project related tools.
  • Univ. of Wisconsin Programs in biotechnology
  • Univ. of Zurich Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Proteomics Center.
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group
  • Utah State Univ. Center for Integrated BioSystems
  • Virginia Tech Fralin Biotechnology Center
  • VMTC Victorian Microarray Technology Consortium (Australia)
  • Weizmann Inst Bioinformatics and Biological Computing
  • Whitehead Inst. for Biomedical Research Information on map and sequence releases, software and people at the Genome Center located at MIT.
  • Yale Univ Bioinformatics
  • Yale Univ. Biophysics and Biochemistry Center for Structural Biology
  • Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry Russian Academy of Sciences
  • ANSI HISB ANSI Healthcare Informatics Standards Board

  • BIOML BIOpolymer Markup Language.
  • CDISC Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium
  • CENSA Collaborative Electronic Notebook Systems Association is an international industry association, focused on driving the state of the art for electronic recordkeeping systems and collaborative technologies.
  • DICOM Digital Imaging communications for the medical industry.
  • FDA Pharmacogenomic Data Submissions Guidance for Industry
  • GAML Generalized Analytical Markup Language for analytical instruments.
  • Genomics Glossary Genomics
  • Glossary 1up Health glossary of clinical trial terms.
  • Glossary Scott Brooks' glossary of clinical trial terms.
  • Glossary: Glossary of CDISC terms.
  • HL7 Health Level Seven: Not for profit organization devoted to the development and advancement of clinical and administrative standards for healthcare.
  • Laboratory Metrics Champion Standardizing the measures of central laboratory performance.
  • MicroArray Quality Control (MAQC) Project The purpose of the MAQC project is to provide quality control tools to the microarray community in order to avoid procedural failures and to develop guidelines for microarray data analysis by providing the public with large reference datasets along with readily accessible reference RNA samples.
  • NCI CDE National Cancer Institute Common Data Elements site.
  • OASIS OASIS, a not-for-profit consortium, promotes and encourages the use of structured information standards such as XML, SGML, and CGM. OASIS does not compete with, but rather builds upon and supplements the work done by standards bodies such as W3C (for XML) or ISO (for SGML).
  • SBS Society for Biomolecuular Screening - microplate standards.
  • Semantic Web A common framework that allows data to be shared and reused across application, enterprise, and community boundaries. It is a collaborative effort led by W3C with participation from a large number of researchers and industrial partners. It is based on the Resource Description Framework (RDF), which integrates a variety of applications using XML for syntax and URIs for naming.
  • SNOMED A division of the College of American Pathologists (CAP), oversees the strategic direction and scientific maintenance of the Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine, better known as SNOMED«.
  • UMLS National Library of Medicine's Unified Medical Language System« (UMLS«) project, a long-term research and development effort with the goal of enabling computer systems to "understand" medical meaning.
  • Wiley Interscience Scientific and technic

  • Aderly - Lyons, France Economic development agency.
  • American Society for Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
  • Arizona Department of Commerce Arizona USA
  • Arkansas Biotechnology Association Arkansas USA companies
  • Australian CROs Directory.
  • Australian National Genomic Information Service
  • BC Biotechnology Register British Columbia
  • Belgian Bioindustries Association
  • Bio Atlantech Atlantic Canada's central resource for biotechnology.
  • Bio21 Australia Not-for-profit company that is the governing body of a collaborative cluster of research institutions.
  • BIOCOM San Diego The regional association for the many biotechnology, medical device, medical equipment and bioagriculture companies in the San Diego USA area.
  • BioDundee Partnership between public, private and academic sectors to promote the Dundee Scotland Life sciences cluster.
  • BioFlorida
  • BIOgate Life science portal for Israel.
  • BioGenTec A State Initiative consisting of extensive support for the responsible application of bio and gentechnology in North-Rhine Westphalia.
  • BioGuide Guide to biotechnology support and regulations in the UK.
  • BioIsrael Hubsite of Israel`s life sciences community and the source of news about Israeli biotechnology and medical device companies.
  • Biomedical Sciences Singapore Portal to biomedical resources in Singapore.
  • BioMelbourne Australia industry development and industry promotion.
  • BioOntario Ontario's Biotechnology Gateway
  • BioPortal Biotechnology and the governmnet of Canada.
  • BioScandinavia Gateway to the Nordic life sciences community.
  • BIOTECanada "A unified voice for biotechnology in Canada in all our areas of expertise: advocacy, human resources, communications, and providing important services to the community."
  • BioTech Le group BioTech: North American-French biotech connections.
  • Biotech Analytics News and information about U.K. biotechnology.
  • BiotechEast Taiwan's biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Biotechnology-related to institutes, educational resources and companies in The Netherlands.
  • Biotechnology Association of Alabama
  • Biotechnology Australia A multi-departmental Commonwealth Government agency, responsible for coordinating non-regulatory biotechnology issues.
  • Biotechnology Council of New Jersey
  • Biotechnology Europe Directory of companies and products in Europe.
  • Biotechnology Ireland Information site for Irish companies, researchers and students in the biotech field.
  • Biotechnology Scotland Information site for Scottish companies, biotech news.
  • BioValley European biotechnology companies.
  • California Biotechnology directories.
  • California Trade and Commerce Agency California USA
  • Canada's Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Canadian Devoted to developments in the Canadian biotechnology Industry.
  • CanBiotech Portal and B2B outsourcing marketplace for the biopharma industry.
  • CCIT Northeastern Ohio Biotechnology Clearinghouse (Cleveland Center for Information and Technology)
  • China Medipharm Insights Newsletter for biotech and pharmaceuticals in China.
  • Colorado BioScience Association CBSA
  • Connecticut United for Research Excellence
  • Consortium for Post-Genome Science Cross-institutional initiative designed to accelerate developments in post-genome science and technology for the benefit of scientists, clinicians and companies - particularly those operating in the North West of England.
  • Cuba Biotechnology Companies
  • Delaware Bioscience Association
  • Directory of biotech companies in Victoria.Australia
  • Egyptian Genetic Engineering Information Net
  • EuropaBio The European Association for Bioindustries
  • FedWorld Locate US government information.
  • Florida Research Consortium
  • France Biotech An association formed to stimulate and encourage the development of French biotechnology industry.
  • Genome Canada The primary funding and information resource relating to genomics and proteomics in Canada.
  • Genomics NL Netherlands Genomics Initiative (Nationaal Regie-Orgaan Genomics)
  • Georgia Biomedical Partnership
  • German Association of Biotechnology Companies (VBU) Members, news, events, conferences, etc.
  • High Technology Council of Maryland Marylan USA companies
  • Holland Biotech
  • Hungarian Biotechnology Association
  • IDA Ireland Industrial Development Agency is an Irish Government agency with responsibility for securing new investment from overseas in manufacturing and internationally traded services sectors. It also encourages existing investors to expand and develop their businesses.
  • IDA Ireland Irish Investment and Development agency with government responsibility for securing new investment from overseas in manufacturing and international services sectors.
  • InfoBiotech Canada A partnership of government, private and academic sectors with the goal of providing enhanced access to information on Biotechnology in Canada and worldwide.
  • Information Sources via Portugal
  • InfoSource Group Information about Canada - directories, guides and reports.
  • Innovation Garden New Jersey USA companies.
  • Invest In Italy Italy
  • Iowa Biotech Iowa USA companies.
  • Israel Innovations in Biotechnology
  • Israel Science and Technology
  • MATIMOP R&D Database The coordinator of industrial R&D cooperation between Israeli and technological counterparts throughout the world.
  • Michigan Michigan USA companies.
  • Minnesota Biotech Minnesota USA companies.
  • Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency
  • New Jersey Economic Development Authority New Jersey USA
  • NH Biotech New Hampshire USA biotech companies
  • North Carolina Biosciences Organization
  • Northeast Biotechnology Corridor U.S.
  • Ontario Canada
  • Oregon Bioscience Online Oregon USA companies.
  • Ottawa Canada Life Sciences Council Information on the companies, research and activities of the life sciences in the Ottawa region.
  • Palmetto Biotechnology Alliance (South Carolina)
  • Pennsylvania Bio
  • Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company
  • QBIC Offering an environment conducive to Biotechnology R&D in Quebec by promoting the acquisition and transfer of management skills.
  • Scottish Development International
  • Singapore Biopolis/Life Xchange Regional biomedical research and development center.
  • Strategis Canada Information on Canadian companies.
  • VaBIO (Virginia Biotechnology Association)
  • VBU Association of German Biotech Companies
  • Walnut Technology European healthcare organizations.
  • ABC Agricultural Biotechnology Center (Hungary)

  • ABSP Agricultural Biotechnology Support Project is a USAID-funded project based in the Institute for International Agriculture at Michigan State University.
  • Ag BioTech Info Genetic engineering applications.
  • AgBioForum Publishes articles which enhance the on-going dialogue on the economics and management of agricultural biotechnology.
  • AgBiotech Some agriculture biotechnology .
  • AgBiotech Reporter (Freiberg Publishing Company, Inc.) Information on the worldwide agbiotech industry.
  • AgDB Describes and to databases, datasets, and information systems
  • AgNIC Agriculture Network Information Center
  • Agricultural Biotechnology Calendar U.S. Department of State
  • Agriculture at Yahoo Agriculture Research
  • Agriculture B2B Directory Directory of agricultural web sites with news features links to biotechnology.
  • AgrifoodBiz Ag Biotech Portal & B2B Marketplace.
  • AgriScape Online directory of agriculture.
  • AgriSurf "The world's largest agricultural searchable web index."
  • Animal Biotechnology Center Coordinated by the Federation of Animal Science Societies
  • ARS Genome Database Resource USDA-ARS Center for Agricultural Bioinformatics, Cornell University
  • Calendar Major national and international events with emphasis on those of scientific significance.
  • CAMBIA Center for the Application of Molecular Biology to International Agriculture, including a patents database.
  • Conferences and News
  • Dendrology at Virginia Tech
  • Dendrome A forest tree genome database
  • Vertical portal for the agricultural industry in Latin America.
  • Food ingredients A supplier directory / search engine for industrial food ingredients.;
  • FoodNavigator A European-driven portal on food ingredients, technology and food market; offers a series of databases in the field of Internet research, ingredients & companies and market trends, together with daily food news, research papers and product innovations.
  • Global Science Books Primarily publication of plant-related science books and journals.
  • Gmofoodforthought Blog Web log (blog) that carries news and commentaries about potential benefits of modern agricultural biotechnology to the world.
  • GMO-Safety Up-to-date information about the research projects on biological safety of genetically modified plants funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The portal makes the findings accessible to the general public and is intended to help people form an informed opinion.
  • Introduction to Agricultural Biotechnology Purdue University School of Agriculture and the Cooperative Extension Service have developed and introductory course in biotechnology to be delivered via distance education.
  • Library of Crop Technology Lessons Lessons on plant biochemistry and genetic engineering in crops.
  • Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology
  • Rice Genome Research Program (RGP) Joint project of the National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences (NIAS) and the Institute of the Society for Techno-innovation of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (STAFF) and a part of the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) Genome Research Program.
  • Wageningen Agricultural Univ.
  • Web-agri Agriculture search engine ... "The smart farming site."
  • All Headline News Biotechnology
  • BioMed Central Newsfeed
  • Industry news.
  • BioTech - Biotech industry blog from Canada.
  • Biotech Weblog Newsfeed
  • Cato Biotech Directory
  • Cato Biotech Calendar
  • Cold Spring Harbor Protocols Avaialble protocols.
  • eMediaWire Pharmaceutical News
  • eMediaWire Healthcare Industry News
  • RSS Track new patents and technologies.
  • GMP Training and Implementation Tips A blog for GMP folks.
  • Government Uses of RSS
  • Informa Healthcare Industry information.
  • IVT RSS Feed Institute of Validation Technology
  • LifeSciencesWorld
  • Medscape Headlines
  • MedServe Medical News
  • Moreover Biotechnology
  • Moreover Pharmaceuticals
  • Nature RSS
  • NatureJobs RSS
  • Pharmaceutical Business Review
  • PR Web Pharmaceuticals
  • PR Web Biotechnology
  • Science Blog RSS0.91
  • Science Blog RSS1.0
  • UBC Bioinformatics Center Univ. of British Columbia, Canada
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